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Project Life App is LIVE!



Today is the DAY! It’s here! The Project Life® App is live!! I bet you have some questions about the app, so let’s dive in to some Q+A!

Q: I don’t really care about the rest of this post. I just want to go GET THE APP! What’s the link?

A: I have no problem with that. Here you go: Project Life in the App Store.  : )

Q: What is the app? What can it do?

A: It will change your life. For some, that’s a bit of a dramatic statement. For others, it’s kinda true. For most, you’ll agree that …

The Project Life App is indeed another game changer.

We shook things up when we brought Project Life to market 5 years ago. We’re shaking things up again to say that if you think Project Life is simple … the app takes simplicity to a whole new level!

Introducing the Project Life App - scrapbooking in the palm of your hand! (beckyhiggins.com)

Imagine scrapbooking without scissors or adhesive or tools … or without having to print photos! Never before has scrapbooking been so easy, so fast, or so available in the palm of your hand! 

Built-in templates and pre-designed artwork allow for scrapbook pages to come together in just minutes. Pull in your photos from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or Dropbox. There are hundreds of fantastic designer cards to choose from within the app and more being added on a monthly basis. Add some quick journaling notes and you’re done!

Don’t allow your memories to stay trapped on your device. The best part of this method of scrapbooking is seamlessly sharing completed pages with your friends and family – and, of course, getting those pages printed so you can enjoy actual, real scrapbooks! 

Introducing the Project Life App - scrapbooking in the palm of your hand! (beckyhiggins.com)


  • import photos from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or Dropbox
  • zoom, crop, edit, rotate, and rearrange photos
  • easy drag + drop photos and cards between spots
  • zoom in and around your page for closer details
  • adjust font style, size, color and more
  • colored background options
  • lots of page layout options
  • a library of card designs and kits available
  • corners can be rounded or square
  • several 4×6 and 6×8 collage options
  • use Siri for fast journaling
  • pages in progress automatically save to library
  • completed pages and collages in one place
  • view specific card designs for Project Life collections
  • export, share, and print completed pages

Introducing the Project Life App - scrapbooking in the palm of your hand! (beckyhiggins.com)

Q: How much does the app cost?

A: $2.99. I have to share a fun story about this. We did a live event (Meet & Mingle back in July) where I demonstrated the app to an exclusive group of customers for the first time. I showed them how it worked and we thoroughly got a kick out of all the oooohs and aaahhhs. Everyone was thrilled and dying to get the app on their devices that day. Then I opened it up to their questions. The very first thing they wanted to know was how much it was going to cost. When I told them that it would be under $5, there was a universal gasp across the auditorium. They expected it to be much higher for what they now knew it could do.

Q: What do I do with the pages once they’re done? What about printing from the app?

A: Share them on social media, export them, and, of course – print them! Whatever floats your boat! Our in-app print ordering capability is coming soon, but until then … you can simply export your pages and upload them to your favorite printer. Not sure where to start? We love Persnickety Prints. They have fantastic quality, top-notch customer service, the popular 12×12 print size, and they even just launched their own app to make printing from your phone that much easier! Regardless of how or where you print, you would then slip those pages into page protectors and into your album! Or get them printed into a printed / bound photo book through your favorite online service.

We will definitely keep you posted on when the capability of ordering prints directly from our app becomes available. I wish I could give you a date, but that’s as certain as telling you what the weather will be like in three weeks.

Q: So the app comes with some Project Life cards but not all of them yet?

A: That’s right. Loading every collection of designer cards (Core Kits, Value Kits, Mini Kits, Themed Cards) into the app is pretty time-intensive, so we’ve launched the app with a healthy variety of awesome Project Life designer cards to get you started. In fact, we are making a handful of them FREE with the app (hooray!). The rest are available for a very low price tag. And each month we’ll be releasing more collections until ultimately we’ll have almost ALL of the collections available in the app.

Q: I’m dying to tell my friends about this. What’s the best way to share?

A: We would be thrilled for you to share the love with your friends on social media, thank you! Below is a fun graphic we whipped up for you to share. Save it and spread the word as you please. Be sure to tag me @BeckyHigginsLLC and #ProjectLifeApp so they know where to find information + inspiration for the app!

Project Life App Now Available


Friends, thank you for celebrating with us on this historical day of the Project Life App launch! My goal in making this app available is that you will find scrapbooking to be easier, faster, and more convenient than EVER – so that you’ll be more likely to get it done! Cheers!


391 Responses

  1. Becky Sullivan says:

    First to see this?!?! So excited. My dear friend Autumn has been beta testing the app and our little PL crop group has been waiting with baited breath for the release. Gotta to the app store, bye!

  2. Scrappyjen says:

    Congrats on the launch! Just a heads up – I noticed your little social sharing graphic has [it’s] written twice might want to fix that up before too many people start sharing.

  3. Natalie says:

    WOO-HOO! I’m so excited to play! I love all the promos you’ve made and you look gorgeous in the photos, Becky! Congrats on another game-changing moment!!

  4. Jenn Gent says:

    Hooray! And congratulations!!!

  5. Stacia says:

    This is awesome! Will you be providing a graphic that shows the handful of cards that come with the $2.99 app and (come on now!) share what the “low in-app cost” is for <how many?) additional cards/sets? I already have so many photo apps, collage apps, etc. What this app will provide, particularly, IS the Project Life cards, card sets, etc. So if I need to pay for those one set at a time, I really want to know what I'm getting myself into. Thank you for the transparency!!

  6. Cheryl says:

    So excited. I can’t find where to write on my layout though.

  7. Fernanda says:

    No Android version? I’m sad now…. :(

  8. Randi Kraus says:

    I am a techie newbie. I will be getting my first iphone this year but have never used an iphone. I keep all my pictures on my desktop (pc). I would love the app (once I get my phone) to help with creating 4×6 collages of photos (since I don’t have or use photo shop). So, my question: can I upload photos from my pc to the iphone? I wasn’t clear on what the ‘photo stream’ is? (I don’t use drop box and even when I get an iphone, all my pictures will not be on my camera roll… Any insight would be great!

  9. GinaZee says:

    I ruined my iPhone the other day and was seriously considering going back to my first love Android. Until someone reminded me about this app and I went straight back to iPhone. I have been wanting this app THAT bad.

  10. Jeanne Brandt says:

    I must be a little slow but I can’t figure out how to import pics etc. is there a tutorial?

  11. Susan Weber says:

    Do you have to purchase it separately on your iPad and iPhone?

    • Natalie says:

      I purchased on my phone and was able to download the app from iTunes directly to my iPad no extra charge. And it looks great on both!

    • Melissa says:

      How do you access the saved pages though from your phone to ipad? I just downloaded the app to my ipad (since my battery was running low on my phone for playing on the app all morning!) when I opened the app on my ipad, my pages created from my phone were not there.

    • Natalie says:

      That’s a great question I wonder the same thing! As we didn’t have to enter a username or password to use the app I’m not sure if they’d link together. iTunes just recognizes us as having already purchased the app so it would download to our other devices. Maybe in future upgrades if there’s a demand we’ll be able to have an account so it would sync? (Not sure if that’s possible or not). As I’m wondering then with the in-app purchases (I haven’t bought any yet) if they will only show up on the device we buy it on initially?

    • Natalie says:

      I just found this comment further down – YAY!

      Toni Chase
      September 18, 2014
      Syncing between devices is on our to-do list and will be included in a future update! ~ Toni @ Becky Higgins

    • Claire says:

      Brilliant was just going to email about this will keep watching

  12. Sandi Miller says:

    Awesome app!!! Wish list for future updates: Would love to be able to write on filler cards and add small pics to filler cards. Would also like to be able to have more than one font type, color or size on the same journaling card. Maybe a little bling library with “stickers” or other “embellishments”
    Also it would be nice to be able to add a title or date to the “banner” area of journaling cards. One more thing it would be good if we could upload files that we own already. I could probably figure out a work around for this but it would be nice to keep them in a personal library. Just a few suggestions. I’ve only been playing a few minutes so maybe some of these things can already happen and I just haven’t figured it out.

    • Christine says:

      Is it possible to save your page or card collage like 4×6 to your camera roll and than import them in an app where you can use text on it like Phonto or Little Moments. And maybe import it back into the PL app? Just thinking out loud here.

    • Sandi says:

      That would probably be a good work around! Good thinking. It would be much more convienent if the ability to do it in the app. We need a wish list section lol

    • Lucrecia says:

      I agree, my only wish list item is a bit more control over text and some ability to “layer” so I could add ephemera

    • Roz says:

      Yes I’d love to be able to write on filler cards and change fonts/colours too. My only gripe!

