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tribute to creating keepsakes

Many of you know Creating Keepsakes was my career for 12 years before we started Becky Higgins LLC in 2009. Right now the final issue of the premier scrapbooking magazine is in print. This is the end of the beloved “CK era” – and I am forever grateful that I was so fortunate to be a part of that journey.

With this video, I pay tribute to Lisa Bearnson (the founding editor and my dear friend), my other CK friends, the magazine, the company, and the fact that Creating Keepsakes will always be a special part of my story.

For many of you who were “around” during those years, this will be a bit of a walk down memory lane as I share some of my own personal scrapbook pages from those formative years.


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  1. Tommi says:

    I have those original 1990 days magazines, and can’t bring myself to purging.

  2. Pat says:

    I have collected and saved a lot of the Creative Keepsake magazines. I followed all your layouts as well as Lisa Bearnson. I also gone to a couple Creative Keepsakes conventions and met you at the Boston convention years ago! This magazine is the one that got me into scrapbooking and get involved with the conventions. it was the best magazine ever. It was like my bible when I couldn’t think of a layout! I enjoyed Lisa’s editors note and watch her kids grow up. When she no longer editor, I could not get into the magazine as I found it reparative and not informational as it was years ago. I felt I knew all the crafters and their families. Not only did I follow you and Lisa but I also followed Allie. You three were always my inspirational for scrapbooking al this years!

  3. Leslie S. says:

    Becky, I started subscribing to Creating Keepsakes Magazine in late 1998 and have followed you and Lisa since then. I even met both of you at a CKU in Chicago. You are an amazing talent and I’m so happy for you and all your success. I am now using Project Life and LOVE IT!! Thank you for always inspiring me to document my life and memories. I will forever be grateful to you and Lisa and all the folks at Creating Keepsakes magazine. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God Bless you and your family.

  4. Barb says:

    Becky, that was awesome! I’m so sad to know Creating Keepsakes is over after this issue, but I have to say, I really haven’t bought it since Lisa left. You guys were what hooked me on scrapping, my son was born in 98, and I haven’t stopped since (much to his chagrin, now that he’s 15, lol!) I’m now completely addicted to PL! Thank you for all your inspiration over the years!

  5. Bradley says:

    Very well done! Sad to see it go.

  6. Gela says:

    Very well said. You all were trail blazers and didn’t know it.

  7. Paula Kraemer says:

    Oh Miss Becky what a wonderful tribute. I remember the first time you came to the Arizona Scrapbook Convention. I knew we had made the big time. And that first CKU. We were so afraid no one would show up. Thank you Becky for reminding me just how lucky we all were. And as hard as it is to believe, I have started scrapbooking with Project Life. I have so enjoyed watching the wonderful woman you have become. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Always…Paula K.

  8. Kim Chambliss says:

    Wow! I remember all of those magazine covers. I still have several of them. I would sit for hours going through them, getting ideas, looking for the latest and greatest products, reading you and Lisa’s articles. I have all of your books and the CK fonts that were put out on CD. Those are still to this day my favorite fonts!! Doesn’t seem possible that it has been that many years ago and now the magazine is shutting down. So sad but so thankful for all the years it was published. Goodbye old friend.

  9. Christine says:

    Great video. I met Lisa at a scrapbook show in 1998 in Atlanta. She was so down to earth and very kind. She autographed her book for me. I was on cloud 9 to see so many scrapbooking supplies all in one place. I loved hearing your story. Thanks for sharing.
    PS….the production quality of the video is fantastic.

  10. Pamela says:

    Hi Becky, this is truly a beautiful tribute to Lisa and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I too have quite a stack, I am so glad I never gave them up, they have helped me in my journey. Much regret to see this chapter end.

  11. Foxy L says:

    I have several of those CK magazines you featured, and remember your creative writing like it was yesterday! Brings back so many memories and reminds me of how much I have grown as a scrapbooker and crafter over the years.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane Becky!!

  12. Rose Rosario Ciccarelli says:

    All well done done Becky, sad to hear Ck magazine will be gone. But will still be following u on IG to see your latest stuff and what ur doing, I’m hooked on PL. let me tell u I’ve collected a lot of cards and so I can’t wait what next in ur new chapter. XOXO THANKS

  13. Aimee says:

    I remember being excited to read your article because we would see little glimpses into your life. See, I too was a young wife with a husband in medical school, then anesthesia residency at the same time you and David were. I think, in fact, the same exact years…. my husband graduated med. school in 2002.

  14. Monica says:

    B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L tribute!!

  15. What a wonderful tribute to Lisa Bearnson and Creating Keepsakes. How exciting for you to have been a part of the team and to further pursue your career in a wonderful industry. I’m so glad that you followed your passions and dreams.

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

    Mary from NH

  16. Maria R says:

    The end of an era. I was just reading the ABOUT US tab at a online store website. The owner wrote that when they started in the early 2000’s there where 11 SB stores in the Salt Lake Valley. Now even Archivers is at risk of closing. I am sad that our hobby will never be the same again.

  17. Stephanie Jones says:

    beautiful! I’m so sad. I’m sad at the changes for the scrapbooking industry. I love it just the way it was. I love your video, your tribute!

  18. Does this also mean no more CKC conventions? So sad, I loved that magazine! So few good ones left!

  19. ScrapJAG says:

    I will miss the physical copies of the magazine, as well as those who have worked on it for the past many years. While I really enjoy technology, there are times that paper just can’t be replaced.
    Thank you all for a wonderful magazine.

