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we want to see your pictures!

got everyday pictures?

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you know that I regularly share PHOTO ideas. Ideas for documenting ordinary moments. Ideas for capturing everyday happenings. Ideas that I hope will inspire you to take pictures that maybe you wouldn’t have thought to take. But we should. Because all the little things are part of our story, make us who we are, and remind us of how blessed we are.

Anyone and everyone is invited to submit their best everyday photography to us. It’s not a contest. There are no rules or prizes. There is not a deadline. This is on-going, and we’ve been doing this for a couple years now. We just want to continue sharing everyday photo inspiration, and I know many of you didn’t realize that we are open to submissions, so I’m putting it out there again.  : )

This is how it works: You send a favorite “everyday” photo (or a few) that you took to submissions@beckyhiggins.com. Be sure to tell us your first name + the state/country that you live in. We add your ideas to our collection. Almost every day we choose someone’s picture to feature. I share that { PHOTO idea } with my 48,000 followers on facebook + twitter and of course your name is included for credit.

That’s it. Simple stuff. You can submit just 1 photo or a handful of photos. They can be taken with your big fancy camera – or your camera phone. There are no rules.

I’m happy to explain what will attract our attention. Your kids are cute. I know that. A snapshot of your child smiling at the camera is CUTE – but it isn’t necessarily going to inspire the next person in a way that makes them think “Oooooh. I should do that. Great photo idea!” But there are ordinary moments and little details in our everyday life that when captured beautifully, really do tell a story and shed so much light on what life is like. What’s inside the family junk drawer? Snap a picture of the spot you always choose to sit inside the cafe. Photograph your mom’s hands busily sewing something. Take a picture how you organize the little things around your desk. When’s the last time you captured the inside of your car?

Obviously the other aspect that will attract our attention are the photos that are really good. Good lighting, good composition, good angle, good focus.

There is no right or wrong – good or bad – to taking pictures. We just want to collect and then share pictures that we think will truly inspire others to document the everyday. Thank you for all the submissions that have been pouring in already! It’s so fun to see snippets of how you are cultivating a good life and recording it.


7 Responses

  1. Alicia says:

    Is it ok if they’re “instagrammed”? :)

  2. Shanda Berge says:

    Mine are all of hawaii. I will send some though of the beautiful sunsets in Kona.

  3. hydeeann says:

    bit of wisdom gleened from a laughy taffy wrapper, read to me by my 10 year old: “what do you do without your memories? forget.” thought my other memory keepers out there would appreciate that one!

  4. Sarah Jane says:

    What size/resolution do you want them sent at?

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