    • michele says:

      i too wanted to write on the filler cards. My issue is printing doesn’t look as stellar as it could it loses its clarity

    • Jackie says:

      It would be great to be able to add dates and or titles to journal cards and photos. Piccollage or Fuzel are good work arounds for now. Syncing will be great too!

    • Sue says:

      I used Phonto to add some text to a card it came out just fine but yes, the ability to add text or stamps or stickers from within the app would be great.

  13. Ruly says:

    Awesome… this is a game changer. Thanks Becky. Bravo to you and your team. Our http://www.vivescrapbook.com community will love it :D

  14. Shari Garcia says:

    I love the idea of this app. With such a busy life it just seems like the easiest way to make pages. However I’m an android user and cannot see the app in the Google play store. :( BUMMER!

  15. Debbie susee says:

    So excited to give this a try–tonight!! :)

  16. Shakirah says:

    Congrats Becky and team on the launch! I’ve been waiting for a long time for this app ever since its beta testing days, and I’m glad that the wait has finally come to an end! I spend long amounts of time on the buses to get to work and go home from work, so this app is excellent to kill any boredom + it actually allows me to scrapbook on the go – which is always a definite plus plus plus!
    Cannot wait to see what other in-app purchases are available – keep them going Becky! :D

  17. Sherlyn A says:

    After spending an hour on the app, I still can’t seem to find out how to add text! Someone please teach me! :(

    • GinaZee says:

      Text becomes available when a pace is filled with a journal card as far as I can see that is it for now. I look forward to being able to put text in too of a pic in the future.

    • Debbie Coleby says:

      Make sure you’re attempting to write to a journal card and not a filler card.

  18. Christine says:

    Looks great! Thanks for all the hard work.
    Are the templates standard 12×12 or is it possible to make 6×8 pages for the smaller albums as well?

  19. Lisa B. says:

    I love, love, love this so far! Thank you so much, Becky! It looks fantastic! It’s 3 a.m. here, and I will have to wait till later today to play with this more, but I see SO much potential (besides the obvious) – I think I saw on the Facebook PL page that Autumn says she prints some pages in 8 x 8 and adds them as inserts to her Project Life album. I do have lots of Project Life core kits and cards, so I want to continue using those, but I will be doing both. Also an excellent way to back up your physical album. The collages! Can use for planning, and on and on. The core kits and page layouts included are great, and the price for the app and the additional kits/pages I think are very reasonable! Thank you so much! and Congratulations! This is wonderful.

  20. Liane Zamojski says:

    Any hope that the app will be made for anything other than Apple products? I do not do Apple, I have a Samsung Galaxy S III.

  21. Nicole says:

    HI! Becky I just finished downloading PL App I just noticed that I have to buy the core kits again. is it possible since I already bought the digital version I can access it through the App?

    • Kiki says:

      I second that :) Since I already have many digital editions it would be nice to have them available in the app. Sure I could find another method to use them (e.g. manipulate them like my photos) but this won’t be neat and organized…just a thought

    • Edith says:

      Yep, I am wondering about that too. :-)
      I have played with the app for a few minutes, and created a page in no time. Everything is so intuitive, wonderful.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Nicole – Could you upload your digital PL kit to Dropbox, then drop the cards into layouts just like you would a picture within the app?

    • Melissa says:

      You can put them in drop box to use them but it doesn’t appear you can add text to them within the app. Hoping this might get released in the next update? :)

    • Berta says:

      I think that the only way as of now to use the digital cards that we already have is to import them as pictures (via drop box as explained before for example) Unfortunately this way one can not add text to them, as far as see (I have tried). Even though the sets as in app purchases are kinda cheap (compared to the web versions) I think it is still bad practice that we have to buy them all again. Other than that I love the app, well designed, intuitive and very powerful!

    • Stacia says:

      Yes, have had the same thought about not having to re-buy. Not sure how they could track if you’ve already bought the regular digital versions but it would be fabulous not to pay twice. Although the in-app ones are much, much cheaper. So there’s that. :-)

    • Kimberly P says:

      Yes, I’m a DPL user too, and would love to be able to use the digital kits I’ve already purchased. I will have to try to idea of uploading them to dropbox and seeing what happens. Haven’t gotten that far yet.

    • Sue says:

      For me the convience of this app out ways the extra cost of having to buy the kits I already have digitally. They are so cheap and it is way more convienent to access them via the app than to access them through Dropbox. I tried with some other pocket page kits that I have and while it works you can’t add journaling unless you use another app.

  22. Heidi says:

    I already love this app and that I can use it with my rhonna design app to make amazing layouts! I can’t wait to print. I’ve been a paper project life user and now I’m probably going to combine the two or switch 100% to digital!!

    • Lucrecia says:

      OH! This might be the answer to my text issue!! I wonder if saving it the RD cuts down on resolution though?

  23. Dana says:

    Can I use this app to help me with layouts and use my own core kit cards? I typically sketch out grids in a notebook, then edit and upload to a printer. Time consuming. But I love my core kit and love the idea of using my own handwriting for my kids to see years from now… Can the app simplify my process that includes using my own core kit?

    Congratulations on the launch! Thanks for your help.

  24. Helen says:

    Whoop!! Hoorah & Congrats!!!

  25. Edith says:

    Love, love, love the app! I am a digital Project Lifer who fell behind, here is to keeping up in the future. :-)
    I downloaded the app to my iPhone and iPad – do the apps communicate with each other? Say, I started a layout on my iPhone and want to finish it on my iPad. Is that possible?

  26. Lauren says:

    Loving this app. Knocking up pages in minutes. I’m perplexed as to why I can do this so fast but procrastinate when dealing with real cards and photos.

    Anyway, some questions/suggestions.

    1. Can you rotate the cards at all?
    2. Can you rotate the page templates?
    3. Is it possible to move the cards around on a layout. I can put down all the cards but the think I might swap a couple around to see if it looks better. If I’ve already spent time on the journaling I can’t seem to find a way to do this.

    • Tracey says:

      If you tap and hold down a little on the picture or card you can then drag it to the other location. Then it will swap the two.

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      HI Lauren! To answer your questions:

      1) Yes, some cards can be rotated if the design on them allows them to be vertical or horizontal.
      2) Templates cannot be rotate, but most templates have a rotated counterpart.
      3) Yes, you can swap cards and pictures around. Just tap and hold the picture/photo and drag it to it’s new location. Super easy!

      Let me know if you have any other questions!
      Toni @ Becky Higgins

    • Sue says:

      Oooh, I didn’t know about the drag to move, cool.

  27. Rachael says:

    Love this app! Any chance there will be a version for the Mac desktop? I like to look at a big screen when I work with my pics. ;)

  28. Sol S. says:

    Thank You!! I just downloaded the app and made a page of my daughter’s first day of school in like 2 minutes! It is awesome!! Now I just need to upload all of the pictures from my computer to dropbox so I can catch up (haven’t scrapbooked since 2012!!) This is so exciting, I love the app!! and with the new iphone 6 plus is going to be even better!! Love it, thanks again!

  29. Rachel says:

    Thanks so much for this app! I made a page on my way to work this morning, and it looks great. I was a paper scrapbooker (including project life) but had not made the time for it in the past year. Carting three children around to various activities and worked full time left little time to sit in my craft room and create. It is such a blessing to be able to create a page as I wait at a practice, or commute to work in the morning. This app makes it so much easier to capture the memory and journal as it happens. Love it!

  30. Mary says:

    Downloaded and already made two play/test pages in minutes. 2014 scrapbook is going to be digital and I AM going to catch up. So excited!!! Thank you! Keeping memories real-time means I capture more memories, and that is what it’s all about.

    ps. please please please say Studio Calico collaborations are coming!

  31. Jeanie says:

    :((((( no droid app??

  32. candi says:

    When is this awesome app going to be available for Android. I wish it would’ve came out same time no fair.. I like my galaxy better than the iPhone and we always get left out

  33. Rose says:

    Please have an Android/ Google Play option! We do Project Life too, Im more than ready to pay for the app…don’t leave us in the cold! :)

  34. Laurie Jo says:

    So excited! Have been a fan since the beginning and can’t wait to use it. One question – does the app compress the photos at all? I usually use Photoshop to complete my layouts and hope that by using the app the quality of my pictures will not be compromised, as I will want to print them into 12×12 books. Also would love to be able to add text to the filler cards as well, although for now I suppose I could use my Rhonna Designs app to do just that.

  35. Mary says:

    Is there any way that the app can keep your kits that you import in the my kit section so I don’t have to keep going to the Dropbox each time for each kit or card?

  36. Annette says:

    Congratulations!!! So so happy it’s available! Thanks to you and your team for all of your hard work for making this dream a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love it!

  37. TrishMD says:

    Just purchased! So excited! Thank you, Becky!!!

  38. Laura says:

    Love the app!! I think it will really help to keep up with Project Life.

