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project life + heidi swapp!


Yep – this is happening! Most of you know Heidi Swapp, so I imagine many of you don’t even need further explanation about how exciting this collaboration is! What most of you may not know is that we have actually been personal friends since the year 2000. We were introduced to each other by Nanci – my friend + Heidi’s cousin. That first time Heidi came to my house for “scrapbook night” was pretty epic. At the time, I was the Creative Editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine and publishing my first book. Heidi was starting to teach classes at a local scrapbook store. It wasn’t long after that Heidi was inducted into the CK Hall of Fame and the rest is history – for both of us.

Over the years, we have both fallen into the most wonderful and crazy journey as scrapbooking professionals. In other words, we both ended up building careers in a completely different way than we ever imagined – and, of course, independent of one another. Heidi and I really are so different from one another in many ways, but we both most definitely have much in common – including our passion for memory keeping and a deep desire to help others with scrapbooking. The exciting thing about this collaboration is that we’ve each “done our thing” all these years, but this is the first time ever we’ve actually worked together to create something – for you!

You guys know Project Life® is my baby and you know how much I care about creating solutions and organization to help people scrapbook easier + faster. You know that Heidi is amazingly creative and she has the coolest aesthetic. She is spicy, full of life, and so inspiring. I love being around her! Taking what I have created with the Project Life system and combining that with the designs that you have come to love from Heidi … is what we are super excited about. We genuinely hope you love it!

Have a look at our little video announcement and then stay tuned all week long to both of our social media because that’s where we are sharing the very first sneak peeks of the brand-new products! We will soon be sharing the full reveal of ALL of the products that have come out of this collaboration (another blog post), so stay tuned for that. Don’t worry — you don’t have to wait long!

Becky’s social media:  facebook  |  twitter  |  instagram

Heidi’s social media:  facebook  |  twitter  |  instagram


I’m sure you’re wondering when, where, and how you can purchase the new items. This line of products was created exclusively for Michaels, so you can purchase everything at any Michaels location. And … you can also purchase these items conveniently online in our shop, too! As soon as they become available in both Michaels + in our online shop, I’ll be announcing that, so be sure to follow my social media or sign up for our eBlast.

Are you as excited as we are?! I know you’ll be more excited when you actually SEE the product! Soon, soon, soon. Remember: You can start seeing sneak peeks TODAY on social media from both of us. You’ll see different pictures on Heidi’s social media than what I’m sharing, so watch for both.


66 Responses

  1. I am so excited about these new products, and what a great collaboration!! :)

  2. Donya says:

    Gorgeous!! The gold foil!!! Oh my goodness, I can’t wait!

  3. Ebony says:


  4. Laura says:

    All I have to say is OMG :)

  5. Tanya says:

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about my two favorites getting together! I wasn’t supposed to spend any more on supplies til I used some up, but for Heidi I’ll make an exception!

  6. Tori says:

    It’s sorta hard to find the items in the online store. It might make it easier if the link in the blog was connected to the actual items. Just a thought. Or am I missing something – like their not available yet?

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      They are not available in the shop just yet, but they will be very soon! ~ Toni @ Becky Higgins

  7. Charlotta says:

    Beautiful !!!
    We want these also in Europe, pleaseeeeeeee

  8. Lisa B says:

    This is fantastic!!! Love the gold foil! Can’t wait to see all the new products.

  9. Wow! Another great partnership! Not only Stampin’ Up!, American Crafts and now the fabulous Heidi Swapp! SCORE!

  10. robin says:

    ohhh…I was wondering when this might come about..so BECKY can you give us an idea when??? one month or 2??? or sooner?

  11. mary kathryn says:

    I could NOT be more excited about this collaboration!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these new goodies!!!

  12. Theresa Beaudette says:

    Beyond thrilled!

  13. Laura M says:

    Love it! One year ago I bought my first kit and now I have 4. I promised my budgeting hubby after i bought strawberry, that was it. But HS is going on my Christmas list! That doesn’t affect my budget. ;)

  14. This is AWESOME! Can’t wait!

  15. Kelly says:

    So excited!! Love it ladies!!

  16. Simone says:

    Can’t wait to see this in Australia! Love the glimpse of the extra pages and that extra stuff!

  17. Kim Burningham says:


  18. Ginny petitt says:

    I can’t begin to tell how happy this collaboration makes me! Both of you are my favorites and having the project life kits with Heidi’s products is just the best thing that could ever happen! I can’t wait to get my hands on all of the products! Thank you for making this happen!

  19. Amber D says:

    Take my money! So excited!

    • Kris says:

      Heidi’s ideas look like just the pop and freshness I need for the next level of Project Life. I have been feeling like PL needed something unique and this looks like it for me!

  20. Donna Lagoda says:

    Hello Ladies:
    Just a quick note to ask why are you still dealing with Michaels? After reading several comments from people on Becky’s blog…like an idiot I still tried to go there since Becky mention that the 6X8 Project Life Planner was exclusive to Michaels. Here’s the good, the bad, & the ugly! The trip was good because PL items were clearance priced. It was bad because I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt. PL items were tucked into several areas of the store. Last but not least … the ugly was the store personnel were clueless! Some stating they didn’t carry PL items. Others stating PL was being phased out. It’s safe to say I’m done with Michaels! I’d rather pay extra and just order from your website.

