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podcast show notes | episode 002 | how not to be stressed out for your family photo shoot

This blog post serves as SHOW NOTES for our podcast — Cultivate a Good Life. This is not a comprehensive outline of everything discussed in this specific episode. The notes, links, and tips below are just some of what was mentioned. Everything we’re highlighting here will certainly make so much more sense when you’ve listened to this episode. If you haven’t already listened, you definitely should. And you should also just go ahead and subscribe to the podcast. It’s good stuff. Also, these notes show up in the order that they came up during the show.

episode description

Oh mamas. We get it. Family photo shoots are usually an investment and it’s so stressful getting the whole family ready! Why is it that tensions are high and moods are swinging all over the place when all we want are some nice family pictures? We share 30 practical tips that will help your next photo shoot to be a much more pleasant experience than past years — from preparations to during the session, and even tips for afterwards.

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show notes

A few of Becky Proudfit’s family pictures over the years. The first couple shown here were taken by her sister-in-law, Melody.

A few of my family pictures over the years. (For those who are new here, this is Becky Higgins and I am writing all these show notes.)

ABOVE: Our first family picture in 2002 with us being a brand-new party of 3 (we were married for 7.5 years before being blessed with our first child).

ABOVE: Our first family picture with all 5 of us, taken in 2009. This was also the first year we hired a professional photographer (Kara Layne) instead of just having a friend take a picture.

ABOVE: Last year’s annual family picture, taken by Natalie Nelson in the basement of our home under construction.

Local 14-year-old boy that I’m considering hiring for this year’s family pictures: @jonascostnerphotography

Flip-through of my photo book that spans our first 20 years worth of family pictures. As promised, I’ll share this video flip-through on our social media — @CultivateAGoodLife.


Keep in mind that all of these are expanded upon in the episode. This is just a refresher to remind you because there were so many tips covered.


  1. Just do it.
  2. Begin with the end in mind. “The purpose of the task is to strengthen the relationship.”
  3. Make a family date out of it.
  4. Connect with your photographer and have clear expectations.
  5. Share tips about your kids with the photographer.
  6. Let perfectionism GO.
  7. Trust your photographer.

Becky Proudfit’s “ball of wonderful” with her hands on her hips. Oh sweet Caroline.

Becky Proudfit’s picture of the boys in front of the Christmas tree right after Jameson threw up.


8. Do not overbook your day. Make your photo shoot the prime event of the day.

9. Plan your outfits in advance.

10. Lay it all out to be sure that everything looks good together.

11. Consider the sit-ability in the outfits.

12. Run your outfits by your photographer. 

13. Socks matter!

14. Let’s talk hair. Consider a trim for that day or be intentional about getting those haircuts well in advance, before the photo shoot.

15. Makeup. If you’re doing your own, go a touch heavier. Also consider hiring a professional makeup artist, as long as you’ve already used them.

16. Add another generation. 


17. Prep your man. 

18. Do not show up hungry.

19. Sleep is underrated.

20. Be prepared with treats.

21. Bring a “favorite thing” for the little ones.

22. Be early to the shoot. 


23. Do not be a control freak.

24. Let the kids be themselves. Let their personalities SHINE.

25. Savor the moment. Show love to your family during the pictures. Enjoy being together.

26. Personal interactions. Be aware of your facial expressions in between the posed pictures. 

27. Get over your personal insecurities. Feel free to communicate a few things with your photographer ahead of time.


28. Validate your photographer.

29. Check with your photographer before posting pictures on social media.

30. Thank your family! Don’t focus on what went wrong.

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contributing photographers

The following professional photographers contributed to the content shared in this episode. We are so thankful to them for sharing their wisdom, tips, and expertise!



Serving: Arizona

Specializing in: Portrait

Web: cheznousimages.com (It’s French and pronounced shay-noo images)

Instagram: @cheznousimages



Serving: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria (Arizona)

Specializing in: High school seniors

Web: brookeallisonphotography.com

Instagram: @brookeallisonphotography



Serving: Colorado Springs, Colorado. Seasonal sessions in Northern Utah and Southern California.

Specializing in: Families, children, and high school seniors

Web: Juliadavisphotography.com

Instagram: @Julia_davis_photography



40 Love Photography

Serving: Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas

Specializing in: Family, high school seniors, and weddings

Instagram: @40lovephoto

Facebook: 40 Love Photo



Serving: Arizona and beyond

Specializing in: Portraits and weddings

Web: kimskinnerphotography.com

Instagram: @kimskinnerphotography



Serving: Lexington, Kentucky + travel

Specializing in: Sweet families & darling weddings

Web: melaniemauer.com

Instagram: @melaniemauer



Serving: Arizona + willing to travel

Specializing in: Family and weddings

Web: sorensen-studios.com

Instagram: @sorensenstudios



Serving: Arizona — Glendale / Phoenix / Peoria / Scottsdale (Maricopa County)

Specializing in: Family / children / portrait / newborn / business headshots

Web: melodychristinaphotography.com

Instagram: @MelodyChristinaPhotography


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  1. LOVED this episode! Thank you for compiling a whole truckload of ideas and tips to help mamas make family photos a bit less bumpy and more fun!

    Like always, you deliver what’s practical and useful with panache! Thank you, Becky!!