    I hope there’s a baby kit coming soon – my baby will be 7 weeks tomorrow and I haven’t touched an album since she was born! It would be super helpful to be able to do her album on my phone.

    Would also love a desktop Mac version of this.

  39. Beatriz Hernandez says:

    I just donwload and I love it!!!! <3

  40. Kim says:

    Just adding to the wish list, an app for the windows store. I use a windows phone and would live to have the project life app too.

  41. Amy Borst says:

    I would love to use this app, but have an Android phone. Any plans to release for Android?

  42. Kristen says:

    Holy YES! I am head there right NOW…. Yipee! Way to go Becky and Team. You just made this girl very happy :)

  43. Kimberly O. says:

    Is there an ETA on an Android version of this app?

  44. Monica says:

    Downloaded the APP in the weeeeee hours of the morninhg and LOVE IT!!!

  45. Maureen says:

    Man I just love you! I assume the printed pages slip into a 12×12 page protector, right? Since I own 9,461 different page protectors of varying layouts, is there a way to print without the borders so I can print and crop my photos to my various page protector sizes? Make sense?

    • Suzy says:

      PLEASE design the app to print 4×6 PIECES of the 12×12 layouts.

      I use Photoshop to create 12×12 Design A (mostly) layouts. BUT I print them in 4×6 pieces because it is SO much cheaper than printing 12×12 and I like having the pockets to add memorabilia. It would be GREAT if the app would put all the 12×12 page pieces onto 4×6 canvases and then export for printing. Then I would slip the 4×6 pieces (and trim the 3x4s, 4x4s or 2x2s) into my PL pocket pages. 4×6 prints are sometimes less than 10 cents a piece! The photo collage part of the app has 4×6 prints in various layouts, but I would rather work on the 12×12 layout to see how it will look in the book.

  46. Britzie says:

    I just purchased the app and started playing with it. All I can say is…THANK YOU BECKY! THANK YOU DEVIN! You’ve made me a very happy lady today. This app totally rocks! Question – is there a sync capability if I use the app between the iPhone and the iPad? I would also love to use this app on the Mac :)

  47. Patricia Prez says:

    In love! OMG omg! I just wish it was synchronized with pl digital store, because I have bought tons of digital kits, now I’ll have to buy them again. What

  48. Patricia Prez says:

    In love! OMG omg! I just wish it was synchronized with pl digital store, because I have bought tons of digital kits, now I’ll have to buy them again. What’s resolution of the 12×12? 300 dpi?

  49. Natasha Smith says:

    SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  50. Mabel M says:

    So much fun for see and try, really cool and easy. Need to learn more, thanks for all comments, so clever ideas and tricks. :))

  51. Tanya says:

    Dying to know if/or what the timeline is for an android version!!

  52. Elaine says:

    I have not had a chance to read all the comments so I hope this hasn’t already been asked. If I have digital kits already and I story them in Dropbox will I be able to open these kits in the app? As a mom that sits at A LOT of sporting practices I am SUPER excited to play with this app!!

    • Sandi says:

      It appears that you can but at this time you can’t add text to them. Right now the only place to add text is on journaling cards that are in the app

  53. Betsy says:

    So exciting! Will we be able to save to 8.5″ x 11″?

  54. Carrie Leon says:

    THANK YOU!!! I have been feeling very overwhelmed about the 5 years of pictures that are trapped on the computer, and for the last 2 years on my phone!! This sounds too easy and too good to be true!! Can’t wait!

  55. Liana Kearl says:

    I am sooo excited about his! I was using an ipad presentation tool last night and I thought to myself “this is not unlike scrapbooking, maybe someday someone will come up with an app this easy to use and design pages with” and here it is the very next morning! FANTASTIC! I AM SOLD!

  56. Heather says:

    Grrr, when you launch an app and don’t do it at the same time as Android, you just anger a whole lot of people. I’ve been hanging around for two years while the photobook options have all but dried up. Having to wait even longer makes me grumpy. NOT HAPPY!

  57. Jeryn says:

    I want to be able to just print journaling cards once I typed on them without creating a whole page because I love all the fonts available! Is this possible? If do how?!?!?

  58. Tracey says:

    I’m loving the app so far, can’t wait to see what is still in store for the future. Just thought I would mention a wish list for future updates. I would love to be able to layer, such as a square instagram type picture on top of a filler card. Everything looks awesome. Thanks for all of the hard work.

  59. MsScrapmess says:

    I love it!!!! As if my phone wasn’t already glued to my hand :D Thank you, thank you, T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U for bringing us this!

  60. MIndy Hamel says:

    Will you be releasing an Android version (PLEASE!!!!)? If so, when-ish? :D

  61. Kristy says:

    Another request for Android version! Please!

  62. Leslie says:

    This is pure GENIUS to offer Project Life on mobile devices. Bless your hearts. I like the free in-app kits, and that the add-ons are reasonably priced. The app is intuitive and has great photo manipulation options (contrast, rotation, etc). I am reeeaaaaaaally hoping that the printed pages don’t compress image quality and are able to retain 300 dpi.

    Thank you for tirelessly working to stay fun and relevant in our ever changing digital world.

  63. Krista E. says:

    Congratulations and Thank You!!!!

  64. annabel hallam says:

    Sorry if its been asked already. …. android version? Pretty please


  65. Jenna says:

    Okay… this app is soo awesome! It has far exceeded my expectations! I super love it! Thanks so much for creating such an awesome tool. I will never put my phone down now. Lol

  66. Melissa says:

    Hey there – Super excited about the app, downloaded first thing this morning. However can I please make a small suggestion? Could we have the ability to add text over a “photo” space (as opposed to only over the app journaling cards?). I’d love to store the digital kits I’ve already purchased in dropbox to use, but without going into another app, I can’t add text to them right now. Pretty please? :)

  67. Lisa says:

    So will this be available for Windows Mobile phones?

  68. Lisa says:

    I was so excited when I saw this…then I realized it’s only for IPhones. :(

  69. Beth Ann says:

    YAY!! SO excited….

  70. Teresa says:

    Bummed the app isn’t windows based (android users your soo lucky it’ll launch soon for you)

    My daughter has an ipod .. will the app work on that?

  71. Wonnie Stahl says:

    I can’t seem to find the app in the App Store using the key words “Project Life”. Is there another search word I should use?

    • Maureen says:

      I had the same issue but if you do a search for her name and it will come up. Thats what I did and it worked! Hope you find it!

  72. Gidget_9 says:

    Just got the App and experimented a little. Love it! Can’t wait to really dig in and use it. I can see how great this will be while on family vacations. Do a bit each evening while the memories are fresh and when you get home – print! Voila! So cool! Thanks Becky and team!

  73. Amy Beiter says:

    Love the app!! Congrats! Question- how do I use Siri to journal?

    • David says:

      When you are on a journaling card and see the icon that looks like a pencil writing on a blank sheet of paper, click on that icon. At that point it will bring up a keyboard. Once you are there click on the small microphone image next to the space key. I hope that helps.

    • Amy Beiter says:

      Perfect David!! Thank you!! Love it!

  74. Kelly says:

    Because I am an Android phone user and know that the app is being released later, is it possible for me to use this app with my I-pod touch? That would be the only Apple device I own. That would at least give me access now until the Android version comes out. Congrats on the release!!!

  75. Anne says:

    Will the saved pages be high res?

  76. Veronica Knoll says:

    I downloaded the new Project Life App. I am having problems trying to figure out how to get pictures and PL cards onto the page. Is there a step by step directions available anywhere?

    • Sandi says:

      You just tap the page insert and little icons pop up so you can add pics or pl cards. You can’t add both to one insert though

  77. Jennifer says:

    I’m super excited for this app! I’m notorious for not printing my pictures off my computer and maybe this will encourage me to use them! I look forward to sharing my creations!

  78. Shawna Zervos says:

    I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of being able to complete PL pages during my lunch or while on car trips ( as a pasenger of course!). And when my new phone arrives in roughly two weeks . . . THANK YOU!

  79. Debbie Coleby says:

    Having done beta testing, I’m happy to finally be able to demo… I simply love this app and my daughter can’t wait to be sitting at her son’s baseball game and document their memories real time! So very cool. Thanks you so much Project Life team!!! Thank you! Thank you!

  80. Linda Colgan says:

    Just down loaded but really not good at working yet. I wanted to get Amy Tangerines pack and a few others but where do you find them. Your app will be a big hit I just wish there was someone to show me how to navigate around ect. But I know this will be a big hit for you can you make videos for you tube on the working for us who are slow(Me)
    Thank you,

    • Brooke says:

      You can find Amy Tan’s and more under the “more kits” section. You just select it and tap purchase and use your iTunes password as you did when you purchased the app.

