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salt lake city pinners recap

Hey, Molly here! We recently returned from a trip to the Salt Lake City Pinners Conference, and what a blast we had! As part of my responsibilities I get to oversee all of our travel and consumer shows (how did I get so lucky?!). We worked hard setting up our booth. We met and connected with and made life-long friendships with many of our customers. We are so grateful for the support of so many and we sure loved meeting each and every one of you!

Our team had a blast introducing so many new friends to the simplicity of Project Life® – and for those who weren’t sure about the physical Project Life products, we were ready to give them a quick tutorial on the app! Becky taught a few classes. We put together mini albums and cards for the VIP swag bags. Becky’s brother Kevin came and got some fantastic footage with his drone { see video below }. We passed out bracelets and York Peppermint Patties. We stayed up way too late. Every. Single. Night. There were pillow presents. We wore matching shirts for four days straight. We may have had a plank off and several of us rode a hoverboard. We took sooo many selfies. We laughed with you and we cried with you. We could not have asked for a better trip. We even got to enjoy a day of taking in the beautiful fall weather and changing leaves of Utah.

And guess what? Pinners will be in our home state of Arizona next October 7-8 so …. Phoenix! You have that to look forward to!

Behind-the-scenes from Pinners 2015 | BeckyHiggins.com Behind-the-scenes from Pinners 2015 | BeckyHiggins.com Behind-the-scenes from Pinners 2015 | BeckyHiggins.com Behind-the-scenes from Pinners 2015 | BeckyHiggins.com

1. We love a good crowd, and man — you guys showed UP!

2. The main entrance. It’s an exciting feeling to walk through those doors!

3. This mom and her two girls did some serious shopping! Hoping we get to see all they do with Project Life.

4. Becky packing up at the end.

5. The whole gang, all matchy-matchy (for the most part). In addition to our team, Lindsay Ross, Lauren Allgaier, and Allison Whittle were our rock star helpers in the booth.

6. Pillow presents! Becky’s tradition is to give everyone on the team a small gift each night as a thank you for sacrificing time away from family to travel.

7. Lindsay showing a few customers the Project Life App and … those serious faces? They were concentrating and then… blown away.  ; )

8. We couldn’t get enough of the colors Utah was showing off during our visit!

9. Kari working on inventory stuff.

10. This sweet woman is Clarine Downs, Lisa Bearnson’s mother… the woman who met Becky on a random Sunday nearly 20 years ago. That was the beginning of Becky’s career with Creating Keespsakes magazine… which led to the start of this company!

11. Loads of VIP swag ready to share at Thursday night’s par-tay.

12. Allison, Lindsay, Wendy, Molly — all smiles because we love what we do!

13. Kari re-stocking the shelves as soon as she could catch her breath between customers.

14. This sweet woman shared with Becky about how her mother, suffering from depression, was able to really pick herself up by getting involved in documenting her life and using Project Life to preserve her photos.

15. We just wish Becky loved interacting with customers and sharing ideas on how to NOT be overwhelmed by scrapbooking.  ; )

16. Toni, the baby whisperer, took on this role so that his mama had two hands for shopping.

17. Allison is everyone’s new best friend and I’m sure this woman didn’t mind her helping her choose this & that for her stash.

18. Kevin (Becky’s brother) and his drone made a special appearance at Pinners and we kind of loved it.

19. What happens at Pinners stays at Pinners?

20. Becky was on the news a couple times during our time there.

21. Lindsay and Kari took 1st and 2nd place in the team plank-off after clean-up Saturday night.

22. This woman shared with Becky that as a full-time student and then full-time nurse anesthetist, there was no way she could do a thing with her pictures. And then… she discovered Project Life and it changed everything for her. She has had great success with her scrapbooking and attributes that to keeping it simple.

23. This sweet little girl couldn’t wait to show Becky the pages she’s been making on her mom’s phone using the Project Life App. They were really good, too!

24. This year’s cutest customer award goes to……

25. The plank-off. It’s really a thing, people. And we love it.

26. Group hug for one of our favorite customers squished in there … selfie style!

27. Broadway star, Natalie Hill Jensen, may have possibly wanted to hang out with us lots. And the feeling was mutual. Love that girl.

28. Kari connecting with one of our new little buddies.

29. Lindsay working the phone cameras in double-time.

30. Becky and Wendy chatting about the app in one of her classes.

Don’t forget to watch the video; you will be glad you did!