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project photo rescue – jaime’s story

Project Photo Rescue has struck a chord with so many of you.


When you see this video and you find yourself relating to Wendy … buried in photographs, overwhelmed about where to start or where to pick back up again, totally procrastinating doing anything with your pictures at all … well, you are not alone! Even devoted scrapbookers are feeling the need to re-group on the bigger picture and wrap their head around where to go from here.

I’m personally and completely aware of the problem. I’ve been a professional in the scrapbooking industry for 20 years so I’ve really seen it all. While we all sit in different places and we come from different scrapbooking “backgrounds”… 99% of us feel the struggle. I’m with you. I’m part of the 99% for sure! Naturally, I’ve had a burning desire to do something about this. When there’s a problem in scrapbooking, I want to fix it. You likely know that’s how Project Life® came to be.

So what am I doing about it?

First, our team launched a contest last year. We shared that video of Wendy, ran a contest in connection with the video, chose a lucky winner, and flew out to Kansas to spend 3 days with Jennifer. Such a successful experience! Great for Jennifer… but what about everyone else who needs help, right? Well, in addition to crazy amounts of live social media sharing of everything that was happening, we also shared a loaded blog post with everything that happened. I figure by sharing the experience, others could benefit. And some of you have!

Great. But you know what’s even better? Instead of me telling you about it, what if we could SHOW you the experience of Project Photo Rescue?? Enter video coverage. YES! Better than watching an episode of Hoarders or some other reality show, we’ve done something that has never been done in this wonderful industry before: Project Photo Rescue is now in video format! It’s totally the show made just for you!

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a local military mom here in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Jaime and her family opened up their home to a complete stranger (she didn’t already know about me or my company) and we completed our second Project Photo Rescue mission!

Just like our experience with Jennifer in Kansas, we knew Jaime’s experience would be unique. After all, everyone’s story is unique. And yet — there’s so much that we relate to with each other’s experiences. I learned about Jaime’s memory-keeping struggles. We talked about overcoming the hurdles. We organized her scrapbooking supplies. We talked about how she wants to move forward. And we made a game plan. All of it was captured on film, and we are thrilled to announce this 3-part video series!

After some pretty serious health problems and with the impending birth of their third child, Jaime was feeling desperate to get back on track, realizing just how important it was for her to preserve her memories. Watch her story with this first video and then stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.


7 Responses

  1. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    Love this new Project Photo Rescue story and it makes my heart so happy that you chose a military family. Our daughter was a Marine so we had an up close view of life in the military. There are so many extra life challenges for military families, particularly if there are long deployments or training (field ops) sessions away from home. I look forward to seeing the next 2 sessions and see what kind of plan you come up with for Jamie.

    I have been scrapping for a long time which means I have a LOT of stuff…even after decluttering this year. After seeing this video, I would love to donate the boxes of scrapbook stuff that I won’t use to a military family or a military moms group. Will have to figure out how/where to do that. Thanks Becky for your commitment to helping people get past the piles of photos and memorabilia with a variety of options to get those photos scrapped and stories told…love the simplicity of Project Life.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for the video! I find it so much easier to watch than to read a huge post. It’s is much more meaningful to me. And I can’t wait to see more!

  3. Lynn L. says:

    Great video! Love that you are using your skills and gifts to help others learn how to document their memories! Look forward to seeing the next video. :)

  4. Jaime and her family are SO sweet! I just love this SO much! I can’t wait to see the other videos! Such a beautiful reminder of how important recording our memories are on this International Scrapbooking Day! <3

  5. Joan Morrison says:

    Becky, you are so genuine and your love for others truly shines through. I’ve been scrapbooking for 20 years now and can totally relate to what you are saying! Sometimes we go through busy seasons in our lives where we can’t possibly find time for it. Project Life has opened a new door where I feel I can accomplish so much more than traditional scrapbooking. I still incorporate 12×12 layouts but I have predominantly switched to PL! I have even been converting ladies in my scrapbook group to PL! They see how fast I put together my albums and now they are asking me to show them how to do it! Thank you for always moving forward in this industry and I look forward to seeing the rest of Jaime’s story!

  6. Anna Woolley says:

    I have scrap booked for almost 30 years but the last 5 years I have struggled with health issues and unable to spend the hours I used to creating pages. With project life I can see a way to continue documenting my family’s adventures.
    Thanks you, Anna

  7. Alison says:

    Becky I just love these videos. They are helping me crawl out from the despair of photo hopelessness to feel inspired again and I am looking forward to the next videos . Love how caring and genuine you are