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Happy (Inter)National Scrapbook Day! We’ve been celebrating with you all week long, but today is the official day! Here’s what we have up our sleeve. Popcorn, anyone?

Could you use some help?

The very idea of sorting through thousands of photos is daunting, never mind getting those photos into scrapbooks! Even if you’re motivated to get your pictures organized once and for all, there always seems to be a roadblock… a hurdle… a distraction… a hundred distractions… something that gets in the way.

And TIME — our most precious commodity — there just doesn’t ever seem to be enough time! But even when you create the time… where on earth do you begin? How do you sort through it all? What do you toss and what do you keep? How do you decide which of those pictures should go into albums? And then — how do you go about doing it? The scrapbooking menu is huge these days!

Look — I know that the very thought of organization can be paralyzing. Scrapbooking is known to be intimidating and time-consuming. You’re so far behind, is it even worth trying? And even when you go searching for inspiration, you end up feeling depleted and defeated and more overwhelmed than you were before you jumped on Pinterest!


If only someone could hold your hand in this. Well, friends – you’re in luck. I am on a mission to help rescue your photos and memories… and rescue you from a mental breakdown! Getting your photos organized and preserved and even into scrapbooks IS POSSIBLE. I would love to come personally help you, one-on-one, in your home. You might feel like a hot mess of photo chaos right now, but I’m going to get you feeling absolutely on top of the world!

If you feel like you live in Crazy Town when it comes to your photos + memorabilia and you could use some actual, real-life hand-holding… I want to personally help YOU get unburied from your photo chaos! We are going to choose one of you who will be awarded a personal visit from me. I will come to your house, wherever you live. We will work together to assess your situation and get organized and figure out the best solution to get your photos and memories in order, once and for all. We’re going to document this experience so it can be shared with everyone.

How we are choosing a winner

First of all, this is open to absolutely anyone. No matter where you live or your life situation … you have a chance. If this sounds like something that interests you (or you want to share this with a friend), this is what you need to do:

1. Post a photo of your photo chaos / hot mess on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. You must tag me @BeckyHigginsLLC and add the hashtag #ProjectPhotoRescue or we won’t see your photo.

2. If you are private on social media, that means we won’t be able to view your photo, so you have the option to email your photo to us at submissions@beckyhiggins.com.

3. On May 6 we will narrow down and choose 10 finalists. From there we have a process in place that will help us to narrow down and choose the winner. Be aware that if you are chosen as one of the 10 finalists, you will be required to submit a short / casual video that will help us get to know you better — so if you’re not up for that, you may not want to enter.

4. We don’t know the date that we’ll announce the winner yet, but I promise that it will be announced on social media so be sure you’re following along.

This is going to be FUN! Are you game? Could you use my help?? We’re watching for your hot mess photos! Go!


38 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    Fun idea! Loved the video!

  2. Dana says:

    Ok I just posted that the fit was my favorite ever …but this just changed my mind! THIS is AWESOME!!! Now to just u burry all my boxes and boxes of old photos I have been DYING to put in albums but has been too overwhelming!! Woo Hoo!!

  3. Monica says:

    Loooooooove that this is happening.

  4. Rosa says:

    Loved the video! Loved the music and acting! So much fun going on over there!

  5. Lori M says:

    What a great opportunity! A move, a wedding, another move, two kids, I have a hot mess all over our house, garage, and still at my parents house. Slowly but surely I’m at least trying to figure out where everything is, roughly get in chronological order, and get rid if all those “doubles” of years ago. Looking forward to seeing your process of how to tackle such a big project.

  6. Lorraine says:

    Did you say hot mess? I’ve got one!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Natasha klein says:

    wow wow wow wow, Becky in my messy house ? wow wow

  8. Barbara Keegan says:

    Thanks to you, Becky Higgins! I only have a handful of photos from this year to put in albums! I am soooo caught up for the first time ever. Thanks again!!!!!

  9. Ashley says:

    This is exactly what I need! I have a hot mess sitting on my dining room table right now!!

  10. DJ Douglas says:

    Loved , loved, loved the video!!!! I so appreciate how you’re always so inspiring, creative and REAL in your work, your stories and interaction with all of us that follow you and your team.

  11. Sherry says:

    The video was awesome. The acting was great and loved the music. Totally relate to being overwhelmed. I have boxes & an ottoman filled with photos. Then I have even more boxes of memorabilia. It’s hard when you have multiple photos of the same thing and can’t decide what to use so you set aside and the piles begin.

    Perhaps you can address this in a blog since I’m not a video maker or Facebook person.

    Thanks & happy scrapbooking day.

  12. Becca says:

    Cheyenne, WY

    This would be an amazing opportunity! Thank you thank you thank you!

  13. Laraine England says:

    LOL that video is definitely me!! I’ve got over 25,000 photos on my computer just for the last three years!!Wished I could enter but live in the UK, unless you fancy a visit to London that is :)

  14. Alane Hale says:

    Ok, if I were home from my mission, I could show you a mess that has been smouldering for 45 years! And that is just since we got married–doesn’t count all the photos and stuff my husband and I each brought with us. Since I won’t be home for another 7 months, I can’t send a picture, but sure wish someone would help me get organized or my kids are going to just throw everything out when I die.

