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Do you know what’s coming up next week? It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Are you prepared to say THANK YOU to that special teacher in your life? Or … perhaps you suddenly felt a little panic set in because it hasn’t yet crossed your mind … and you have several teachers to thank right now! Multiple kids = multiple teachers = multiple gifts.

That’s why I’ve chosen to focus on this today for my At Home with Becky post. First, to share the friendly reminder. And second, I’d love to ease the burden you might be feeling … just a bit. The gift ideas I’m sharing in today’s post aren’t even really super creative. It’s safe to say that I’m not really the world’s most creative gift-giver, honestly. But sometimes even just seeing simple ideas can help to get the wheels spinning, right?


For Teacher Appreciation Week we wanted to share something fun, helpful, and FREE!

A free download for you!

You will notice some cute 3×4 cards + tags included with each of the gift ideas in this post. The ever fabulous Liz Tamanaha created a set of 6 cards and laid them out on one 8 1/2 x 11 page for you to easily download and print. CLICK HERE to download the one-page PDF. Interested in the individual 3×4 card designs? You can download the 6 card files and the PDF from the Digital Project Life shop HERE. These fun cards are the perfect finishing touch to your teacher gifts and coordinate perfectly with the digital exclusive Personal Yearbook Mini Kit that Liz designed.

Plus – not only do these cards work well with gifts, but of course they’re 3×4 on purpose. These will slip right into your Project Life® album! Whether you’re scrapbooking about a teacher in your life or you’re a teacher yourself (!) … we hope you’ll enjoy these cards that Liz designed in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.



Gift Idea #1: Gift Card

I used to hesitate giving gift cards because I was worried the gift would feel impersonal or too simple. But guys – it’s just as good as cash and heaven knows, our beloved teachers are worth so much more than that number attached to their salary, so I’m sure the extra spending cash absolutely comes in handy. If you’re short on time, this is quick and easy, too. Just put the gift card in an envelope, slap a cute card on the front (from our freebie page or even a Project Life card you already have from a kit) – and be done. I am of the opinion that gifts don’t have to have the most amazing presentation. You’ll see that throughout this post.  ; )



Gift Idea #2: Stationery Supplies

I am personally a fan of handwritten notes and therefore I enjoy giving the gift of cute note cards to encourage handwritten sentiments. Throw in some cute office supplies that you know would be practical and visually so fun, punch a hole in the corner of one of the cards, tie some twine, string, or ribbon around the collection, and you’re done! Items purchased at Target.




Gift Idea #3: Teacher Supplies

I don’t know about the teachers in your area, but I know our teachers go through a lot of markers – the dry-erase kind, the permanent kind … all kinds of markers. And they’re not cheap! Give the gift of practicality. This is the type of gift that for sure won’t end up ultimately being wasted. And it’s something great for the male teacher who probably doesn’t want body lotion or a gift card for a pedicure. A quick wrap idea is to take clear plastic wrap and just bunch it at the top, tie a ribbon or string to hold it together, tape a card to the front (yes – just plain, uncreative tape is acceptable, my friends), and be done! Of course I know most of you will likely reach for the washi tape.  ; )





Gift Idea #4: Project Life

Of course I think this is a fabulous idea for a teacher! You bet! Your favorite teacher undoubtedly has pictures and she may or may not know how to start … or how to find the time, for that matter! Enter Project Life. The solution-based system for organizing and displaying your precious photos … whoops! I was headed into infomercial mode.  ; )  Okay, seriously. Pick up a Project Life Mini Album + a Mini Kit, tie them together, add a quick card, and there you go! You’ve just shared one of the most thoughtful gifts because Project Life is going to save her TIME.



That’s the Daydreamer Mini Kit and the Ivory Mini Album, by the way. These are both available in our online shop, along with many, many other Project Life products.


Gift Idea #5: Summer Bundle

A couple friends have brought up this idea in past years and it caught my attention because it’s really such a good idea! Give your teacher the gift that will keep on giving this summer. This is their chance to take a break from the grueling school year where they work so hard and bask in the break. Bundle together a beach towel, some sunscreen, a nice water bottle, and a fun magazine to enjoy as they’re sitting outside in the fresh air. I picked up all of these items at Target, including that basket which is probably my very favorite thing of the moment. Cute, right!?



Regardless of the gift you share or the amount of money you spend, part of cultivating a good life is expressing appreciation for the teachers who make a big impact. As parents, we are the most important influence on our children – no question. But their teacher(s) spend a hugely significant amount of time teaching, serving, influencing our children – and they should absolutely feel appreciated for giving so much of themselves.

By the way, I would love to see more teacher gift ideas shared in the Comments of this post. Please chime in with ideas that you think would inspire the rest of us. Perhaps you have a go-to gift idea that’s always a big hit. Or if you’re a teacher, please share with us the most meaningful and memorable gifts you have received over the years. And teachers — THANK YOU.