    Have a GREAT day!
    I wish you both the best!

  21. Jo Eades says:

    Gaaah, the gold foil kit and embellishments are awesome as are those flip out pockets. OMG, so excited.

  22. Tânia Januário says:

    I love both of you. Congrats and Kisses a lot

  23. Mona B. says:

    SO EXCITED!!! Hope my Michael’s doesn’t wait forever to get them in!

  24. Natalie says:

    Im so excited for this to reach Australia…..hopefully it doesnt take too long

  25. Karen Brock says:

    Can’t wait to see more sneak peaks; so far so good. I just hope it comes to New Zealand – maybe in Spotlight? Both of you could do another tour for Spotlight but add New Zealand to the list as well :-).

  26. Shannon R says:

    I have been waiting for this collaboration! Can’t wait to see it all!

  27. Angela Sampson says:

    Cannot wait!

  28. Valori Pagone says:

    How exciting! Do you have plans to bring this version to Shutterfly for us digital scrapbookers?

  29. atreece says:

    OMG, OMG, and OMG!!!!

    I was going to stop visiting my Michaels’ as a matter of fact i have not been to michaels’ in quite a while, since i subscriber to the PL studio calico monthly kit. BUT now have to get my hands on these new products, I JUST CANT WAIT

  30. TracyBzz says:

    Ohhhh make pretty stuff Project Life style, love it!

  31. Irene Gaona says:

    OMG!!!! Can’t wait to see the full reveal and get all this product! yeiiii

  32. Irene Gaona says:

    OMG!!!! Can’t wait to see the full reveal and get all this product!

  33. so so excited about this…i always love new stuff! and this one looks like i’m gonna have to pick it up when it hits the stores! yey-yah!

  34. Fatima says:

    My two favorite ladies working together. I can’t wait to get both entire collections!!!

  35. Lacy says:

    Yes!! How can I sign up for Eblast??

  36. Lauren A says:

    I am over the moon EXCITED about this collaboration. I think more collaborations like this should happen in the future! When can I buy everything? – please say tomorrow!!!!

  37. Lori Lee says:

    This looks so awesome!!!! Can’t wait to purchase it and begin a new journey!!! Thank you for keeping memory making so rewarding!

  38. Anika says:

    I like every single item in the collection – it will be a great for starting my 2015 PL!! My little daughter will also love it because of the pinks and the gold foil. Please let it be available in Europe too!!

  39. laura g. says:

    Yippee!!! Can’t wait!!!

  40. mary bronwyn trujillo says:

    Soooo excited! When will they be available at Michaels?

  41. SusanC says:

    Great new products! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE collaborate with STEPHANIE ACKERMAN (Homegrown Hospitality) for a PROJECT LIFE kit! She is amazing and so talented! I’d be the first one in line to purchase any PROJECT LIFE products she designed! She just recently released brand-new SIZZIX items she released and they are awesome! I do hope you will be contacting her to design a kit and all of the goodies that go with it! Thanks!

  42. Michaela says:

    So great!!!
    I hope to get the pretty stuff in Germany too!!!

  43. Jackie Bienemann says:

    I am very excited and cannot wait for these to come out! I love you both and use many products created by both of you so I know these will be great! Thank you for the continuous inspiration!!!

  44. Karen says:

    I can t wait! Gotta get to Michaels the value kits are a great idea-e the transparent cards w/gold letters ! Thefoldout album pages are a great idea!

  45. Denise Ward says:

    Two very talented, passionate ladies combining their artistry & fun into a new collection — what a great idea! I’m really looking forward to seeing these new things from HSProject Life!

  46. Mermaid says:

    You two are SO CUTE!!!

  47. Tammy Davis says:

    I WANT that little camera that was on the video!

  48. Michelle Laulu says:

    I was so excited to find the new products in my local (Utah) Michaels a few days ago!!! I thought I had missed a release post, but it turns out the product was in our store before the big announcement. Can I just say how much I adore the gold foil! It’s gorgeous! Thank you for products that are so full of creative personality!

  49. Andrea says:

    I absolutely love these products. In fact they were on my wish list so thank you!!! Will these products be released in Australia? I don’t want to miss out ;)

  50. Maria R. says:

    I saw these items at my local Michaels store today. I came home with the gold foil value kit and a few other items. Very awesome stuff!!!

  51. Kristi Boyd says:

    My two favorites come together. Seriously very excited

  52. Nicole Cooper says:

    My two favourite and inspiring scrapers. Amazing!!

  53. Laura says:

    I’ve been using Heidi’s Memory Planner journal this year for jotting down little bits each day and referring to it when I work on my Project Life albums. I kept saying “why doesn’t Becky make something like this?”. I’d LOVE to see a yearly Memory Planner collaboration between you two great women! I love Heidi’s, and the fact that it’s going to be pretty enough to be kept as a little scrapbook along with the Project Life albums I make from the notes.

  54. Jennifer Valentine says:

    hmmmm looks like these goodies are ALREADY being picked up at Mike’s :( Darn I need to go before they are wiped out!!!!!!

  55. Leisa says:

    I don’t have internet for 2 days, and when I’m finally do – the most wonderful collaboration ever has been announced!!! I’m in shock….and trying to figure out when I can get to Michael’s ;)

  56. Andrea says:

    Two of my favorite designers all wrapped into one!!! Christmas is coming early for me!!!