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      Hi Linda! We are working on video tutorials that will show how to use different features of the app. We will be posting those soon! ~ Toni @ Becky Higgins

  81. Shirley says:

    No android???? :(

  82. Laura K says:

    Absolutely brilliant app – am hooked already

  83. Amy says:

    I just read through the comments, and I don’t think this has been asked yet. What file formats are available for exports? Just JPEG? I’m a digital PLer and would love to be able to export a page as a psd to open in Photoshop in case I want to do more with the page before printing. Anyone who already has the app – is psd an export option?

  84. Amy Smith says:

    Can you flip between kits in the same layout? Also someone said you could get the Heidi kit. I didn’t see it?

  85. Joan says:

    Forgive me if I missed this somewhere, but will there ever be (or is there) a way to publish your pages in a printable book format??? This app is absolutely fantastic!!!

  86. Traci says:

    Can I beg for Jade in the next round of added collections? Pretty pretty please? :)

  87. Brooke says:

    Hi! Love the app, made my first page and exported it in about 5 minutes!
    However, I originally downloaded and made in app purchases with my iPad and when I open the app on my iPhone, the completed layout is not in my library nor are my purchases in my kits section.
    I just figured out the kits problem. You have to select one of the kits that you Did previously purchase and select restore purchase and it will update in the device.
    (Hope that helps someone else.)
    Still no completed page though- how do you sync between devices for completed or in progress?

  88. Marie Taylor says:

    Please make this for Android users as well. We all don’t own iphones!

  89. Amy says:

    Just downloaded the app and playing with it. Can you write directly on the photos or can you only write on the journaling cards? Thanks and Congrats on your App launch!!

  90. Teri says:

    Will it be on Android soon?

  91. Brooke says:

    Just saw device syncing will be on a future update, thanks!

  92. Judy Jones says:

    The app sounds great! When printing a 12×12 page for a scrapbook, how do you think the resolution will be for photos taken on the iPhone? Any art work for this app that will be only for Stampin Up customers? Loved seeing you at Convention in July!

  93. Lori says:

    Wonderful app–very attractive and intuitive. My concern is image compression–when I exported my 12×12 layout, it seems to have significantly reduced it in size.

  94. Tiffany says:

    Yea, go Becky! What a fun and nifty app. Just a a few concerns. 1. When printing directly from the app using an iPad Air, the margins of the page were chopped off by 2 inches on both sides and the file was reduced in size. Don’t see a way to correct that issue or change settings in the app. Please let me know if I missed them. 2. Because I couldn’t print directly from the app, I tried exporting the image to my computer. Exporting the file as a 12×12 changed the page’s resolution to 72ppi. Great for sharing, not so much for opening and printing from my computer.

  95. Marla says:

    Hi Becky, Why can’t I just save my page to Photos? instead of the photos iCloud…or dropbox would be good too!

    • Jennifer K says:

      I made a layout, then exported it and it showed up in my “camera roll”. I assume that’s what you mean by “photos”. Make sure once you’re done you use the export feature, see if you can get it to save where you want. :-)

  96. Cindy Gellhaus says:

    Thank you Thank you

  97. Janet says:

    Can I create 8.5×11 pages in the new Project Life App or just 12×12?

  98. Odessa Enox-Whitaker says:

    Ah, Becky, you never cease to amaze me. I have been playing with this on my iPad all morning. Takes less than 5 minutes to create from START TO FINISH. I love this. I have a small Christian Home Daycare and you have just given me so much freedom and creativity ….you make it so that I can document and record so much of the lives of these children for their parents…most parents miss so much of their child’s adventures in order to provide for them. Project Life already had allowed me to give the parents a glimpse of their wonderful children…but this, this is such a blessing. You impact more people’s lives than you can imagine. Thank you and your creative crew.

  99. Tricia says:

    YIKES! I must be doing something wrong! When I export and save as an 8″x8″ to my photos, it saves it fine and looks fine, but when I print it as an 8″x8″, the photos are fuzzy, not sharp at all. I did a test print of “just” one of the photos and it’s crystal clear. I believe it is exporting it at a low resolution, no good enough for printing. HELP PLEASE!

  100. Awesome & congrats! Cannot wait to use! This will save me so much time! I can print out & add embellishments! Yes!!

  101. Emma Braford says:

    I’m SO excited for this! Just in time for my iphone 6 plus to arrive tomorrow!! This is going to make remembering little quotes SO easy and since 90% of the pictures I take are with my phone this is amazing!! Thank you, thank you!

  102. Ana Martins says:

    Question for Becky: does the app sincronize between iphone and ipad? If I buy it in one of these devices may I have it in the other automatically or will I have to purshase both seperately? Thanks and congrats… This is fantastic!

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      That is a feature that we are working on and it will come in a future update! ~ Toni @ Becky Higgins

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      But, if you buy it on one device, and both devices use the same Apple account, you can get it on both your iPad & iPhone. Make sense? ~ Toni

  103. Steph H. says:

    I downloaded the app this morning and had to wait ALL DAY till after work to play with it! It is AMAZING & so much FUN! It was definitely worth the wait! Thank You, Becky! :-)

  104. Emma Jarzabek says:

    Can I upload photos from Google+?

  105. Ami says:

    Becky, Is there any date for a release of the Android app or will there be one? I would love to be able to enjoy this on my S-5.

  106. Krista says:

    As a beta tester I’ve had so much fun playing with this app. I think it’s absolutely amazing!!! Seriously awesome stuff. I just really, really wish the pages exported at 300 dpi, 230 dpi really isn’t cutting it for printing. I would super love to see a text on photos option. And may I suggest getting the baby editions available? That would make my day! Great job on getting this amazing app out! It will truly change lives (hopefully mine, need 300 dpi). Big hugs!!!!

    • Michelle says:

      Need 300 dpi here, too!

    • Tracy says:

      Yes, I would like 300 dpi too. If I can’t get prints at 300 dpi what’s the point? I want to be able to have beautiful looking prints at 12×12.

      If this app could print at 300 dpi I think it would be so fun and useful.

    • Angie says:

      I uploaded pictures to my phone to be able to add them to the photo layouts for printing. However the pictures turned out to be very low quality. I was not able to print. How do I fix this?

    • Jennifer K says:

      I was disappointed to read this, after spending money on the app and a few collections. MUST export 12×12 at 300dpi otherwise I won’t have any reason to use it, either!! I hope this gets answered publicly soon, so we know if they are fixing this, or what. Seems something major that shouldn’t have been missed in the testing!

  107. Christine says:

    I just downloaded the app and it is beyond awesome. I was hoping it would be intuitive and it is. I loved being able to use the microphone icon on my phone to voice dictate my journaling. No more typing by hand. Thanks to the Project Life team for developing this truly remarkable app. Take a bow!

  108. Caroline M. says:

    SO tired of being left out because I choose to use Android. iPhones are not all that!

  109. KathyinMN says:

    Did not know persnickety had their own app now. Thank you for that!!

  110. Jennifer K says:

    Okay, so during all the sneak peeks I had been thinking this is so cool, but I don’t really need this app… Now I am TOTALLY going to get it on my phone!! LOL. Can’t wait to try it out!

  111. Kartix says:

    Will I be able to print the completed pages? Please advice on how to do it, thanks.

  112. Violet says:

    I’m concerned that there have been replies from Toni/support for most questions but I haven’t yet seen an answer to the resolution question. The app sounds super fun to play with, but unless I’m using it to help me plan paper layouts (which could be useful, it’s true) it absolutely must export at a decent print resolution, because otherwise what’s the point? So please share the specs on resolution and whether images are reduced (compressed? no idea what the technical term is) when exported.

  113. Sarah Giacoman says:

    So far love the App! Can’t wait to play with it more.
    I was hoping it would have more collage size options.. Like 3×4 mini collages, 8×10, 5×7 and perhaps more 6×8 options. Also I see that there isn’t a way to separate the photos with a white border (grids) on the collages.. I wish this was a feature. I don’t like my photos right next to each other in collages. I am still all paper so I would use it a lot for collages to make photos to slip into my PL page protectors. Also I do a lot of inserts as well.. Like 8×10, 6×8, 5×7. Thank you!!!

    • Kym says:

      I totally agree! I would love to see a white grid in the collage options. Also, when I printed via app to my home cannon printer, it cut off one edge. Not sure if it’s my printer or not. I had to export the collage to my cannon app to print with a white border so I wouldn’t cut off the edge. I would also love the option to print collages with a white border or not.

  114. Vicki says:

    Where do I find the “info” on how to use the app?
    Thank you

  115. Katherine says:

    To say I love the app is an understatement. You’ve blown me away again. Well worth the money. I shared some of my pages on Instagram and my non scrapbooking friends are excited about it too.

