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sunday notes


I still find value in the handwritten note.

Once in a while I feel inclined to pick up my pen and write on an actual note card that I put in the actual mailbox to be delivered to someone. Email, text, Facetime, Skype, social media … these are a part of my everyday life, like many of you. We are tremendously fortunate to live in a time where communication has never been easier. We can instantly send and receive messages. We can transcend time and space. When you think about it, this is absolutely amazing.

But still – there is something special about a handwritten note. So as a new year began earlier this month and I was reflective on my priorities, there were things I knew I wanted to weed out of my life – and things I wanted more in my life. Today I’m sharing just one of those specific goals of something that I wanted to “add” to my life.

Instead of writing a note “once in a while,” I have had a goal to write at least one note each week this year. It doesn’t matter who I am writing to or what the note is about, but I have chosen Sunday as the day of the week that I do this.

Why Sunday? I slow down on Sundays. I tend to be a little more reflective and thoughtful and focused on this day of the week. My schedule is also less hectic. For me, Sunday includes attending church, spending time with family, offering service … even squeezing in a little rest, if you can believe that. In essence, I find myself recharging my batteries on this day. For me, Sunday is a great day to think about who I might send a note to that week.


So who am I writing these notes to? An old college roommate. A childhood best friend. My child’s teacher. A local friend who helped with something. A niece or nephew. Someone at church who prepared an inspiring lesson that really touched me. A woman in our community who is going through chemotherapy right now. A friend I see all the time, but I likely haven’t told her how much her shining example has had a strong influence on my life. A teenager I’ve admired because of the way she carries herself amidst so much nonsense that surrounds her every day.

You get the point. I’m all over the place in terms of recipients. And I like it that way.

How do I choose one person a week? I tap into my heart, honestly. Cheesy as it sounds, that’s what I do – plain and simple. And sometimes, there’s more than one note per week. More than anything, I hope that each recipient who reads my note feels my genuine admiration for them and has even a small reminder that they are awesome. They matter. They make a difference. Not that they need to hear it from me, but who doesn’t love a pick-me-up like that, right?


There are a million places to buy note cards. Of course I could make them, but that just means more time and I feel that what I write inside matters more than how I might embellish the front of a card. So I opt for store-bought cards. I always have them on hand. I’m particularly drawn to those I find at Target. And specifically the Green Inspired brand, just because the designs are just so cool.


Speaking of sending notes in the mail, I use a custom self-inking stamp from TinyPrints.com for our return address. There are a ton of design choices, and honestly – a lot of different sites that offer a similar product – but this one is the one I chose and have been using for quite some time now.


Aside from cute cards and cute return address stamps, this personal new year’s resolution has been particularly meaningful for me. People I care about for one reason or another are not expecting a random note from me – and that’s the best part. I hope I keep this up for a long time. I hope this rubs off on my kids, too. I hope that by the end of 2014 there are at least 52 people who received a kind word, a note of appreciation, a genuine compliment – in the mail from me.

Part of cultivating a good life is lifting those around you, expressing your admiration, and being specific in your compliments.


At Home with Becky

This post is part of a weekly blog series called At Home with Becky. Each Wednesday, I share a little something from home – routines, organization, traditions, decor, etc. Coming up … an idea for Valentine’s Day, a fun way to organize + display favorite recipes, and a tour of my home office.


45 Responses

  1. Genivieve says:

    What a great idea. I treasure the few cards and letters that I get these days.

  2. Farrah says:

    I love this idea! I try to write handwritten notes but don’t do I often enough. Having a set aside day is a wonderful way to make it happen more often.

  3. Gwen says:

    thank you so much for sharing this post because I was thinking to have this exact goal for this year as I was telling myself that I just love to receive some sweet notes in my mailbox :-)

  4. Betsy says:

    Fantastic post!! Thank you Becky for what you just said.

  5. Teri M says:

    I love this idea and am going to try to start this myself! Thank you for sharing the little things in life, those are the ones that motivate us the most!!

  6. Stacey Towers says:

    I absolutely love this! It is actually something that I have been thinking about doing as well. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is!

  7. Heather K. says:

    One of my goals for 2014 is to send more cards as well. I know how much I love the occasional greeting card amidst all the bills, catalogs, and other junk mail that fills our mailbox every day, so I know others appreciate it as well.

  8. Ruth says:

    I call it Happy Mail and I aim to be better at the written form of communication this year. All part and parcel of “being more”, which is my One Little (Word) Phrase for 2014.

  9. Janet K says:

    I am still an old fashioned letter writing girl. I love writing notes to someone & it is so awesome to open the mail box and find one was sent to me. Though most that I write are for different reasons and to different people, every other week I send a long letter to my husbands grandma. What’s great is she always writes in return. We got to visit her at Thanksgiving and she told me to “keep those letters coming, I love them!” I have a section in my PL album for “Grandma’s Letters”.

  10. Sheryl Coe says:

    A few years ago I read the book “365 Thank You’s”, which inspired me to write one thank you letter or complementary note every single day. Sometimes to a good friend, sometimes to a stranger or a teacher, but every day I wrote one. It was interesting to see how gratitude worked in my life. The more I said thank you the more I was given to be thankful for. I love your goal of writing a thoughtful note once a week, it seems like a very attainable thing to do this year!

  11. Teresa says:

    I love this idea! And the return stamp.

  12. Joyce says:

    What a blessing you have shared. To be a recipient of a hand written note card has become a treasured timepiece which when received is placed in amongst my PL. I find it amazing how this simple act of kindness can impact ones day and or life. Now that you have shared your goal I choose to pay it forward by sitting with my grandchildren every other week to teach and encourage them the importance whether it be through words or a drawing the gift of a simple act. Thank you very much for sharing.

