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tips for using negative space to create artistic everyday photos


Hey friends! Kara here for another photography tip. One comment I get a lot from people is that their everyday photos seem boring or “not pretty” and they ask what they can do to make them better or how can they create more artistic photographs. Today I am going to illustrate how using negative space in your everyday photos will take them from a lackluster snapshot to a beautiful portrait.


First off, what is negative space? The subject of your photo is “positive space” while the space all around and in between your subject is the “negative space” and it’s that negative space that we are focusing on today. I think all too often we think that we have to get in close for the details to make it a good photo, when actually, it’s the space around your subject and maximizing it that makes your subject more profound. It creates a breathable space around your subject that helps add artistry that you may feel like you are missing.


Let me show you a typical example of using this technique.

My Owen jumped onto my bed as I was making it the other day to watch the rain storm happening outside. I grabbed my iPhone 6 plus sitting nearby and without thinking about anything, snapped this:


Not a bad photo opp at all and after changing it to black and white I like it even better. However, it definitely has that “snapshot” feel. Again, not a bad thing, but let’s try for something a little more artistic. I took a step back, knelt down on the ground, and composed the shot so that he was positioned towards the bottom of the frame to give me all of that negative space above him. This was the result:


Do you see the immediate change from typical snapshot to a beautiful portrait? And remember, this was taken with my mobile phone. Use what you have, but make it work for you. All I had to do was adjust my angle, take an extra two seconds and I have a photograph that I would actually enlarge and put in a frame.

The smallest of things truly can transform your everyday photography and to get those creative juices flowing, keep scrolling for some inspiration (all shot with my iPhone). Remember to stay tuned for next time and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!








3 Responses

  1. Ashley Schultz says:

    Great inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Vera Yates says:

    I love this tip! Simple change but make a huge difference on making the pic more interesting. Thank you. Will give this a try.

  3. Shawna says:

    Thanks for sharing. Always inspiring! You have the eye!