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podcast show notes | episode 032 | show up with natalie norton

This blog post serves as SHOW NOTES for our podcast — Cultivate a Good Life. This is not a comprehensive outline of everything discussed in this specific episode. The notes, links, and tips below are just some of what was mentioned. Everything we’re highlighting here will certainly make so much more sense when you’ve listened to this episode. If you haven’t already listened, you definitely should. And you should also just go ahead and subscribe to the podcast. It’s good stuff.

episode description

032: Show Up! (with Natalie Norton)

Natalie Norton — mom, podcaster, life coach, photographer, and just overall talented and inspiring human — talks about many heavy, hard, and traumatic life experiences she has had and the beautiful lessons she has learned from them. Join us in a touching and intimate conversation with Natalie and keep the tissues close by.


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show notes

A high tide raises all ships.

Take a listen to Natalie’s podcast here.

I will stand on top of this. I will not drown down inside of this.

Here’s a link to the bonus episode with her husband that Natalie referred to.

If we are waiting to live, if we are waiting for all of those things to settle down and slow down in order for us to finally show up fully and completely, we could legitimately be waiting forever.

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

We are all just walking each other home. –Ram Dass

Show up for one another with courage because we are answering a call that is greater than the sum of the parts. 

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One Response

  1. Traci says:

    WOW. this episode! I have been listening to your podcast since the beginning . I have enjoyed every episode of the podcast. There have been a few episodes that don’t neccesarily pertain to the season of life I am in but I still listen and come away with something that has touched my heart and the feeling of light that you and your guests share. I even sometimes come away feeling validated for my efforts and other positive feelings of where I need to improve as a wife mother, daughter and friend. I still have much to learn and grow and am not perfect in anyway so I continue look forward to every Wednesday. This episode maybe one of my favorites yet! It really resonated with me. My heart is full. Thank you for doing what you are doing.