  13. Dalene says:

    What a great idea! Very thoughtful!

  14. Helen says:

    I have been keeping this goal for the last year as well. I also keep a little notebook containing the dates and recipient and anything pertinent that I felt led to write. I have always done this one Monday but you may have convinced me to switch to Sunday because we are more intentional about observing a Sabbath rest now. Monday creeps in and often the card writing takes a backseat to groceries.
    I agree…I adore those cards at Target…buy them by the cart full.
    Thanks for the post and encouragement to keep on!

  15. Tara says:

    Becky, I love this idea. You are right, we are so blessed to have the technology to do things “right away” but getting a note from someone truly means they took the time and thought about you, doesn’t it? My company is big into this, “keeping it personal” we call it on the business side – but I SO love the ideas of people you have provided here!!

  16. Kyla says:

    I absolutely love this idea!!

  17. Sheryl Pyle says:

    I love to receive a note in the mail. I used to be better at sending them and now you have inspired me to be better at that this year..Thank you Becky.

  18. Carrie says:

    I’ve been doing this very thing for years. I’m a firm believer in the hand written note (especially Thank you notes!) and love to send them. Especially to the children in my life, kids love “real” mail. It’s also a nice way to keep in touch with older relatives that don’t do the social media thing or use email. I love the personal nature of it. Some of my most treasured possessions are the hand written letters and cards from family and friends that are no longer with us. Thank you for the encouragement to keep it up!

  19. Writing one note card to one person each Sunday certainly seems easy enough to do. What a lovely resolution. You have inspired me to do the same. One person each Sunday = one card. Love it. Thank you Becky.

    Mary from NH

  20. Such an inspiring post! I think this is such a great idea. I love the last line “Part of cultivating a good life is lifting those around you, expressing your admiration, and being specific in your compliments.” I try to do this in my life and I have tried to encourage my children to do it too. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Melanie says:

    I loved hearing from you, Becky! Got me thinking about when that Crazy 8 reunion is going to happen!

  22. Amy says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I am collector of cute note cards (I like the ones from the $1 bin at Michael’s) – now I have a new challenge to actually start sending them!!

  23. Susan says:

    Inspirational! Thanks Becky, for doing this and inspiring me to. Blessings.

  24. Cynthia Benavidez says:

    I love your style and I’m sure if we lived in the same town that we would be friends. Reading about your Sunday note made me stop and think about what a hand written note would mean to a friend or aquantence. What a GREAT idea. Thank you for sharing. XOXO Cynthia

  25. Judi D says:

    Love this. I’m trying to send little notes to my Grandchildren that live in a different state they are 4 and 18 months. They love getting mail in their names.

  26. Mary neuman says:

    Love it!! We institute “mail it Monday” during the summer with the kids. I need to make this a year round activity too. Thanks for the reminder!!

  27. Fatima M. says:

    Great idea! Here’s my address… Just kidding. :0) I love sending notes because I love getting them. My cousin and I would write letters to each other when we were kids. I loved receiving them… and sending them. As wonderful as modern technology is, it almost seems like it’s taken away from the art of a hand written note. Glad so many more appreciate it too.

  28. casie says:

    This is a fantastic idea! It is rare when there is anything worth looking at in the mail, but a personal card is perfect! I will try to do this as well :)
    Also, I love that you share your Sunday schedule with us and that it includes church!
    You are truly inspiring!

  29. Joanne T says:

    What a beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing & for inspiring us all!

  30. Maria says:

    I really love this idea, I just might join you in!! This is really lovely and so personal!! :)

  31. Susan says:

    Would you like my address. ? if that happened it would knock the socks of me. lol

  32. Right now am not into the scrapbooking hobby but a hand written note is always nice.

  33. Emily Adams says:

    I really like this idea… I always want to buy cards, but I rarely send them! Michael’s often has really cute cards in their cheap “$1 and $2” bins. You usually get about 6 cards in the pack.

  34. Keianna says:

    Great idea. I have been thinking about doing something similar this year. I need to stop thinking and just get to it. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Jan Wozniak says:

    What a great way to “reconnect” with friends – the best way, from the heart. Lovely idea, and one I will do as well. Thanks for that reminder.

  36. Veronica Padilla says:

    I love this too! I love to send hand written notes because they are a nice surprise for the recipient (or at least I hope they are – Ha!) I like the feeling of actually writing, not typing a note too. Just last week I mailed a former college professor about 2 pounds of raw almonds from the farm I grew up on. She mentioned a few years ago how she loves almonds. (And I’m finally getting around to mailing her some!!) Of course I included a note to let her know what I’m up to these days.
    And Target is a great place to find stationery (gotta love clearance prices)! I’ve loved stationery since I was a kid. I just love paper!!
    Thanks for another great post, Becky!

    Veronica in CA

  37. Diana says:

    I am a long-time “note” writer! I love to send someone a letter or a note of thanks or just a “hello” to brighten their day. In this day of so much junk mail & bills in the mail I think it is so nice to open your mailbox & find a colorful envelope among the pile! I think of that often as I send my little “notes” off in the mail!

  38. Robyn Massa says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea and am starting this Sunday! My 1st handwritten letter is going to my Grandma in Manitoba who will be 90 in November. She is Great Grandma to my 6 kids and being so busy with the kids I think of her every day but definitely don’t call (or write) like I should. I also have a ton of stationary that has been sitting unused for years…can’t wait to put it to good use! What’s 20 minutes a week for such incredible joy for your own heart and for those you surprise with a letter….so excited! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing and being such a great inspiration for many! I’m still working on getting my PL started for the first time…I’m addicted to your blog though! Thanks again!

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