At Home with Becky

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37 Responses

  1. Emily Pinto says:

    Great Ideas!! Cute post.

    • Dave Smedley says:

      Great ideas, Becky! I’ve got one to add to your list. It falls under “teacher supplies” and it’s called “Teacher’s Pet”! It is the #1 Whiteboard Eraser on the Planet! How do I know? I invented it. As a special education teacher for the last 15 years I became so frustrated with my former “grey-board” I had to do something. After about a year of trials and field tests I stumbled upon the perfect microfiber blend for cleaning whiteboards with NO sprays or chemicals–and it’s machine washable! It does quadruple duty as well: you can dust your keybaord/shelves with it; clean your monitor/smartboard with it; it even soaks up at least 24 oz. of spilled coffee! (One of those accidental discoveries.) Take a look at our website. I’d love to send you one if you’d be interested in checking it out first hand! http://www.teacherspet4u.com


  2. Sara says:

    As a former teacher turned stay at home mom I would have to say I would love to have received any of the above gifts. I LOVED getting gift cards. That meant I could go shopping and pick out what I wanted or go out to dinner with my husband. I never once thought it wasn’t personal – I loved getting them and being able to spend money on myself instead of on my classroom.

  3. christine says:

    loved all the creative ideas!
    thank you!

  4. Ashley says:

    Loving the gift cards and PL journal card idea. My princess is still in daycare so she has about four teachers who I’m sure would love a $5 gift card from sbux :-)

  5. Wana says:

    Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I never thought about giving a mini kit. That would be a great idea for Mother’s day as well.

  6. Meredith says:

    Former teacher here also–these are awesome ideas!! Teacher LOVE gift cards, so don’t feel it’s not personalized enough. Some of my favorite things were notes from parents and kids–literally have saved all of them!

  7. Gina says:

    I like to have the teachers fill out a form at the beginning if the year with their favorite treats, drinks, snacks and stuff like that. This year I am giving them all a 12 pack of their favorite drink! Another one doesn’t drink sodas but loves oranges so he is getting a bag of oranges! We did that last year and they loved it. They always need snacks and drinks in class!!:) and of course I am now attaching some super cute cards with it!:). Thanks Becky and Liz!!

  8. Leslie S. says:

    One of my closest friends is a teacher and I know she would love and appreciate any of the gifts you presented. She loves gift cards so never feel bad about giving those. Thank you for recognizing the teachers out there. I watch her spend so much of her hard earned money on things for her classroom. She is the person I always give my supplies to when I clean out my scrapbook room so she can use it in her classroom.

  9. Raven says:

    I’ve been Room Mom for 6 years now and was just talking about ideas for class gifts this morning. In the past we’ve done a gift card tree – a cute colored 3-ft. Christmas tree with different gift cards attached – always a big hit. And for Christmas our class gave our teacher a mason jar filled with $5 bills – each family sent in money to include and I think that gift will *always* be a favorite!

    • Alison says:

      Raven – great idea having everyone in the class contribute. I did a jar filled with bills for my dad once and put a label on it ‘Bill Pickles’ (idea from Everybody loves money via the fly lady). He loved it!

  10. dawn says:

    These are great ideas! My kids are older now and have 6/7 teachers a piece so we don’t do much now. I have done the gift card to a restaurant and did beach buckets filled with summer goodies for their Pre-k and kindergarten teachers.
    Our school does something special each day during this week for the teachers too and ask for donations to the animal shelter which they drop off after the week is over.
    Thanks for sharing these, will pass them along to friends who still have young ones.

  11. Cinta says:

    I did the personal yearbooks for my kids classes this year, so I was in the classroom a lot snapping pictures. I made sure to get pics of the teachers “doing her thing” in action, so now I’m making mini albums for them with pictures of them and their students to remember this year!

    • Jenny B. says:

      That is a wonderful idea! She could even use it as part of her professional portfolio. I would totally whip that thing out at a job interview! :) Not that your teacher will be going to any job interviews any time soon… I’m sure with great parents like you, she will be happy to stay put for a while. ;)

    • Jenny B. says:

      I mean “they,” not “she,” since you are doing this for more than one teacher. :)

  12. Angie F says:

    Thanks for the freebies!! LOVE them!!

  13. Sandy Boeshart says:

    My daughter is a teacher and I always do something for all 6 teachers on her 1st grade team. Now I just have to decide which idea to use!! Thanks!!

  14. Jenny B. says:

    I am a former teacher, and I think these are all GREAT ideas! :) Thank you for sharing, and thanks for the freebie! Unfortunately, our school does teacher appreciation the week after Valentine’s Day. I know… weird, right?! Anyway… I will save these! :)

  15. Angela says:

    Last year, I sent my daughter with breakfast for her teacher – a small basket with a banana, a granola bar, a bottled Starbucks ice coffee and a gift card to Starbucks. I’m a big fan of gift cards, and if I can dress them up with a few consumable items, then even better.
    Another favorite gift I use is the movie gift – a package of microwave popcorn or movie candy, and either tickets or a theater gift card; I typically present this in one of the plastic popcorn containers you can find at the dollar stores or Target and then tie it with white and yellow curling ribbon on top to look like the container is full of popcorn.

