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run for travis


When David and I were first married – both full-time students and working part-time and adjusting to a new phase of life – we found ourselves blessed enough to be fast friends with a couple other newlywed couples on campus. The Williams and the Kennedys were in our same boat and we had an immediate connection with them. We just clicked. Spending time with each other was such a fun “break” from the everyday rigor of studying, paying bills, taking tests, and other stress (or what we felt was stress at the time).

That was nearly 19 years ago. Which feels insanely crazy to say it’s really been that long. I think we all still feel like we’re in our twenties sometimes. But here we are … all these years later … and we’re still very dear friends. Anytime we’re together, we pick right back up where we left off. These are the best kind of friends. They are lifelong friends. We know each other’s core. We’ve seen each other’s ups & downs and we’ve supported each other all along the way, even though we’ve never been in the same town since college.

At age 34, Travis (below) received the awful news about a tumor on his brain stem. This wasn’t much longer after their daughter got through the battle of having Leukemia. We were all stunned. But true to form, Travis & Andrea have done everything humanly possible to fight, fight, fight. We are very disheartened to learn that the cancer isn’t gone and, in fact, 6 years after that original diagnosis, it’s back with a vengeance.

Travis 1

Travis 2

Seriously – We were babies!

Travis & Andrea Williams were high school sweethearts and they now have four kids. I can’t say enough about these two people, how solid they are, and what they mean to us – and to their community. Most of you know that it wasn’t that long ago that my brother suffered from colon cancer and passed away. Cancer has been – and still is – affecting both of our families to this day. And we have too many friends affected by cancer.

Right now, at age 40, Travis can’t eat, walk on his own, or use fine motor skills to care for himself. He is unable to work. He is making progress each day and wants nothing more than to be home with his family. David and I visited him in the Intensive Care Unit just a couple weeks ago and were reminded once again of how blessed we are to have Travis & Andrea and their family in our life.

travis in hospital

Why am I sharing this with you?

Two main reasons, really. First – I wanted to express my gratitude for lifelong friends, dear friends, genuine friends. I know you have those kind of friends, too, and I encourage you to reach out and express what they mean to you. A text, a phone call, a letter in the mail. But more than just a “Hey, what’s up?” message. Tell them what they mean to you. Tell them what you admire about them, or what you’ve learned from them.

And secondly – I wanted to share with you something that is happening to show support to Travis and his family in case any of you are interested. I know many of you are affected by cancer and may find it very rewarding to join with the rest of us in this effort.

Run for Travis

On March 29th there will be 5K / Family Fun Run / Silent Auction in Gilbert, Arizona. 100% of all proceeds will go to the Williams family to relieve some financial stress. This is something that some of their local friends have organized. I am just sick that we can’t physically be there because it’s while we are in Australia for the Spotlight Tour.

We are of course donating Project Life® products for the Silent Auction … and I am planning to run a 5K wherever we happen to be in Australia that day. I will run for Travis … and for Jonathan. Ever since my family participated in the American Fork Half Marathon / 5K last Summer, I can’t run without thinking about my brother.


If you are in Arizona, please consider attending. I just know it’s going to be such a fun & special event. There’s something really neat about coming together with others – even total strangers – to show support to someone who is struggling.

If you are not in Arizona (most of you obviously are not) … you can still contribute. Click on the link in the next paragraph or if you want to make a donation using your PayPal account, simply send that to runfortravis@gmail.com. Or you could stop by a local Wells Fargo Bank and ask to donate to the Run For Travis Fund.

Whether attending the event or not … The website to register for the race, buy a t-shirt, or donate in some way is >> HERE. You can follow “Run for Travis” on Facebook or @RunForTravis on Instagram for updates on Travis & the latest information about the race and silent auction.

Just one more reason I’m grateful for scrapbooks: The photos at the top of my post? Found those in our earlier scrapbooks and scanned them. Here’s another page that I came across.

travis 4


13 Responses

  1. Alanna N says:

    Such a sad story :( Cancer ruins so many lives and it really isn’t fair. We’re all touched by cancer in one way or another. Such a beautiful msg about reaching out to our family and friends and showing them we care. Moral to every story :)

  2. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to your friends, along with a donation. I wish them well.

  3. Laura G. says:

    I will be happy to donate and will keep you all in my prayers….cancer has no respect for whom it hits…I am still in treatment for breast cancer and as of last night learned that my 12 year old granddaughter has ‘suspicious’ tumors on her spine…one mass and other little ones…I did not sleep last night…waiting for the doctor’s office to call to schedule an appointment with a neurosurgeon is tough….before yesterday I was thankful I was the one battling cancer: not my children or grandchildren…how quickly things can change!!! My granddaughter had an MRI because she was having surgery to correct a spinal deformity…then these wicked, evil tumors showed up on the MRI…the original surgery was cancelled…now we wait for another one to be scheduled…hug your babies each and every day…and that stupid “thing” you thought was so important…take another look…it’s probably not…so sorry, Becky, that you can’t be there for the run, but you and your family will be there in other ways….hugs…

    • Lynnsey says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your battle and your granddaughter Laura. Prayers and well wishes to you both.

  4. Mary says:

    Sending prayers to your friends and their family. Love your scrapbook page, it’s so nice that you thought to make it.

    Mary from NH

  5. Laura Pineau says:

    Your comments hit home today. This afternoon we will attend a visitation for a family friend who died last week. We must remember that simple gestures speak volumes, especially during difficult times.

  6. Erika Bailey says:

    Love reading this and seeing such fun pictures! I have a few to add from the cabin trip to Durango. Andrea and Travis are amazing, and I admire what you’re doing to support them. I’m running a 5k that day here in Oregon, as well….to honor them and their fight :)

  7. kathy f says:

    Sending prayers and hugs to your friends, Becky. So sorry to hear the news. I always remembered them from all of your magazine layouts about them and how darling you all looked and what fun to have such great friends. Wondered how they were all doing through the years but so sad to hear that the update is not good. Hate that C-word. Lost my dad to prostate cancer 10 years ago next month. Keep the faith.

  8. Lori Hunsaker says:

    What a sweet tribute/post for Travis. Travis is my former boss. I started working for him 6 years ago (after the first diagnosis) and quickly – within weeks we became fast friends. Not only together, but soon with Andrea, Olivia, Ella, Ethan & Ryan!! and then of course with Travis’ dad, step-mom and brothers. I love this man and his family very much. What a blessing you are to them (I’ve heard some neat stories about you and your husband -ha!). Thank you again for your tribute and your post – I’m sure it will touch many and will help Travis too.

  9. Laura G. says:

    Thank you Lynnsey for your kind comment! once we have a plan in place and know what we are dealing with…I hope it will be easier…it’s the unknown that is scarey…and that is what draws us closer to our Faith…and our families and friends :)

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with your friends, his family and his doctors. My son (who you met on that CK cruise years ago) had a brain tumor in 2008. It wasn’t supposed to come back, but it did in 2012. There is nothing anyone can say to make it feel better… I just hope prayers work and Travis can fight the tumor. Brain Tumors Suck.

    • Andrea W. says:

      Jennifer, your journey with your son sounds similar to ours. You’re right about not being able to say anything to make it better, brain tumors do suck! But there is strength in coming together and not feeling alone. Thanks for your comments. You are not alone!