I’m really excited to share with you a special collaborative project I’ve been working on! We have partnered with MyHeritage to bring you the Family Discovery Kit! With this unique gift set, you’ll make incredible discoveries about your family and create a beautiful album to document and preserve some of your cherished pictures / family history findings / stories to enjoy NOW … and also to pass down through generations to come. In fact, I think the Family Discovery Kit would make a truly meaningful gift for your loved ones!

This beautiful, limited-edition gift set includes a MyHeritage DNA kit, 3 months of FREE access to, a Project Life® Photo Album, customized full-page inserts, pre-designed Project Life cards for journaling, and even a couple of yummy candles as a fun extra. It all comes in a beautiful keepsake box. You can watch me using the kit in this video.

There is only ONE place you can get this exclusive Family Discovery Kit — and HELLO! It’s 40% off (!!!) while supplies last.

PS — Check out Dr. Phil finding out about his own heritage through the MyHeritage DNA kit! This just went live today. So fun!

Wow, how could October be almost over already?! We’ve had a fun + busy month around here; we hope you have followed along and joined us in all of the fun! With the launch of the new Cultivate A Good Life podcast (have you had a chance to join in yet?), we had a local meet-up and saw so many friendly faces. Speaking of fun, have you seen what our Creative Team has been up to? These girls keep bringing the inspiration! I love seeing the variety in their submissions each month and hope you find their creativity inspiring as you work to create your own pages and albums.

Our Creative Team continues to inspire us with their storytelling, photography, and everyday documenting. We are simply delighted to hear the stories of how Project Life® is helping them achieve their goals for recording their stories – past and present. Some are working on photos of current events + weeks, others are documenting one month at a time, and we even have team members going back a few years to finally get those “older” photos into albums. Whatever pictures or stories you have waiting, Project Life is the perfect solution to help you quickly + easily get it done so you can enjoy your albums and share them with others. The pages you’ll see in this post are from the girls on our team using our physical products. You can also find digital inspiration from September from those on our team using our digital products and the Project Life App to document.

No matter which products you choose, the idea behind Project Life is the same – to help you simplify the process of getting your stories into albums! Remember that the 3 core Project Life components and nothing else are really all you need to get started. Album + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket PagesThat’s it. All products used in the pages below include direct links under the images for your convenience so you can see more.

Feel free to get inspired by our team’s pages this month and hopefully feel like you, too, can get your stories recorded!

Layout by Sarah Bargo using the Design A and Design D Photo Pocket Pages with cards from the Baby Boy and High Five Core Kits.

Layout by Catherine Furlin using the Design A Photo Pocket Pages with cards from the Project 52 Rad Edition.

Layout by Ellinor Svensen using the Design A Photo Pocket Pages with cards from the Baby Boy Core Kit.

Layout by Emma Pescott using the Design Y Photo Pocket Page (trimmed) and the Design G with cards chipboard stickers from the Snapshots Edition. 

Layout by Katie Chiet using the Design A Photo Pocket Pages with cards from the Softball Themed cards, Midnight Edition, and Seafoam Edition.

Layout by Shifrah Combiths using the Design A Photo Pocket Pages with cards from the Project 52 Rad Edition Core Kit.

Part of cultivating a good life is letting music nourish your soul.

Music and I go way back. What started as a love-hate relationship — piano lessons as an eight year old is the equivalent of a DMV visit as an adult — soon blossomed into a fantastic friendship. For Christmas one year Santa brought me some tunes. I was given two cassette tapes — yes, I am that old — the first being Ace of Base’s hit single, “I Saw the Sign,” and the second was in the total opposite direction with the hit rap single, Warren G’s “Regulate.” These two pieces of music, classics in their own right and don’t you dare debate me on this, didn’t change my life. But they did ignite my passion for music and initiated my transition from music player to music listener.

I’ve never had musical talent. It’s just not in my family’s DNA. And believe me, if you sat in front of or behind us in church — I’m truly sorry, you’d wholeheartedly agree. This means I can’t carry a tune even if the world demanded it, and I hardly have an ounce of rhythm in my body as my wife and most friends have generously pointed out to me throughout my life. BUT, when I understood that I didn’t have to play music to have it bless my life, that’s when it changed for me.

If I take a close inspection of my life, listening to music has always enriched my soul. In high school, hip-hop music was a refuge from the pains of math class and an escape from the trendy punk and pop bands that dominated the airwaves at the time. When I came home early from a church mission for health reasons, two bands helped ease my confusion and suffering. When I went to film school, film scores inspired and motivated me. When relationship after relationship ended poorly in my twenties, concerts with friends instilled in me joy and optimism about my life. When I was dating my wife, sharing playlists allowed us to bond over amazing songs.

On the day of our wedding, we had an incredibly talented pair of daughters from Houston come sing at our reception. When I’m trying to make a small impact in this crazy world with my filmmaking, choosing the right song and the right sound allows me to move people emotionally. When my wife and I needed a weekend sabbatical from the monotony of life, visiting a world famous music venue in Denver and hearing not one, but two of our favorite bands was just the right antidote.

Music has always been there for me.

And when we have children of our own, musical memories will be made. Songs and hymns will bless their lives as well. And if we’re lucky, they will inherit my better half’s musical prowess.

In this information age we live in now, we’re confronted with talk radio, tutorials, endless podcast options, and a plethora of other alternatives. But nothing is as lasting as music. Music moves us. Music inspires us. Music allows us to see life differently.