  16. Regina says:

    I have a small gift for each day next week.
    Monday: flowers
    Tuesday: teacher banner purchased on etsy from lvstitch
    Wednesday: teacher stamp set and set of mini ink pads in a plastic bag (all from hobby lobby) on sale this week!
    Thursday: keurig k cups- teachers lounge was just given a keurig this week
    Friday: wine. This teacher has 17 boys 6 girls in her am kindergarten class. Afternoon is similar. She deserves it. :)

  17. Cathy says:

    As a teacher of 17+ years and mom to three kids these are all cute ideas. BUT . . . please remember the BEST gift is a handwritten note from parents or students (or both) telling the teacher their favourite part of school or the most important thing they learned this year. I have saved all the many heartfelt cards I have received over the years and they are my treasures. So whether you give a gift/gift card or “just” a card – please add a few special words. This means the world to us teachers!

    • jenn gent says:

      I so agree with this! I loved getting gift cards and other treats but I TREASURE the notes I received from my students and their parents.

    • LeAnne B says:

      I was just going to add this! I am a former teacher and loved getting notes from students and parents alike expressing appreciation. A “gift” is always a treat and greatly appreciated, but a note is just as special.

  18. mecca bingo says:

    Strategies. Fortunate enough me I found your blog by accident, and i am shocked the reason why this particular chance wouldn’t happened before! My spouse and i book-marked this.

  19. Paula O says:

    Love all these! I have one the summer bag before and it was a hit! As a high school science teacher myself, I know my sons teacher is always lacking science equipment and experiment stuff, I lend them stuff all the time. So it is fitting I would give a science kit, super big magnet, mini circuit, test tube set, experiment books etc. always well received! For me, love gift cards!!

  20. Rachel says:

    I love the idea of Project Life… I have four children 10, 8, 6 and 4… when my fourth child attends reception next year … they will have all had the same teacher.. a lovely lady of whom is a scrapbooker…what a wonderful gift I am going to keep in mind for her… to say thankyou for the many years of caring for my beautiful children in their first year of school life… thank you Becky! I think it is so important to recognise our children’s educators as they do a remarkable job and they care for our precious people.

  21. Karen Brooks says:

    What great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be using some of these ideas.

    Have a fabulous day!

  22. Noel Aly says:

    Reading some of the comments, it makes perfect sense to give a project life album. Some teachers said they keep the notes/cards they receive from students, so wouldn’t it be great to put them all together in a beautiful album? Put a note along with it, saying what it can be used for. Great idea, thanks ladies!

  23. Monica says:

    All great ideas – – I know so many teachers that need supplies. We usually do backpacks for students and now have included teachers with supplies. Supplies are EXPENSIVE!

  24. Carrie says:

    Thank you for the suggestions. This year I am in an interesting spot with teachers and getting them gifts: my younger kids have the SAME teachers that my older kids had before! So I can’t do my “usual” gifts because they already received them! I appreciate the new ideas!
    My Aunt is a teacher, and she loves gift cards. I love going shopping with her and watching her pay with gift cards for everything! I’ve never seen her spend cash!

  25. Suzanne kershaw says:

    Oh you are so amazing, being a teacher I would love any of those cute ideas ! I am going to make some wee cards for my colleagues thanks for the amazing ideas on your blog and the freebies. *Suz

  26. Fiona Moore says:

    What wonderful ideas! As a kindergarten teacher, I love to receive gift cards, but I must say the best gift I ever received was a booklet made by one of my mums with contributions from all of the children. Each page started with “I love Mrs Moore because…”. Some of the reasons were hilarious – ” Mrs Moore is really good at folding stuff”, “Mrs Moore always looks at me and thinks I’m beautiful”, “Mrs Moore is really good at playground duty”… This booklet makes me smile and it makes me tear up too. It was the best present!

  27. Elizabeth Link says:

    Thank you for the PDF. I appreciate it very much. Very cute!

  28. Nydia says:

    Hello there! I simply want to offer you a big thumbs
    up for your excellent information you have here on this post.
    I’ll be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  29. Darryl Edwards says:

    Some great ideas here, I love the summer bundle idea! It’s a great combination of low cost, thought and effort that I’m sure every teacher would love.

    I was looking in all honesty, for some very quick gifts I could put together for 5 different teachers! I really don’t want to buy them but it may be all I have time for.

    I found a page with some different ideas to the usual you find on the net, and the added bonus is because I’m planning on getting a few I would get a free delivery.

    If anyone is interested the page is: http://www.writingcase.co.uk/teacher-gifts-126-c.asp

    I loved the idea I saw on another site which mentioned how a teacher had still been using the Christmas tree decorations she had been given as a gift by children over 20 years ago!