So, what is Project Life?

Several years ago I had a hard time keeping up with the memory-keeping that I wanted to do. I solved my own problem, developed a system that works, and now Project Life® is available to everyone, everywhere. Project Life provides an ultra-simple solution that helps us get those pictures into albums without draining our time, energy, and wallets. The idea is simple: Photos + memorabilia + journaling together in an album - everything slips into pockets. No requirement to cut or glue or embellish a thing. And yet - the results are stunning. Project Life is back-to-basics scrapbooking at its finest.

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Documenting life runs through my veins, I love to help others, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit. These 3 elements are why I do what I do, and ultimately how Project Life® is now in countless homes all over the world. I work hard, but my work is not my life. I find great joy in balancing my many roles and responsibilities and believe wholeheartedly that there is so much happiness that comes from this philosophy:

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