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podcast show notes | episode 059 | the secret sauce for personal fulfillment (with ty bennett)

This blog post serves as SHOW NOTES for our podcast — Cultivate a Good Life. This is not a comprehensive outline of everything discussed in this specific episode. The notes, links, and tips below are just some of what was mentioned. Everything we’re highlighting here will certainly make so much more sense when you’ve listened to this episode. If you haven’t already listened, you definitely should. And you should also just go ahead and subscribe to the podcast. It’s good stuff.

episode description

059: The Secret Sauce for Personal Fulfillment (with Ty Bennett)

Oh guys! If you want to hear little bits of wisdom and inspiration sprinkled through an entire podcast, this episode is for you. We talk with Ty Bennett — entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster — about a variety of topics: how to show up for others but also take care of yourself, how to tell your best story, how to best contribute in life … the list goes on. And it’s a good list. Ty also shares his “Core Four” or four things he believes bring us joy in life. And these four things spur an exciting challenge between Ty and us. Listen for it! You’ll be so motivated and inspired from the episode. We loved talking with him so much, we have already invited him back!

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show notes

Check out Ty’s first speaking engagement here.

“The most important story you ever tell is the one you tell yourself.”

Listen to Ty’s podcast here.

Find Ty’s books here.

Core Four  (things that bring us joy):

  1. Create
  2. Connect
  3. Contribute
  4. Coach

“What are you contributing?”

Follow Ty on Instagram to find his weekly Monday Morning Mantra.




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