  116. OMG!!! Finally, a PL app that is totally more useful than just collecting photos!!! And the digital designs look like they’re only a couple of dollars each too! Yay!!! Thank you for making my attempts at PL so much easier and time efficient!!!!

  117. Janet T says:

    Been playing with the app…can I write on a picture & I would like to decrease the size of a photo can this be done in the space or does it have to ‘fit’ the card?

  118. Tracy Tai says:

    I’m in love with this app. In minutes I created four layouts and easily shared on Facebook. This is changing my creative life! But I don’t understand how to export and print to a photo print service. And what kind of resolution I can expect. Please explain. Thanks!

  119. ErikaB says:

    Any chance you’ll be releasing an Android version of your Project Life app?

  120. Mindy says:

    LOVE this app! I’m planning on using it mainly to do my journaling since I still love the physical PL (adore the new Heidi Swapp PL goodies!). One question – is there a plain card or a grid card like the original PL journaling cards somewhere? All I could find to journal on was cards from specific kits but I’m guessing there’s a plain card somewhere that I just haven’t discovered yet! Great job – very fun and easy to use!

  121. Scrappy says:

    Congratulations! So excited! Playing around already and loving it. Quick question, is it possible to select multiple photos at once. I don’t seem to be able to but maybe I haven’t figured it out yet! Please help! Thank you!

  122. Alison Keeports says:

    L-O-V-E this app. I was able to put together a couple of pages in minutes, rather than hours. Just wish I would be able to write on photos. I also wish you could have multiple independent text boxes on each journaling block.

    Thanks for an amazing product!

  123. Leah Grannison Dyer says:

    After all of the beta testing, I’m so glad the app is live. Honestly, I couldn’t quite put together what the experience would be like, but I am definitely enjoying it so far. I see that the app is already integrated with Dropbox; are there any thoughts about also allowing access to Google Drive (or Facebook)?

  124. Tara says:

    Is this app only for Iphones? I did not see it in the andriod store.

  125. Tracy McCasland says:

    Just got the app and completed 3 pages in about 30 minutes. This is a game changer!

  126. Amy Smith says:

    How come I cant use my Amy Tangerine cards after I have purchased the kit?

  127. Kim says:

    I’m noticing that changes made with text placement/vertical offset don’t seem to save permanently. Every time I open the ap my ‘completed’ layouts have missing or mis-centered text. Is there a trick I’m missing? Thanks!

  128. Faith says:

    Hi Becky!

    The App looks really good! Will it be available for Android phones too? It’s quite a pity that non-iPhone users won’t be able to enjoy this ): We android users love project life too!

  129. Angelique says:

    I was excited to read the announcement…… until I realised that it was IPhone only….

    You do know there are more Android users than IPhone users I hope?

  130. Kris says:

    WIll there be a tutorial video so we so all functions of the app?

    Also any chance of an apple desktop version?

  131. Natasha says:

    Is Android coming? It is has more users than Apple ya know….

  132. Crystal says:

    Is there a possibility of it being available for macbook in app store? It’d be so much easier than PS, thanks

  133. Melissa L. says:

    I purchased the app and all of the in-app purchases yesterday afternoon and had 4 layouts completed in less than an hour. I am amazed by the simplicity of this awesome little app, yet also by how much it can do. I cannot wait for MORE kits! Thank you, Becky & team — it was worth the wait!!!

  134. Ali says:

    I have to agree with this earlier comment – “Grrr, when you launch an app and don’t do it at the same time as Android, you just anger a whole lot of people.”

    There are more Android users out there than iPhone users, and yet, for some reason, so many apps cater to the Cult of Apple first. It really is disappointing, and rather insulting…

    Of all the apps I’ve ever looked forward to, this is probably the most disappointing to not see available for the devices I own. I was very excited to hear about the coming app, and now I’m just frustrated.

    Leaves a bad taste in my mouth :(

    • Al says:

      As Becky explained in one of her videos, it is just much easier to make apps for apple. With the variety of androids out there, the app needs to be customized for each platform, which therefore takes a lot longer. But they ARE working on it:)

    • StacieM says:

      Yes, I wish people understood that making an app for an Android doesn’t mean just making one version! Having known people in the app-making industry, I’ve heard them explain over and over how much more difficult it is to make Android apps. Please have some patience Android users! Becky has already explained that it’s coming. And as far as the frustration with releasing the iPhone app now instead of doing a simultaneous release, there is a massive benefit both to the Android user and the app developer. It’s beneficial to the Android user because it means the majority of bugs will be tested and user complaints addressed and changed by the time the Android version rolls out. For the app dev, eliminating those bugs in one version versus numerous different Android versions saves them a lot of time and money. Bottom line, it’s coming soon, and it will be great! Just think of the iPhone users as beta testers. ;)

  135. Carol Anne Wall says:

    If you need an Android beta tester, let me know. I have a Samsung S5 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I’ve been looking for something like this for my Galaxy Note. I am SOOOOO looking forward to an Android version.

  136. Sue says:

    How do you add a page to Instagram? It is not an option on my phone for OPEN IN. ALso, when you choose to Save a layout, where does it save it? I cannot find them!

  137. Amy Van Eeuwen says:

    I am curious what the resolution is when printing out the 12×12.

  138. Lizzie says:

    How would i be able to get 12x12prints in the U.K. ? I dont know anywhere that would do that ?

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Lizzie- I was also wondering this and having a look at persnickety prints as they are so often recommended for PL printing. They are not expensive and do ship internationally so if you have quite a few to print this could be an option?

  139. Lori says:

    When will it be available for Android? Totally excited!

  140. StacieM says:

    I just downloaded the app and finished a darling page in literally 2 minutes! I can’t get over how easy it is! I’m just curious if there’s any way to upload our layouts directly from the app to an online photo printing service, like Shutterfly? I would LOVE the ability to just hit a button as I finish a page and have it sent right to my Shutterfly account so it’s ready for me to add to a photobook when I have enough pages… I realize I can just save the layout to my phone and then upload to Shutterfly separately, but the less steps the better! ;) Seriously impressed with this app so far and can’t wait to finally catch up on my scrapbooking! Thank you!

  141. Carla ossler says:

    Sounds great, is it coming out for Windows phones anytime soon?

  142. Sarah says:

    So, love the app! But I just upgraded to iOS 8 and now within the app cannot access all my photos. Will this issue be resolved soon?

  143. Claudia says:

    So loving the app!!! Just some minor things and it might be just me:
    1. To size the font I have to scroll, how do I know what the correct font size is for when my layouts get printed? I don’t want my journaling to come out too big or too large?
    2. I didn’t click on export on my first images and now they’re not in my gallery. How can I add them?
    3. How can I import previous layouts jumping back and forth btw. PL and other apps such as Rhonna Designs?
    4. It seems that I can only use certain elements for certain layouts. Why can’t I use all elements available and then just resize them as needed?
    Newbie to PL. Been waiting for the app to come out instead of purchasing kits. The app works so much better with my current life style.
    Awesome app though!!!
    Thank you! -Claudia

  144. Melissa says:

    This may have already been asked… but will it be available soon for iPad or Android? I take great pics on my Samsung Galaxy 5! TIA :-)

  145. Laurie says:

    Since I have a Samsung Galaxy, can I download an app that works with ITunes and will it allow your app to be downloaded to my Samsung?

  146. SK says:

    Great app! Just a question – I tried completing a page and then emailing to myself to save it on my laptop. When I do that, it shows up with a white border [maybe an inch or so] around the entire edge. I don’t want that white there, so how do I ensure it is saved properly without it? When I view it on my phone the edge does not show. ??

  147. Tina Gibbs says:

    I have about 400 pictures on my phone but the app only brings up my moat recent pictures taken. How do I get it to access all my pictures

  148. Renee Carpenter says:

    I created a page very quickly! I love the program. I did want to mention that the Persnickety app does not print in 12 x 12, or at least it is not an option on my app. I am wondering if there are other companies that print 12 x 12. I used to purchase 12 x 12 at Costco but understand the don’t print that size anymore. I am ready to use the app but need to have a place to have the pics printed at.

  149. Renee Carpenter says:

    Ok, correction on my last….

    The Persnickety app does have a 12 x 12 option if you pick the square photo option. That in conjunction with the Project Life App is awesome!!!!

  150. Lisa says:

    Cool ….although to make it usable to me… I’d really love to see the ability to type on journaling card and then print it onto the actual journalling card (without printing the background of course – like a check box so it just prints text.) This would really help people doing traditional PL pages as a planning tool cause you could do all your journalling then print it out onto the cards and place in the pockets. (and yes i’d be happy to test that)

    As a digital tool. I’d like the ability to type on photos and also a 3×4 and 9×12 collage option.

