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Project Life coming to Jo-Ann stores soon!

Found this photo with the help of google, but boy does it look cold at this location!

We are delighted to announce that Jo-Ann Stores will soon have Project Life products on their shelves in about 250 of their stores! Not only will they be carrying a variety of our existing products {see list below}, but they will also have a brand new Core Kit that was designed just for them by the fabulous Lili Niclass.

Say hello to the Kiwi Edition.


In addition to the new Kiwi Edition, Jo-Ann will also be carrying the Jade, Midnight, and Kraft Core Kits, Cut & Paste Mini Kit, Flea Market Mini Kit, several different sets of our Themed Cards, Photo Pocket Pages in a few designs, Albums, and Envelope Variety Packs. You can already find some of our other products for sale on their website.

We are so pleased Jo-Ann has joined this party as another retailer that sees how Project Life is helping so many to preserve their memories. And we are over the moon excited about another well-designed edition to add to so many other options.

The best way to find out if your local Jo-Ann store carries (or will soon carry) Project Life is to head over there or call the store directly. I’m not exactly sure when all of the locations will be stocked with our goodies.


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  1. Sibyl says:


  2. Teri M says:

    This makes me soooooo happy!!!! my local Michaels does not have much to choose from. Sure hope Joanns has the themed cards!!

  3. Vi says:


    And Kiwi looks SO CUTE! Hello 2015 Project Life planning and hoarding, already!

    I sure hope our JoAnns is one that gets the stuff. Our Michael’s has barely anything, same as last year. :(

  4. Lisa B says:

    YES!!!! I am tired of going to my local Michael’s and finding hardly any of your products. : ( This makes me very happy : )

    • Valmor says:

      **Reminder: Myself, Earning My Cape and My Merry Messy Life are hosting A Crafter’s Dream Giveaway in late August. If you are inereesttd in signing up, click here for more details!

  5. Christin Dukes says:

    So excited!!

  6. Robyn says:

    Will this not be available digitally? Love this kit!!

  7. Carla says:

    So gorgeous! Will it be available digitally?

  8. Ruth says:

    What about your customers outside the US? Anything exciting coming to amazon.co.uk, for example? I would really like to have the PL journal, which I understand is exclusive to Michael’s. I realise that Scrapbooking/PL is not as popular in the UK as it is in the US, but there are still thousands of us who do PL here!
    Please, please,please.

    • Stephanie says:

      Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle has loads of PL goodies for UK people. They will be getting the journal things you mentioned (have a look on their blog).

    • Jenny says:

      @Stephanie: Yeah, but Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle charge for postage within the EU is beyond outrageous. $40 for postage? …heck no!

    • Ruth says:

      Have to agree with Jenny ~ postage rates at SIC are shocking, even though they now have a UK based warehouse.

  9. Acacia says:

    Will this be available at all in Canada? There is hardly any variety of Project Life kits available here, and I would love to be able to get more kits!

  10. eva scott says:

    joann’s, finally! it is about time!!

  11. With the closing of so many scrapbook shops and now Archivers, it’s nice to see designers placing their stuff in Michael’s and Jo Anne’s because that’s now the only places we can get things. PLEASE keep it up and think about adding more!!!! <3

  12. Sami P says:

    *drool* SO pretty!! I hope to see PL in Champaign, IL :)

  13. Kelsey says:

    YAY! So excited!! JoAnn’s is the only craft store that we have somewhat close to where I live! And I am IN LOVE with Kiwi!! Yay!

  14. Jenny says:

    Thanks for ignoring the international customers…. once again. It’s getting frustrating.

    • take a deep breath says:

      You are certainly frustrated. I know seeing all the wonderful new products is hard. I am a money and time starved woman, so even though I am in the US that doesn’t mean I have the resources to buy and use the new products and that surely isn’t Becky’s fault! Nor is it that you are international customer. If you have a possible distribution avenue that Becky’s team should explore that would spread the Project Life love to your corner of the world maybe you should send them an email. I can’t speak for them, but I do know that you are not intentionally being ignored or left out, but Becky Higgins, LLC is a US based company and thus has a much easier time distributing projects to the US market. Maybe consider the digital Project Life offerings? Or check eBay? As an international customer you should speak up about wanting easier access to products but there are maybe better ways to do it and a little outside the box thinking might land you some product in the meantime. Perhaps the shop opening up on the website soon will offer international shipping.