I believe cultivating a good life through music has and will continue to enrich my life.

“I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign
Life is demanding without understanding
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.”

a note from becky

How great is Nick, right?? We sure think so! Nick and his wife Claire live in our area and we met a few years ago. I was first aware of Nick’s photography and videography talent and then learned that Claire had creative / visual talents too! Fast-forward side note about Claire: She’s now handling our in-house photography and graphic design needs and we adore her! Back to Nick: We’ve worked together on a couple video projects now (check out this episode of Project Photo Rescue) and he’s just incredible. Talented? Umm … incredibly skilled in his crafts. YES! But also, he’s just the nicest guy and a pleasure to hang out with and we’re grateful to call him our friend.

Connect with Nick :: Website | Instagram

Bright and beautiful, Wink Wink is here!! October’s Project Life® kit features bright journaling cards – many including prompts – fun acetate shapes, patterned mini tape dispensers, a wooden Blockwallah stamp and other fun embellishments.

All items in the monthly Studio Calico Project Life® kits are hand-selected to coordinate perfectly, taking the guesswork out of putting your pages together. In addition to the monthly kit, there is also a wonderful selection of add-on products like extra journaling cards, stamps, and more to allow for increased variety. All of these products are created by a wide array of talented designers and creatives. Whether you choose to receive your kit monthly as a subscriber or purchase individual kits, you’ll love when your package arrives!

Start a new subscription now at www.studiocalico.comClick here for more information about the Wink Wink kit and to see the additional products that are available this month. To learn more about how Studio Calico monthly subscriptions, sneak peeks and kit reveals work, visit the Studio Calico site and community forum. To understand more about our partnership with Studio Calico and the products they offer, click HERE. To find inspiration using their goodies, click HERE.


We have a short list of questions that we’d love to ask you. Have a minute? That’s all it’ll take! Understanding a few things about you and your hobbies will help to steer us in some projects we’re working on so that we can make our brand suit your needs even better.

To take the survey, click here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! We’ll be randomly selecting one of you to win an iPad Mini. When you complete the survey, you’ll be automatically entered and we’ll be in touch.


Hey guys! Happy Monday. So, I hear that today – Monday, June 30 – is Social Media Day. It’s an annual global event that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.

Personally, I’m a fan of social media.

While there are plenty of awful things that happen with this modern technology, social media can and should be used – and is being used – as a powerful tool to CONNECT and SHARE and INSPIRE. I regularly and frequently use social media pretty much every single day for these very reasons. My goal in sharing on social media is to be an uplifting source of inspiration – same with my blog. Everything I put “out there” ties back to cultivating a good life and recording it – whether it be scrapbooking inspiration, organization tips, meaningful quotes, or personal anecdotes (and a hundred other things).

For those new to my brand / website / products, here’s where you can find me in the world of social media. NOTE: You’ll see daily activity from me on the first three. As for Pinterest and YouTube, you’ll be seeing more from us in the near future as we bump those up on the priority list.

Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  |  YouTube

Check out my short video message and then read below for the details.

We will select one of you to have a one-on-one Skype conversation with me!

Simply leave your first name + city + state / country in the Comments below this blog post. And … if you want, share one question that you’ll likely ask me when we have our live Skype chat. That’s not how we’ll choose someone. It really will be random. But it would be fun to see what kinds of questions you guys would ask me if we had a chance to talk in real life. You never know which of those topics will lead to a great blog post, right?!

We will announce the winner tomorrow morning – Tuesday, July 1, right here at the bottom of this post. So be sure to check back to find out if you’re the winner! Then I’ll be speaking with one of you face-to-face … in a virtual sense, of course.

Happy Social Media Day, friends. Stay in touch.


Added note:

Congratulations to Katie in Iowa City, Iowa! Please email and she will get you in touch with Becky! 


Yep – most of you know that this is a totally real and legit holiday. And it’s coming up on May 3rd. We at Becky Higgins LLC have something fun up our sleeve that you’ll be hearing about later. For now, I’m pleased to share something else that’s fun & exciting as we gear up for one of our favorite holidays!

I’m joining with Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Stacy Julian, Heidi Swapp, Maggie Holmes, and other memory-keeping enthusiasts in the National Scrapbook Day “10k” eventRegistration is FREE and happening NOW.

10k celebs

What is this 10k event about?


Big Picture Classes has partnered with Studio Calico for a one-day online event and the goal is to have 10,000 layouts shared on Instagram in one day. Okay – that’s pretty darn cool, right? The fun kicks off May 3rd at 9:00am PT in the BPC classroom and on Instagram. I can already see it … 10,000 scrapbook layouts from all over the world … on Instagram!

In the online classroom, there will be new videos, new page layout ideas, great tips shared from all 10 experts … every hour for 10 straight hours. They’re even doing fun giveaways for those use post on instagram using the #NSD10k hashtag that day.

But wait – there’s more. Studio Calico has deeply discounted ($10 each while supplies last) eight of their past kits that are available for you to purchase with unique codes you’ll receive once you register (found in the BPC classroom).


Register now and get excited.

We’re all pumped about this. Hope you have caught the vision as well! Register HERE and get ready for a flood of inspiration in the classroom and on Instagram on May 3rd. My personal favorite part about this is that it’s encouraging more scrapbooking to happen, more pages to be done, more celebration for this hobby we love. See you there.