  151. Tina Gibbs says:

    On the new update ios8 camera roll is no longer there they have it under photos. Project life is not accessing the pictures under photos. I deleted my shared pictures but project life still has them in pictures that can be accessed. Help

    • Karen M says:

      Quick work around for this problem. Go into your Photos on your iPhone or iPad and add your older photos into an album (I called mine “Old Photos”). The album will appear in PL app when you go to add photos to your layout. If the album doesn’t appear close the app completely in the multitasking and start it up again, the new album should be there.

  152. Julia Simonton says:

    i can’t get the project life app to upload to pernicety prints to print my projects once completed…what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  153. Connie Smith says:

    You need to make the app for android also. There are thousands of android users who are stamp and scrapbookers who could benefit from tour app. Thanks

  154. Vikki milroy says:

    Hi becky, love the app but have a question, I have the app on my iPhone and ipad from the cloud, is there anyway they can interchange, eg if I buy the kit in one do I have to buy it in the other. I had hoped a login would link the connections so I could work on either device but I can’t see an option for that
    Thanks in advance

    • Vikki milroy says:

      All good I see it’s coming, should if wait to buy kits though or will it sync whatever I buy so far.

      Ps you should remind people to check Q&A begore they post the same thing (like me!)

  155. elodie says:

    Et pourquoi pas avec Android?si on n’a pas l’iPhone on ne peux pas l’avoir je suis très decue

  156. Laurie says:

    If you buy extra kits and extra layouts on your iPad will they be available to use on your iPhone?

  157. Kim Wainwright says:

    I am having the same problems with accessing photos using iOS8 that others are having. Any workarounds available yet?

  158. Mary says:

    Can you write text onto photos with this App?

  159. krewella says:

    fantastic app but yet again I am left out because I don’t own an iPhone would be nice if people thought about the huge market of people who do not have an apple phone…disappointed…

  160. Candice says:

    Hi Becky — Are you going to release a Droid version of the app? You’re leaving out half of your customers!!

  161. Glennen says:

    I keep trying but I can’t figure out how to upload to persnickity prints…. Is everyone saving to their camera roll? The app is perfect except for this… It’s gorgeous, easy to use- a dream!

  162. Wonderful app from the sounds of things! Congratulations!! I have just read through all the comments to hear the feedback & will wait until something official is said to confirm the print resolution as I would only want this app if it meant that I would actually be making photo books out of my pages once they were complete. Thank you.

    • Kari says:

      Hey Helen: Check out the blog at Persnickety Prints. They have a great post explaining printing/resolution from within the app.

  163. Brenda cooper says:

    App says it’s for I-phones & I-pads. What about Android s?

  164. JenK says:

    Becky!!! This is AMAZING. I courted Project Life for about a year before diving into it for 2012. I loved reading the blogs and seeing how people were using digital elements to create pages. There was one catch, these talented ladies were using Photoshop to overlay text and crop and I have yet to purchase or learn how to use this program. Your app is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Looking forward to seeing how it flourishes!

  165. Roberta says:

    Becky, I love the app but am struggling to figure out how to add any journaling. Are there instructions anywhere??

    This app could seriously change “everything”!!!

  166. susan says:

    which app are people using to store pictures? right now pictures taken on iphone are stored on the iphone picture area. would luv a app so i can use project life app on ipad and a place i could put pictures taken from my camera so i could use them on pl app

  167. P@ (in Texas) says:

    My daughter & I downloaded the app on Thurs. She had 2 layouts done on her lunch hour! We attended a monthly crop on Saturday, where we’ve been responsible for turning several into Project Lifers. We showed them the app. They were ASTOUNDED! “I can create a layout while sitting in the stands watching the game!” was one of the first comments. For me, this is going to be the best thing since sliced bread! THANK YOU!

  168. Moana Brown says:

    21SEP2014 watched you on Creativelive.com this past Wednesday and just checked out your project life app, purchased it. Made a page in less than 5 minutes and shared with my family. Hopefully I can get them started in documenting their lives. Look forward to Heidi Swapp’s kits. Thank you Becky.

  169. Ily Figueroa says:

    Every time I am almost done with a page my i pad 2 crashes.
    Is this a problem with the i pad not being able to handle the app or is it the app that has an issue?

    • Ali says:

      My iPhone has done this as well. It doesn’t appear to “save as we go”. Any possibility of adding a save button? I’m not sure why I was crashing but I had to do the same layout several times before I could get to the export function. Love it though!

    • Abby V says:

      While I was working on my iPhone it did that too. I just turned my phone off, and turned it back on and the issue went away.

  170. Hilary says:

    I purchased the PL app and I love it! I’ve already created a handful of pages and I would really like to be able to upload them and print them in a photo book, rather than print and stick into page protectors. I have corresponded with the Persnickety Prints people and they said they don’t specialize in photo books–“The design software needs to be set up to fit custom bleed and cuts on photobooks. We would suggest you check with the Becky Higgins team on who they recommend or have built the software to be compatible with for photobooks :)” This was their response. Do you have a recommendation for a company that would be compatible with the new PL app?

  171. Dale Morin says:

    More Of a question. I downloaded the app to my iPhone.. Will I have to buy it again to get it to my iPad? Shouldn’t it sinc.

    • Kari says:

      I purchased mine on my Iphone and it also downloaded to my Ipad!

    • Abby V says:

      I was able to download the app I purchased on my iPhone to the iPad. However, I can’t seem to find the extra kit and layout option I purchased using my iPad on the app on my iPhone. I guess it didn’t sync up? That is the only issue I’m experiencing at the moment. Anyone else experiencing this?

  172. Nettie Baerwald says:

    Lovely. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into helping us scrap memories easier! However, given memory constraints of Apple products (no expandable SD slots) I work at minimizing my camera roll and auto save photos direct to Flickr, where I have unlimited storage. Further, photos taken with my DSLR are also saved to Flickr. It would not be efficient to move them from Flickr to the camera roll, just to use in the app, but possible, provided memory is available. Will you be expanding photo access within the app to Flickr and other photo storage sites? Pretty please? Thanks.

  173. Amanda Peet says:

    I have been looking for an app like this everywhere, so was thrilled to find it today! I LOVE all the paper designs and kits! Having read through all the comments though, I’m really worried about the print resolution. No one has answered that concern, even though LOTS of people have asked about it.
    I also have a couple of suggestions:
    1. I’d love to be able to merge some of the photo spots in the layouts to better customise the page for my photos. Eg. Merge four small squares into one large square. There are no layouts for only one or two large photos.
    2. I’d love to be able to enlarge or shrink the size of the frames in the layouts as well as the frame around the layout.
    3. I’d love to be able to import text onto a photo.
    4. I’d love to be able to have two different size fonts in the one text box. It would be really helpful if we could see what the actual font size is, so that a whole album can have consistent sizing if wanted.
    Thanks for all the work that is being out into this. I hope you are able to take these suggestions on board!

  174. joAnne says:

    Is there any way to place a photo that would cover two of the photo spots?

  175. Bernadette O'Rourke says:

    Love, love, love this APP! super awesome stuff. busy mom of 3 this is going to get me off center. The one question i have is that i did buy some of the digital project life to do via elements. of course since it’s on my computer i have rarely gotten to it. Is there a way that i can still utilize those purchases through this app without having to buy the kits again. I especially want the boy kits and themed cards i purchased to work on the app. Again such a great effort for you and your team. You really have the busy mom in mind. Congratulations on this great accomplishment.

  176. m says:

    …the app is really awesome! Please consider offering bundled in-app kits…please throw us some savings! Love the app; it got me scrapping again :D Thanks!!

  177. jana says:

    i like the 8×10 size, will you be making template for that size? or can you crop the current 12×12 size to a 8×8 or even 10×10? I find the 12 x 12 to be a bit large

  178. April Clark says:

    Please make an Android version of this. Not all of us iphone users. I am graphic designer and have never owned an Apple product in my life. Please don’t ignore the Android users. :)

  179. Danielle says:

    I was so excited when the app launched and bought it straight away, though unsure how much I would actually use it as I am not a digital scrapbooker and the most technical thing I do in my PL is crop photos in Photoshop to print 2 3×4 pictures or 4 2×3 pictures on one 4×6 (having watched Ali Edwards tutorial) I take all these with my iPhone or digital camera which is only a fairly basic one, and do not edit them as I don’t know how to! I have found that using the photo collage option within the app is a huge timesaver as I can create my 4×6 with either 2 or 4 pictures and then save to my camera roll and upload via my photobox app to then order my prints. I am now trying to think of a way to be able to do this with the photos on my camera as well as those on my iphone! I have created a few 12×12 layouts and am really enjoying this but am not sure there are any great options for printing these in the uk- if anyone has a recomendation please let me know. Happy scrapping!