    • Alessa says:

      True. I really really like the Kiwi edition. But I guess there’s no chance to get it here in Germany…

    • Jenny says:

      @take a deep breath:
      No offence, but the BH company is so not aware of its international customers! All we hear is go to scrapbooker’s inner circle and as sweet as Tammy is providing a wonderful customer service; the postage within Europe is about $40 !!!!! (We already pay about $50 for a core kit and we don’t have coupons, 40% sales or so overhere. ) Ordering from the US, pretty much same thing. I bought a partial kit (100 cards) from a private seller, postage was about $13, most US stores/Ebay/FB sellers do not even ship to Europe. Becky’s store has been announced for 3 months now and nothing happend so far. This is probably still taking some time *laugh*
      I tried buying digital and printing but we use DIN not US letter size over here so all the cards are either cut off or smaller :/ Not to mention the cost for printing and all the effort with cutting and punching. (Nobody’s got time for that ;)
      We have a few online stores which do carry project life but with the extensive “exklusiveness” going on in US chain stores they have a hard time getting hold of those things at all. I know a store who did eventually but only a couple months later (in limited quantity). The demand for BH products is there, but with the limitation to release mostly exclusives to the US market only , people start buying from other companies over here and turning away from the BH products. I see the marketing aspect from releasing exclusives with chain stores but the mass of it makes the exclusive non-exclusive anymore. I’d wish for just regular releases like the other American Crafts products for everyone everywhere to buy where they please.

    • Renata says:

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  15. Susan Eardley says:

    You have no idea how happy this makes me. Our Michael’s store has a “less than impressive” display of project life and I’m now SO looking forward to being able to purchase locally from someone else. Yay!!!!!!!!

  16. dawn says:

    I’m so excited for Joann’s and this GORGEOUS new kit!! I love the colors and designs, YAY!! Hope ours will be carrying them soon, the Michaels’ store here doesn’t have much at all.

    Thanks Becky and team, CONGRATS!!

  17. Tina M says:

    Love Kiwi kit!

  18. Aussie Mum says:

    I have to agree with some of the comments made by those of us from outside the US today and on previous days. It’s hard not to feel your heart sink when you see many amazing new products you can’t get, or to see the super low discounted prices we also can’t get, especially those offered on HSN or Amazon…We pay well over double the prices for many products, then need to add on postage. Im not meaning to complain, i know Becky cares enormously for her customers, but i does feel a little like we get missed over and over again. Heres an idea…How about a new core kit that’s just for us?

  19. Becky R says:

    I am wondering if you are having issues with all of the project life pens. I have purchased them twice and they are dried up when I open the package. So bummed. I have never had issues with any of my other PL purchases.

    • Pam Bassett says:

      I have had the same problems with the pens. I gave up and are using other brand pens-Creative memories and Tombow.

    • Karen R says:

      I too have had the same disappointing problem with the PL pen set. Dried up, and even the nibs easily pushed up into the metal shaft. Purchased from HSN when initially released, wasted $25. Not typical of BH products…
      LOVE Project Life though!

  20. Ebony says:

    Omg!!! Omg!!! So excited!!!

  21. Congratulations Becky. The Kiwi kit looks bright and cheerful. I will be checking out my local Jo-Anns soon.

    Mary from NH

  22. Tiffany Hayden says:

    The kiwi kit looks adorable! Love the bright, fun colors. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  23. Annette Kelly says:

    Will this be available in Australia? It has a lot of interest on the Australia Project Life Facebook site.

  24. Cat Robinson says:

    I agree with the other frustrated international customers. As a ‘kiwi’ (New Zealander) it is really sad to see a great kit named after our national fruit to be available to Americans only.

  25. Kathy says:

    You might want to communicate to Joann’s that they have 2 10 by 8 sets of page protectors, I am afraid to purchase as one says vertical and one says horizontal! the one I looked at in the description said it was a multi pack with various sizes and if you zoomed in on the pic, it showed 8.5 by 11, so very confusing about what you would get if you ordered.

  26. Lea Deisher says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

  27. Glenna says:

    We have a new (much larger) Joann’s opening in my town in May. I just sent them an e-mail to please carry Project Life Product!.Glenna

  28. Leanne R says:

    Yes! I am so excited about this. I am a Joann’s employee and a scrapbook teacher. This will make it so much easier for me to show my students this style of scrapbooking. Luckily for me, my local Michaels has carried a nice selection of product but it sure would be nice to get my supplies from my store.

  29. Jacque says:

    I think this kit and Strawberry, when it is available, will be my favorites. Love all the fun colors! Thanks Becky, PL is blessing so many people and I am so grateful and excited to be motivated to get back to scrapbooking again!

  30. Shelley H says:

    This is great news! I just recently began using Project Life products and I am in love!!!

  31. Erika Hayes says:

    well this is good news.. I wanted the kiwi edition… so is this going to be exclusive too? Only at JoAnn’s?

  32. Kathy Fletcher says:

    I’m so excited that Project Life is coming to JoAnn’s!!! It’s my favorite craft store and now that PL is coming, I will be in PL scrapbook heaven! And I absolutely LOVE the new Kiwi edition with all the Happy fun colors that I LOVE!!!

