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retirement sale just got giant


You may already know that we have a little section of our online shop that’s called “Retired” – it’s at the bottom of the categories. This is for items that are specifically being retired, mostly because they’ve been around a while and we’re clearing out the old to make room for the new. (And boy, do we have some awesome new things coming in within just a few weeks!)

So here’s the deal. I’m going to keep this short & sweet. The Retirement section just got really huge, friends. Not just in how many items we’ve added but with the steep discount that’s just too good to pass up. Ready for this??

60% off!

There’s no catch. No special codes to enter. No coupon necessary. Prices are already marked down. These are not returned / damaged goods. Nope – they’re still in NEW condition! At 60% off, tell your friends. These are awesome products at crazy-low prices. I’m sure things are going to fly out the door fast, so don’t miss out. Sale lasts as long as the inventory is in stock.

Below is a list of every product that is part of the Retirement Sale and each item is linked directly to that product page in the shop for your convenience. Want to browse pictures of it ALL? No problem. Click here and scroll through five pages of slashed prices on Project Life®.

PS – While you’re shopping, don’t forget to check out the Blowout Sale which is also happening (can you tell we’re in the mood for spring cleaning or what?!). You’ll find more awesome products at 50% off, but these aren’t being retired at the moment. We’re just moving through some of that inventory.  ; )

Amber Edition Core Kit

Azure Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Azure Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Azure Edition Designer Dividers

Azure Edition Designer Paper

Blush Edition Designer Paper

Blush Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Blush Edition Core Kit

Blush Edition Designer Album

Cherry Edition Core Kit

Cinnamon Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Cinnamon Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Coral Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Coral Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Coral Edition Core Kit

Coral Edition Designer Cloth Album

Coral Edition Designer Dividers

Coral Edition Designer Paper

Happy Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Happy Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Heritage Edition Designer Dividers

Honey Edition Designer Paper

Honey Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Honey Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Honey Edition Core Kit

Honey Edition Designer Album

Jade Edition Designer Paper

Jade Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Jade Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Kiwi Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Kiwi Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Kraft Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Kraft Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Kraft Edition Core Kit

LDS Missionary Elder Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

LDS Missionary Elder Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

LDS Missionary Elder Edition Designer Dividers

LDS Missionary Sister Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

LDS Missionary Sister Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

LDS Missionary Sister Edition Designer Dividers

Rain 6×8 Faux Leather Album

Rain Mini Album

Slate Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Slate Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Slate Edition Core Kit

Slate Edition Designer Dividers

Strawberry Edition Designer Dividers

Strawberry Edition Designer Paper

Sunshine Edition 3×4 Textured Cardstock

Sunshine Edition 4×6 Textured Cardstock

Sunshine Edition Designer Dividers


7 Responses

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m very excited about the new stuff. Question – is there a place to make recommendations? I would love to see a true green 12 by 12 album. Green is the favorite color of everyone in the house and it would just be so much fun to have a green PL album on the shelf. The jade and kiwi just aren’t the same…

  2. Teresa says:

    Good morning ..
    Will you be carrying the new sealing tool that we r memory keepers just released? Any idea when?

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      Hi Teresa! We are expecting that next month. We will announce once it is available! ~ Toni at Becky Higgins LLC

  3. Dawn Steffler says:

    Will you have the textured cardstock to match the new kits?

  4. #overload on becky self photos

  5. Chloe says:

    When will the new core kits be released?