    • Belinda says:

      I’ve spent hours searching online for a company who can develop 12×12 prints, and can’t find anywhere! Have you found anywhere yet? Living in the UK can be so frustrating at times!

  180. Karen Behrens says:

    This sounds great but I have a windows phone – are you working on other apps or just iphone/ipad? Android and Windows phone need this too!

  181. Charlotte says:

    Is this only for iPhone users? Wish there was an android app.

  182. Lea Deisher says:

    I cannot wait to try this!

  183. jomsrie says:

    Becky, in your opinion would Pl app be better apple 6 or bigger 6plus?

  184. Valerie says:

    Looks amazing! Any plans for an Android app? Pretty please?

  185. Alice Lance says:

    I purchased Project Life app for my iPad. It sounded like what I was looking for but when trying it out, I found it wouldn’t access my camera roll. I could just get to recent pictures, not my whole camera roll. Is there some setting that has to change for access?

  186. Jamie says:

    Does anyone know if you can use pictures from any other source than your camera roll? Most of my pictures are on facebook, snapfish or shutterfly. Thanks.

  187. Nicole says:

    HI Becky,
    I just wanted to tell you that the new app is wonderful!! I can’t stop using it!! I can’t wait to get enough done that I can print them.
    I am just wondering.. The only part of the app that needs some adjustment in the typing area. One improvement you may want to think about is that the user should be able to use different types of font on the same journal card as well as suffering sized types. I know is personally I like to differentiate between a headline and the text.

  188. Will their be a Halloween project life core kit on the app?

  189. Lidia says:

    Downloaded the app and OMG I just love it. A few more handy features would be great as outlined by others. I did 8 pages yesterday and it didn’t take long at all. Just deciding on which kit to use probably took me the longest but nevertheless it was fun!! I still need to add journaling (now that I know Siri can help with that) is a bonus. I was not into digital at all but I think I have changed my mind. Thank you Becky!!

    PS. A tick to show that a photo has been used in a layout would be useful.

  190. Anna says:

    I am loving the app so much! However, I cannot figure out how to export my photos to persnickety prints for printing! And tonight when I spoke to the live chat person on persnickety they were unable to assist me and also told me that 6×6 was the largest size I could print.. feeling so deflated!

  191. Michele says:

    Help!! I’ve been enjoying the new app on my iPad. I’ve made 11 pages successfully. This is going to be a great tool to get me caught up. Yesterday, I tried to start another page and I began having problems. Every so often, when I was trying to add a photo, I would be booted out and back to my home screen. Eventually, I gave up. When I tried working on the same page today, the same thing started right away. This time, I got booted out every time I tried to press on a box to add a photo. I tried starting a new page, same thing. I tried downloading the app onto my daughter’s iPad, same problem. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there anything I can do? I’m dying to get back to completing pages.

    • Lidia says:

      No problem here but maybe turn your phone on and off. I’ve have other apps that do weird things and that’s what I have to do to fix it.

  192. Lyn says:

    As others have mentioned, I would also love to be able to print 8.5 x 11 size. Love how easy it is to create pages. I think it will be a wonderful app to use on vacation.

    • Julie says:

      This is the best news EVER!! I love this app so much, and can’t wait to get enough pages made to place an order with Persnickety. To add to the wish list, it would be awesome to be able to share it through the app straight to Instagram.

  193. mary says:

    Are you going to do an android version. I refuse to buy any Iproducts.

  194. Ivy says:

    Can an update be made to allow text on photos!

  195. Lidia says:

    For users in Auistralia, I found http://www.scrapbookprinting.com.au who do 12 x 12 prints for $1.50 per page (cost differs for border or no border). Postage is $15. I have placed an order and when I get it next week, I will provide more feedback.

    Printing 6×4 photos instead (as suggested by someone already) is a great idea too.

    Loving this ap!!

  196. Julie says:

    Just bought app–love the concept! However, I noticed no replies from you about the resolution concern. When I exported a 12X12 page the whole page was 1.3MB–no where near high enough for good print resolution. That is about the resolution of one normal photo shot with a digital camera. Please reply to this resolution concern. Thanks!!!!!

  197. Jackie says:

    How do I access older photos on my phone? With the new ios8 update, I cant only access recent photos.

  198. Elizabeth says:

    Eagerly awaiting for this app to be available for Android users!

  199. Jeanette says:

    Will the printed paper packs that match the kits be offered and will there be a way to use them for backgrounds? Could you post the updates that are on your “To Do” list so that we will know what we have to look forward to? Drop shadows, layering, ability to write on photos and add embellishments would be terrific. So would the ability to sync between devices. Thanks

  200. Pat Mayer says:

    Sadly I still have an iPhone 4S for a few more months — will the App work with that? I see it’s optimized for the iPhone 5.

  201. Lorraine says:

    Congratulations on the new app! Not being a digital scrapbooker, I am impressed with how quickly I was able to learn the structure and complete layouts. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered a bug. Is this the correct place to post the problem? I’m stuck on a ‘choosing a layout’ screen, after I made a layout, and I can’t find a cancel button to return to my work in progress layout.

  202. Abby V says:

    Love the app! I downloaded it both on my iPad and iPhone so I can play around. However, I noticed that any kit or extra layouts I’ve purchased on my iPad app doesn’t transfer to the one on my iPhone. I hope in the future this won’t be an issue. I guess I’ll be holding off buying any more extra kits and layouts until this issue is resolved.

  203. Micki says:

    Hi Becky. I have a Nokia Lumia, which is Windows based. Just wondering if the app will be available for this smartphone in the future, and if so, when can I expect it? Thank you in advance.

  204. Leeann says:


    I’m from South Africa and we are loving this app!!! It’s a dream come true! We are yet to print a book. Just a comment while using the app:
    Is it possible to flag the photos that have been used on a page?

    Thank you

  205. Verena says:

    Awesome app! Pretty please, could you release the page layout of the mini album? I would so love to use this app to plan my pages, but cannot find a digital version of the mini album layout.

  206. Susan Staley says:

    Is there any plan to make this accessible to droid users?

  207. Dana Melton says:


  208. Jennifer Davis says:

    So excited about this! Congrats on the new app. One question though, because I’ve been a PL fan for years, I have many of the digital kits that I’ve already purchased on my computer. Is there anyway to use those in the app or will I have to buy them all over again through the app?

  209. Jean Kinney says:

    Becky, I left this note on the Celebration blog post, but I don’t know if you will see it there. Are pages done on the iPhone transferable to the iPad? I have most of my pix on the phone, but prefer to “compose” on the iPad, as it is bigger, and I can’t get a new phone for a year :( BTW this is the most AWESOME app I have found. And so cheap! I have never seen so much value for so little money. I have already made 4 pages, and will have a completed summer book tomorrow! Way to go, girl!

  210. Lindsay says:

    First let me just say I LOVE this app!!! It is exactly what I needed…I just finished 2 months worth of pages at nap time. I didn’t have to drag anything out and still have time to eat lunch! Question for anyone who plans on combining this with the kit/paper album. How are you filling the white space between an app page and kit page? Just trying to get some ideas so that I don’t have a blank design A/12×12 spread between a week where I used the paper version and app verstion. Thanks!

  211. carol trejo says:

    Will you be putting out a app for android users?

  212. Alissa says:

    Will this app be available for Windows Phone users at some point? Thank you!

  213. Darlene E. says:

    Is anyone else having a problem saving their completed pages to their recent photo album? I was able to do so last week, but now it isn’t doing it. Is their a known glitch?
    Thanks for your help.

  214. Sarah says:

    Hi Becky, oh wow I have just had the best time on the PL app. I’m not very tech savvy and I hardly ever download apps but I couldn’t resist yours. If I can do it anyone can do it! So simple, so fun, so immediate. And so great to see my life on my screen.
    I added the Seafoam kit which I already have in paper form. I’m using it to plan what I will then do in my album. I can do this on the train to work and in the weekend in no time I will have my physical pages made too. So very grateful and I’m re inspired to go out and cultivate my good life.

  215. Mary Ann says:

    Can you download the app to a Mac or PC?

  216. pam karpen says:

    When will the android version be released? I need inspiration & motivation :-)

  217. Jessica says:

    Soooooo. When can I get this in google play for android??!

  218. Helena says:


    I’m having problems with my Project Life app. Not sure if this is the right place to comment but anyway. I can’t save my finished collages to my phone, I’ve tried to reload the app but nothing works. Do you have any idea what could be the problem and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.

  219. Belle says:

    I have no experience in photoshop nor can i afford it. Can I still use this app and make a high quality photobook without photoshop??

    • Cee says:

      Belle: This is EASY; however, you are going to spend $1.99 printing these pages out. It’s cheaper than the kits and printing a ton of photos out.