  33. Tina Gaddy says:

    I too am very excited to see that Joann’s will be carrying it! My Michaels also has very little PL items & it is disappointing. Also bought four new PL albums for xmas & none of them had the sheet lifters so now I have to contact the company!

  34. Monica says:

    This is great news, because as I have said in the past, you’d be disappointed at our Michaels, actually I’m def taking a picture next time I go in there. I talked to the Manager about cleaning up that isle, that Project Life doesn’t deserve to be in such a horrific mess of an isle. LOL! But JoAnns is my favorite, this is music to my ears! Thanks!!!!!

  35. Laura G. says:

    oh goody!!! I am hoping, hoping that my Joann’s is one of them!! I work right next door!!! :)

  36. Kathy Moeller says:

    Yay! That’s exciting!

  37. Katiria says:

    Woo Hoo! I have 2 Joann stores that are less than 5 miles from where I live. I’m sure one of them will have it ready for me!

  38. Jen Tapler says:

    Oh, how I wish I had the opportunity to purchase these exclusive products! I am a loyal US customer, but live in a state (Hawaii) without a Micheal’s or a Joann’s. And many of the other online options that offer your products charge a ridiculous amount to ship the products to me (even though USPS flat-rate shipping is the same to ship to Hawaii as it is anywhere else in the US). I am pretty much limited to Amazon, but have noticed lately many of the newer products haven’t been available on Amazon or digitally. Like many of the International Customers, I am a US customer who’s feeling disappointed to not have any options to get my hands on these fabulous products!

  39. Anika says:

    First, I like this new kit. And I’m from Germany, where we can easily command most of Beckys wonderful products. Maybe not this kit, but almost everything! We pay the national postage or nothing, depending on the worth of our package. Our situation couldn’t be much better, it is already very fine! Thanks so much Becky! Maybe other european customers can order from german (or french) online-Shops for saving money for shipping… The prizes for the products are what we would call “normal”. Your binders and page protectors are even the cheapest on the german market! There’s no reason to complain about anything for us. I’m very thankful for this and wanted to tell you some good news…

  40. Vernetta says:

    Impatiently waiting for JoAnn to get Kiwi in!!

  41. Kris Weber says:

    I loved your products Becky, but when you live in the middle of nowhere, and have a busy schedule, and then you go and make exclusive products for certain stores that are three hours away from me. I get burnt out, knowing the time and effort it takes for me to find it, and if it’s not in that store, to find another store, and another store, then when I’m tired and frustrated, I give up, it’s not worth my time and energy if a producer makes a product, and then makes it hard for me to purchase, obviously you don’t care about your clients, if your making your product that hard to purchase, so I do the next best thing and buy products from other designers who have me there customer as there best interest. I’d love to have the Sunshine and the Kiwi, but if a designer is going to make it that hard and stressful on me to find and purchase the kit, it’s not worth it. I’ll go to a designer that makes their product more available to me, no more 6 hrs on the road, it’s 3 hrs to a local Micheals or Joanns, only to find that they don’t have the product in stock. I’m done Becky, I’ve bought allot of your PL kits, both physical and digital and love them, but it’s a one sided relationship, you only care about how well your product does, and not the customer. I’ve bought all of your kits, until I clouldn’t purchase the Sunshine kit, and then after wasting a day, of traveling 3 hrs to Micheals, being treated like I was dirt, going another 4 hrs to another store and not finding it, and then when family went out of town, looking for it and not finding it. I’m done. I’ve decided if my happiness is not in your best of interest as a customer, then I’m not going to stress myself out trying to buy your product. I’ll give your credit you have introduced me to some wonderful designers that make there product available to me, even send me a newsletter with there product discounted and you know what, I’ll buy that product, and there other products just because they seem to care about me as a customer. I’m not sure why you have to have exclusive products and not all of your products are digital? But once again thank you for introducing me to some wondering, caring designers, loved your pocket scrapbooking, but I’m done trying to buy your products, since I don’t seem to matter at all to you,

    • Brandi Nielsen says:

      Sorry to hear about this Kris. We have a number of online shops that carry our products, Sunshine specifically. We will also be opening our own online shop soon and will have this fun kit + many others available for purchase.

  42. Gale says:

    Becky, you are awesome! Thank you for creating a product that easily helps me preserve my memories.

  43. Stefanie says:

    Will Jo Ann be getting more of this kit? I love it, but can’t find it anywhere. It’s sold out online and in all of the stores that I’ve checked in two states!

  44. Caitlin B says:

    When you get your store up will you be selling this?! I spoke with Jo Ann’s who said they weren’t getting anymore.

  45. Beverly Blair says:

    :( My Joann’s doesn’t carry the PL in the store … Michael’s is over an hour away from me … Hobby Lobby is going to discontinue the PL … :( Rant over! lol Love your kits!

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