  20. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Wonderful tribute!

  21. Ruth Ann Smith says:

    Wonderful video. Have followed you and Lisa from the beginning of Creating Keepsake to the present. Have a room dedicated to scrapbooking and card making and soooo many products, your books, Lisa’s books, just a room that brings me great joy and feelings of friendship even though I have never met you. Always learning and getting great inspiration from you. Thank you for always graciously sharing your passion and your hobby with all of us.

  22. Dianne says:

    What an amazing tribute. I have missed both you and Lisa since I stopped getting the magazine when Lisa left. You have pointed me in the direction of project life and I love it but I do miss the pages and all the other work from you and Lisa. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your tribute with all of us.

  23. Beth says:

    That was beautiful ! I cannot bear to toss any of my old magazines (and I have tons). Thank you Becky for everything you have taught me thus far. I will continue to follow your lead in this wonderful hobby !

  24. Alma-Marie says:

    After attending a Mom’s night out at a Scrapbooking store in Crystal Lake, IL with no pictures or supplies, I realized I needed some guidance into to the hobby, I went straight to library and pick up reveal books written by Lisa B. she was so wonderful with her ideas and tips. I fell in love with Scrapbooking because of what she shared. I purchased your first kit the School kit years with the extra kit and I still use and love it. I wish you both the best.

  25. TanyaS says:

    I have all of your books, Becky, and I plan to keep them forever :) I was one of the lucky few that got to take a lettering class from you, and I still have the handouts. Thank you for all you have done and brought to the scrapbooking community! I have loved Creating Keepsakes and watching your life – both professional and personal – grow over the years.

  26. Claire says:

    Becky, that was a wonderful tribute to CK, Lisa B and all the team. Creating Keepsakes was the first magazine that I found here in Australia (1999/2000?) and I DEVOURED it cover to cover! I have your, Lisa’s and Tracy’s books – will not get rid of them! I miss flipping through mags, but I get that the internet has overshadowed everything. I recently bought PL and will be doing it next year for the first time. Will always be a ‘traditional’ scrapper, but there’s room for everything, right? Happy New Year!

  27. Linda Matthews says:

    I remember those days of the early years of CK magazine and how much it grew. Thank you for being such a big part of the scrapbooking industry, Becky.

  28. Theresa says:

    I still have my old mags and I enjoyed watching you “grow up” through the magazine and now through your company as well.

  29. Kathy Hoffman says:

    It was so awesome to learn of your life’s journey up to this point. Thank you for sharing with us Becky.

  30. jenn shurkus says:

    awesome tribute!!! I started scrapbooking in 2008 and attended a few CK events, my favorite was CKU-a in 2008 I believe in CT i met you and Ali that year :)
    I miss not having the fun magazines to flip through- but life is all about change…

    thank you becky!

  31. Rhonda says:

    Becky, such a lovely tribute to a magazine/company/idea that started so many of us on this journey of preserving the memories of our lives. Great video…had to smile at the clothes, hairstyles, and types of layouts from the past. :) Really miss the day of sitting down with a great, thick magazine full of scrapping goodness. I am a ‘paper’ kind of girl. Thanks for the tribute to CK.

    Rhonda :)

  32. Carol says:

    Wonderful tribute! As a former industry salesperson, I too attended trade shows and had an “inside look” at the boom of this industry, the flourishing of this wonderful hobby some great conversations about memory keeping and what gives life meaning. It was a lot of fun and very gratifying. I also loved it when the latest issue of CK arrived in my mailbox. It is certainly the end of an era. Good run all!

  33. Karen Holland says:

    Hello Becky,
    Wow! That sure was a trip down memory lane. Seriously, I had a lump in my throat. I LOVED CK magazine! I subscribed to it and every month looked forward in great anticipation to the mail arriving with my copy of CK. I loved your sketches and many of the other contributors ideas. I was devastated when you left to set up your own company but am now a convert to Project Life. I still have most of my copies of CK and some of your books in my book case and I still use them to get ideas for my “traditional” scrapbook pages. Thank you for this little look back into the beginning of your career and the magazine that started it all. You must feel so, incredibly blessed. It is a little sad to be saying good-bye to CK after so many years of giving pleasure to so many people all over the world. I stopped buying the magazine in 2010 as I began to look to your blog for my ideas and inspiration but I too have very happy memories of the joy it gave me when I first became a scrapbooker in 1999. Thank you. God Bless. An Australian fan for many years, Karen

  34. I have the CD ROM with your handwritten fonts, the sketches books, creative companion, etc. I can’t throw them out! I feel like I was a part of your journey, almost from the beginning. So fun to see what has transpired!

  35. Debbie says:

    I’ve been so enjoying perusing your blog. I’m a fan from waaaayyyy back in your beginning days at CK. Have all of your books and c.d.’s. Sadly, I’ve been out of the scrapbooking world for a while (my, how your kids have grown!), but have been getting inspired to start up again after seeing all of your wonderful stuff at Michaels. CK was a huge part of my life for many years, so I when I saw the link for this video, I couldn’t wait to come check it out. Unfortunately, it says the video “does not exist”. What happened? I was so disappointed! Sure hope you repost it. Would loved to take a trip down memory lane with you!

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