      This app and usage of it is more cost effective.

  220. Cee says:

    Will there be a Halloween/Thanksgiving/ Christmas/holiday themed pack?

  221. maddy says:

    Will you be able to have it on the play store?

  222. Carla says:

    Love the app, but we in Europe and Asia are very Android based. When can we expect the app to be available for Android users? I hope this will be very soon!:-)

  223. Matthias says:

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  224. MN girl says:

    I’ve read through most of the replies. I’m a bit concerned there has been no answer to the questions concerning resolution. PLEASE RESPOND. It’s hard to believe the “test” focus group that was used to pilot the app didn’t have these SAME questions regarding resolution.
    Nettie had an great suggestion to an app modification to access stored photos through a hosting site, due to non-expandable memory of the iphone.
    Perhaps there is an updated FAQ area? Please list any link/information in this comment area.

    • Melissa says:

      I was concerned about resolution as well. I recently uploaded a number of pages I made with the app, interspersed with some regular digital scrapbooking pages to Shutterfly, and using the digi scrap book option ordered an 8×8 book made. I was pleasantly surprised at how fabulous everything looked! I couldn’t discern any difference between the app created pages and the ones I made with Photoshop Elements at 300 dpi. Perhaps with the larger size 10×10 or 12×12 book it would be noticeable. I can’t say. But I am totally happy with my 8×8 Shutterfly book!

  225. MN girl says:

    Some of the resolution questions were answered in the “comments” portion from the dailydigi Oct 7th “using project life” TUTORIAL on Daily Digi. The tutorial follows a podcast interview with Kari about Project life from October 3rd
    Follow the llnk below for discussion regarding resolution:


  226. Absolutely love this app and so does my sister. However one thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t sync between devices. Can this be a priority update to the app. It would them make it even better. Keep up the good work and I have friends who can’t wait to use the app through android

  227. Marilyn says:

    OMG this is awesome! Maybe there is hope for me yet! Thank you!

  228. Aljobritt says:

    Thank you Becky & Team for such a GREAT APP! It’s such a great time saver having everything at your finger tips on one device. I made eleven scrap pages yesterday and couldn’t believe how quickly I did it. This makes a big difference for me!!!!
    Thank you again!

  229. Rhody says:

    I am loving this app! But I have an ipad 2 and an iPad mini. Lucky I guess, however, I tried to get it from iTunes after purchasing from my iPad mini to my iPad 2. The store is asking me to purchase again. Help, or do I need to pay again? I am using the same iTunes account.

  230. Monica says:

    Disappointed there is not an Android version but looking forward to when it is released. :(

  231. Stacy says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the app! So easy to use on the go! I have a couple of questions. I bought some of the extra packs from my phone, but I don’t see them from our iPad. Is the a way to use them with out having to rebuy them? And is there a way for me to see pages created from both devices?

  232. Bonnie Rodriguez says:

    i am excited to try this app. I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

  233. Brenda Seegmiller says:

    is there a version I can use to easily digital scrapbook from my Mac– I love the version for my iPhone and iPad, but would love to have it on a bigger screen as well. Is it possible?

  234. Melissa S says:

    I can easily access photos for the app from Dropbox, but my space there is very limited (since I just have the free account). However, I do have Amazon Cloud storage and would love to be able to access all my photos that are there with the PL app. Is there a way to do that? And if not, will you be making other cloud storage options accessible on the app? That would be fabulous if you do!!!

  235. Becky says:

    Devastated that this is not in the Android market! I’ve been waiting for this to come out, checking the Google play store. Finally found out that its only iTunes. Will you release eventually in android market too?

  236. Angie Haynie says:

    I love, love, love the app and it has reinvigorated my scrapping. I do 100% of my scrap-booking from my ipad; which brings me to my request…. I receive your newsletters and see products I want desperately such as the life lists kit, but they are not available on the ipad and when I have bought items on the pc they don’t work properly when I import them as photos into the app. Please make more fantastic kits available for your app.

  237. Sweet App says:

    Android! Please? Oh I hope you do an Android version. :) Thank you!

  238. Lacy says:

    Does anyone know how to use project life digital on their macbook? I have looked up tutorials, and I can’t find one that aren’t professional photographers that use photoshop and lightroom to do all of theirs. I downloaded a desktop template, and can’t figure out how to even add pics. There isn’t a desktop app is there?


  239. Margaret says:

    Love the looks of this & cant wait for the android version. Also, i think itd be awesome to have a desktop chrome version. Chromebooks cant use photoshop or elements, so digitalprojectlife.com is useless to us. :/ Also chrome is wide spread so almost any computer could use it. :D

  240. stacy says:

    It’s been 2 months…still waiting for the Android launch.

  241. Bubba Puddles says:

    Is this going to be released for Android as well?

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  245. When I try to export my layouts and send to my email, it will not work. I have tried all the sizes and sent to different emails, nada! Any suggestions?

  246. Kay says:

    I just purchased some kits on my mini iPad. They don’t show up in my library on my iPad. Surely I don’t have to buy them again???

    • Kathryn says:

      I go back and forth between ipad and iphone …..
      but what i paid for on phone – doesn’t seem to be showing up on ipad …..
      surely i won’t have to purchase twice ???

  247. Stacey says:

    Has the question yet been answered once a kit is purchased is it only for the device it is purchased on?

  248. Tracey Agnew says:

    Is there anyway we can get just the plain journalling cards?

  249. Susana says:

    Hi, I’ve been using and loving the app!!!! I’ve made and printed over 50 pages so far. In one week! I have two questions–how do I delete pages from the app once I’ve already had them printed and uploaded them to Dropbox for backup storage? Second, how do I sync the app between my iPhone and iPad? I’m struggling to figure these two things out. Thank you so much for any help!

  250. Adrienne P-G says:

    I wanted to know where you print your bound books from?

  251. Chris H says:

    I’m starting my project 52 or 365 from my instagram account. I have a question about the PL app. I have a few of the PL mini albums, a 6×8 size that I purchased from Michaels. What size would I order to print for this album? I saw a 6×8 collage in the app, is that what I would order to fit in my album? Can I print the collage like the templates offered in the app?

  252. Zarah says:

    Maybe this has been answered elsewhere (I have the flu and am more than a little loopy atm) but any news on when this will be coming for androids? :)
    The app seems fantastic and I feel that it’ll be my way back into photo-crafting again, which I am so happy for. :)

  253. Linden says:

    This can be made available Android devices, so why not do it? There are so many apps available for all devices, please allow this to be available to ALL your fans, not just a few!

  254. Cindy says:

    I’ve turned to other ANDROID apps for scrapbooking. I’m very disappointed Becky Higgins has not made it a priority for Android users. Forget us (android users) once, shame on you. Forget us twice, shame on you.

  255. flopo83 says:

    It’s been a YEAR (!!!) since the Project Life app for IPhone has been released.
    Since then you’re telling us the Android version is coming SOON – when will that be??? Can’t believe it takes that long …
    Very disappointed. :-(

  256. Rebecca says:

    Are you planning on making the LDS missionary kit available for the app?

  257. Amanda says:

    Still waiting for news on when the android version will be available. It should not take a year from the apple to create it. An answer would be nice.

  258. Lauren says:

    so I have been trying to use this app on my phone and no matter what I do it wont’ let me connect to drop box which is where all my photos are stored. It keeps saying I need to install drop box which is already installed. I really would love to make our annual family album using this as I can do it laying in bed at night… but I dunno what to do. Any information

    • Christine says:

      I am having the same problem! It wont let me use dropbox. It just keeps telling me to install it. (which i already have)
      Can someone help?? PLEASE!!!!!!!

  259. Sandra says:

    why can’t i send the finished template to my camera roll? i’d like to be able to print myself

  260. Tracey says:

    Will there be a Flickr import feature? I have albums there that I’d like to access in the app.

  261. Cheryl Nyboer says:

    For the last several days, I can’t access the “Deck The Halls Value Kit” that I recently purchased. I can only access 4 filler cards. I’m wondering if there is a “glitch” in the app.

    I’m also having the same problem with Drop Box, where my files are stored. I just get a message to install Drop Box.

    I LOVE the app though and other than these two issues have had wonderful success!

  262. Kaitlin says:

    Why not for android? =(

  263. Kim says:

    I would like to second a request for app in Chrome. Chromebook would be a great platform for this!

  264. Sarah says:

    I really want the app but i can’t. My mom says you do not gonna pay for apps :(

  265. Rachel Vincent says:

    I have the app on my Android and love it! Is there any way to download an app or program so that I can use this on my Desktop? And if so, will it link with my phone app?

  266. Aimee shinosky says:

    Love this app, and your products. Does the iPhone and iPad now sync ? Too many posts to scroll and find answer. Thanks for your input.

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