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project photo rescue: jamie’s 30-minute session

We hope you are enjoying a peek into each of our Project Photo Rescue sessions so far! Whenever we do one, we’re sure to document the experience for the sole purpose of sharing with YOU … in hopes that you’ll be inspired in some way with your own desire to rescue your photos. Even if you have one little a-ha! moment that inspires you … awesome. You can catch all of our Project Photo Rescue action on YouTube (we have a whole playlist for this topic) or search Project Photo Rescue here on the blog if you’re more into reading about it.

We recently had Jamie Hutchings from Queen Creek, Arizona, come to the office for a 30-minute session (and it was actually 40 minutes, but who’s counting?!). It was so fun to briefly get to know her and her story and to really help her get a handle on her memory-keeping aspirations. Here are some of the questions I asked her, coupled with the cliff-notes version of her responses, much of which was based on our back & forth conversation. Jamie has some BIG goals and after meeting her, I am confident that she can get it done!

What’s your motivation for focusing on memory keeping right now?

Jamie is a cancer survivor (she had Leukemia when she was young) and she has recently started sharing her story on a blog. In sharing her story she has found herself digging through boxes and boxes of old photos. She has a deep desire to organize them as her kids don’t even know her whole story. Photos and videos are extremely important to her, but for as much as she loves them, no one is currently able to enjoy them.

WHY does this matter to you?

It is all she really has to leave behind; the photos are something tangible that can be held on to.

What are your current (and past) hold ups in memory keeping?

It’s overwhelming! She has so many external hard drives with photos on them. She’s started many baby books here and there but never finished any. She really wants to document the STORIES of her photos. She just doesn’t know where to start and wonders if she should work on more than one at a time.

Where will be your scrapbooking place?

Jamie is lucky in that she has an entire room (and maybe even two rooms) dedicated to her scrapbooks and photography and other hobbies.

Assessment of your reality: Bring EVERYthing into your gathering place.

As Jamie thought about what she currently has done, she figures she probably has 4 scrapbooks at home. This doesn’t include Chatbooks, which she says she has several.

What have you already done?

Her current albums include a family album, a few baby books, and a travel album.

What thoughts are coming to mind? What matters? What doesn’t matter? What’s missing in your documentation?

She doesn’t like to be super creative, so she says Project Life® is perfect for her because it is timeless. She also loves it because of its simplicity. Jamie has some older albums that she doesn’t love because they seem a bit dated. The thing that really matters to her the most is getting the photos into the albums and writing down the stories that go with the photos.

What style of scrapbooking (or approach) is feeling like a good fit for you?

Jamie will continue to use a combination of Project Life and Chatbooks. She loves using the physical version of Project Life and is most drawn to that but says she could use the digital version as well. In order to really get a good handle on her scrapbooking, she wants to organize her photos chronologically. Once she has done that she is excited to just slip them right into pages!

How many scrapbooks do you WANT? Does that matter? Does that not matter?

Jamie would love to have as many scrapbooks as she possibly can! She also really wants her kids to have albums of their own to take with them when they are grown.

What scrapbooks do you want to make? Who are these scrapbooks for?

If she could wave a magic wand, she would have a baby book for each of her kids, 1-2 school albums for each child, a family yearbook (each year), travel albums, Disneyland albums, and Christmas albums. Jamie has got her work cut out for her, but she is so excited about it. I just know she will be successful.

What first? What are you MOST excited about NOW? And then what?

Jamie knows she must tackle her photos first — getting them organized into chronological order will be her first order of business. She admits that this will be a relatively easy task but very time consuming. She is ready to make that time. The albums that have her the most excited are her Disneyland album (she and her family are huge fans and have been there many times) and her travel album. She is going to start by deciding how many spreads she would like for each trip. In figuring this out first, she can then easily determine approximately how many photos she will need to print for each trip. She is highly motivated to work on these albums and that is what I tell anyone I talk to — begin with what you are most excited about!

We talked a bit more about her kids’ books and my biggest piece of advice for Jamie was to work on one child’s book at a time. This can be an overwhelming task if she were to try to work on all three of her kids’ albums simultaneously, but tackling just one at a time is way more do-able!

I am so excited to touch base with Jamie again in a few weeks to see how she is doing on her Project Photo Rescue journey! I have a feeling she is working hard as she was so motivated. We did capture this conversation on video and will soon be adding it to our YouTube channel.


8 Responses

  1. Alison says:

    Hi Becky
    I am loving these project rescue posts, thank you! I can totally relate.

    I asked Kevin a qu re Dropbox after the last project rescue post with Toni and I am wondering if he will check it or should I post it elsewhere? Thanks for the tips!

  2. Pam says:

    Instead of working on just one child’s book at a time, for me it’s more effective to do the Halloween pages for all kids at once. That way I have all of the Halloween embellishments and papers out and finish all Halloween pages before putting it away and getting out Birthday scrap supplies. Then I do all of their Birthdays etc. Then Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.

  3. Laura G. says:

    I love these Photo Rescue posts!! I have 4 grown children and 12 grandkids…I am in the process of scanning the pages of each child’s scrapbook onto an SD card so I know what pages I have made…and I can print up duplicate pages for the other kids. I want to give each child their scrapbook to take home as soon as I have scanned the pages I have already made. I am also doing Project Life . :)

  4. Nicole says:

    I recently counted the number of photo books I have made (think shutterfly, snapfish)… I think it was in the neighborhood of 37 (?!). So in that regard, I feel like I have a good handle on what I have been doing. BUT about 30 of those have been such limited in scope, meaning that they were for a specific purpose (trip, event, person, gift). The scrapbooks/photo books/albums/whatever I want to make are the everyday moments that encompass our day-to-day. I am in need of completing 2008-present from the digital photos I have, and don’t even get me started on the physical photos I have from prior to 2004 (2004-2007 for everyday are done!).

    These Project Photo Rescue posts and videos are so helpful. Keep up the good work, motivation and inspiration! What you are doing really matters more than you know!

  5. Hi Guys!

    I LOVE these posts, such an awesome idea. I have another idea for you….and I would love to be your guinea pig! As you know I am mainly a digital scrapbooker, which means I have the same amount of supplies a physical scrapbooker does–but I can’t see it. AT ALL. I have struggled with this for years, always wondering how do I know what I have–what’s the best way to organize it….I know I am not alone. There are always lots of posts her and online about organizing the photos, and I have that part covered. Anyhow–I am sure there are many of us that could use some inspiration on how to organize our Photoshop brushes, our PL digital kits, etc. Not only organizing but knowing what it is. (Do I make this a cheat sheet printable document or what?)

    Anyhow–didn’t know if you had thought of doing this with anyone yet, or had thought about this at all–so I wanted to chime in and let you know I’d be game!

  6. Alison says:

    ^heather I’d love to have more input on this as well. I will mention Melissa Shanhun from digitalscrapbookinghq.com. She does have a great resource for organizing digital supplies if you can check it out. She uses photoshop elements organizer if you happen to have that. I do use it as well and it is great.