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podcast show notes | episode 048 | more than enough with miranda anderson

This blog post serves as SHOW NOTES for our podcast — Cultivate a Good Life. This is not a comprehensive outline of everything discussed in this specific episode. The notes, links, and tips below are just some of what was mentioned. Everything we’re highlighting here will certainly make so much more sense when you’ve listened to this episode. If you haven’t already listened, you definitely should. And you should also just go ahead and subscribe to the podcast. It’s good stuff.

episode description

048: More Than Enough with Miranda Anderson

Nurse turned lifestyle blogger turned minimalist, Miranda Anderson, joins us for this inspiring and motivating conversation! She shares about her new book, More Than Enough, that chronicles her family’s experiment in living a minimalist life and living out their family motto — less stuff, more adventure. Can you imagine not buying any non-consumable items for an entire year? Miranda tells us how her family did it and what they learned. You will be inspired to pieces of their experience and apply them in a way that makes sense for you and your family. She also shares in a loving and genuine way how everyone is more than enough right where they are right now, how to be content with where you are, and how to decide when you have enough.  

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show notes

There’s no end to what the world has to offer; therefore, it is crucial we decide when we have enough.

Miranda’s Live Free Creative podcast

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As soon as you turn off the ability to have more, what you already have instantly becomes more important and you become more grateful for it — not through loss but through the absence of more. 

Your life today is just the way that it’s supposed to be. And you are more than enough. Right now. Today. 

Find Miranda on Instagram @livefreemiranda

Check out her website here.




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