  15. Debbie Coleby says:

    So very cool and you were right, something you’ve never done before!

  16. What a riot! I loved watching the video it made me smile and it made laugh. Thanks so much for sharing it. I think that most all of us have a hot mess photo dilemma. Perhaps at a later date a “how to” post could be written for the rest of us? :)

    Mary from NH

  17. Darcie says:

    That video is freakin’ adorable!

  18. Mona says:

    That video made my day! Thank you so much for it! It cracked me up, and I was frustrated with the albums I need to start on!

  19. deborah says:

    finger crossed…. I have a free room for you.. ;-)

  20. Lynn O'Brien says:

    i just loved the video! What a marvelous idea you thought of. I have thousands of photos on my computer and in bags also boxes. It would be wonderful to work with someone as talented as you to solve this dilemma! Thanks you your amazing products of project life.

  21. kathy wittlock says:

    This made me smile, as a former owner of a scrapbook store… I am ashamed of my collection , I am looking forward to see what is next… I have lots of pile and projects…
    I have had great plans for this year but sadly Life gets in the way of the best plans at time.

    • Sue Alley says:

      I can relate….I have a whole scrapbook room of supplies that would make the normal people faint…..and I just can’t get to using it productively!

  22. deb C. says:

    Loved the video, it made me laugh!

  23. Carrie says:

    I’m going to have my kids take a picture of me with all my stuff – they will LOVE it! They will love getting silly!

  24. Jackie says:

    LOL – the video is sooooo funny – and soooo real! What an awesome prize – maybe Becky could come to New Zealand!

  25. Cassy says:

    I could totally relate to this video! I would love a helping hand like yours to hold on to to get started. :)

  26. Tracy Tanner says:

    Oh my sweet heavens when I watched this video I so felt like it was me. I look at my photos and will do just about anything to not have to tackle my mess even clean my house, scary I know. This is so fun. I will get my pic out asap. Thanks Becky for the opportunity!!!!

  27. Janelle stout says:

    Do tell is tomorrow the last day to submit my HotMess pic?
    I have over 60 years of photos to muddle through… yikes scary when i say it outloud.

  28. MsScrapmess says:

    Thank godness, there are more people like me out there :D
    I kept thinking to meself when I watched it “this is me, this is so me and this is me too” (Though I promise you, I do not look that good when I’m having my fits) Going to show my husband, he is going to die of laughter seeing this and wonder who came into our home and took this film :D

  29. Sue Alley says:

    This sounded so good until the picture of the chaos…..I don’t think that I’d want to unload my 40,000 photos plus and a file cabinet of memorabila unto a table, the bed or the floor only to have to put it all back again………No, that’s just too much work.

    But, I am sure someone will be ecstatically happy soon!

  30. Amanda says:

    What a great gesture from you!!! I am a hot mess, but my photos are not!! I spent the last four months organizing everything into my Project Life albums. Yay for me! Anyway…..good luck to someone, and if you ever come to visit your three cousins in Chicagoland (wink* wink*) they are in my ward and I’ll show you my PL stash so organized and pretty!!!! ;)

  31. Jenny says:

    This video is so me! It also is all the pictures on my computer waiting to get printed… Where do i start 10 years worth on my computer! Ugh

  32. DeeDee says:

    So, how are we suppose to photograph a multi generational collection of photos spread through out the house… I have completed a few mini books on my day, but I’m only 1/3 the way through with my wedding album and I’ve been married 27 years. No baby books, no head books, or anything like that… But I’m not sure that will be what you see on any photo
    I could send you.

  33. Natalie says:

    That video has had me laughing all morning! Wonderful!!

  34. Brenda S says:

    This was just what I needed to see today! I could use some major help in this area. I have photos in cupboards, boxes ,on cd, my phone and computer —- I want them organized and able to find and enjoy them more.

  35. Sharon DoesBaskets says:

    ROFLOL!! You did an awesome job with this video and I laughed (and related, sadly) the whole way through!! :D LOVE IT!

  36. Susan Loose says:

    Picture attached… 28,194 photos…
    My son, lower left, is graduating from college this month!!! So, have that many Picts!!! Not only him… But daughters AND both of their friends/teammates. Was basically team photog for Baseball, softball, football, hockey, basketball… And the musicals, etc. many years of giving the Picts away (& grateful to know most did scrapbooks w theirs- evident at grad open houses! Me… Slideshow…
    Have reduced file #’s to 20,000 several times. Laptop (MacBook Pro) is now old enough- can’t upgrade- so somewhat a glorified digital photo frame! :-(
    Wonderful oppty’s to share w friends that have lost loved ones- their photos still accessible!
    But, get tired at the undaunting task… 50-60% organized at most.
    Brave. Bold. Woman you are… But a great way to share your talents & parts of another’s life. Gracious.
    God gives you talents… A Gift… What you do with them is your Gift back to God.