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toni’s throwback memory

My earliest childhood memory is of a birthday cake. More specifically, the plastic Ferris wheel that adorned my cake. I remembered the party was in the high-rise apartment in Illinois that belonged to my extravagant grandmother. And my Aunt Moe and Uncle Ray were there. I remember those things. It was April 1973 and it was my 3rd birthday.

For a long time, I thought I had made up that Ferris wheel because a memory of my 3rd birthday party just seemed impossible with no photos of the event. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2015. I was at my parents’ house and came across a slew of photo albums that my grandmother had put together before she passed away many years ago. These albums were tucked away in a closet of the guest bedroom. I brought them into the living room so we could all look through them.

Imagine my surprise when I came across one photo of my 3rd birthday party…and it was of that cake! Complete with the Ferris wheel. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was such a thrill to see. My childhood wasn’t filled with the most pleasant of things. And for a long time, I struggled to come up with “happy memories” from my younger days. But this picture was of a happy time and I was so excited that the memory of that cake was legit!


3 Responses

  1. Michele says:

    What a great memory to share Toni!!! :) I love these types of old photos that tell a story in and of itself.

  2. What a great story! Love that you found a picture of it. :)

  3. Sherry A says:

    That is amazing that you remembered something from that age! I’m glad you found photos of your childhood! Thank you for sharing!