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podcast show notes | episode 035 | what creativity really means with tosha seeholzer

This blog post serves as SHOW NOTES for our podcast — Cultivate a Good Life. This is not a comprehensive outline of everything discussed in this specific episode. The notes, links, and tips below are just some of what was mentioned. Everything we’re highlighting here will certainly make so much more sense when you’ve listened to this episode. If you haven’t already listened, you definitely should. And you should also just go ahead and subscribe to the podcast. It’s good stuff.

episode description

035: What Creativity Really Means with Tosha Seeholzer

She’s a hand-lettering pro, illustrator, graphic designer, and just someone who loves bringing happiness and goodness to those around her through her creativity and talents. She’s also our guest in episode 035! She is Tosha Seeholzer. In this episode, Tosha talks to the Beckys about creativity. She makes them aware of all the many ways we are creative in our life. It doesn’t have to mean painting a picture or writing a song; creativity is much more far reaching. From any type of problem solving to being a good neighbor or being a good friend, we are creating every day even in the smallest of ways. Tosha helps listeners understand how they can be more creative in their life. Join us in this motivating and inspiring episode that will encourage you to spread joy and light to those around you through the creativity you didn’t know you had!

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show notes

Everyone is creative, but they just have to find their way of creating.

Stop comparing and competing and start connecting. –Brooke White

Here’s the beautiful quote Tosha shared from the book Strange the Dreamer:

You’re hiding your gift, but it’s not yours to hide. Whatever it is, it belongs to all of us. We’re in this together. 

Inspiring quote by Henry B. Eyring:

When you realize who you really are, you will be sorry that you didn’t try harder.

Here is the full quote by Picasso that Tosha mentioned:

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

Connect with Tosha on Instagram @hellotosha or check out her website here.




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  1. Gina says:

    I loved this episode, very thought provoking.