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how to photograph movement and action

Hello, again! Today I wanted to give you a few tips on how to photograph movement and action. We know that it can be a bit frustrating when trying to freeze fast action, and it becomes especially hard when working with our children and little ones. My philosophy instead of fighting my kids to sit still and causing fights and tears is to go with the flow and do what I can to catch the motion in my every day photos of them. Whether you are using your mobile phone camera or a DSLR, I am going to give you a few simple tricks for both.

Let’s start with your mobile phone camera.

The following images were all taken with my iPhone 6 Plus. To allow my children to continue being themselves without stopping to pose them, I first made sure to click the point of the image that I wanted to be in focus. This ensures that you give the camera a focal point to create a sharp image. Then, instead of simply clicking the shutter button once, I held it down in order to shoot rapid fire to capture several images within a matter of a second or two. Yes! You can shoot in burst mode even on your mobile phone! This is a wonderful tool which allows you to capture moving action and then select the best images from what you capture.



Now, for those of you shooting with a DSLR, this part is for you. The trick is to change your shooting mode from “single frame shooting” to “continuous shooting.” As you go through your camera manual and settings, you will want to look for these icons:


Anytime you are shooting fast action situations, you want to make sure you switch your camera to “continuous shooting” mode. This will allow you to focus on your subject and when pressing and holding the shutter button, your camera will function in burst mode to keep up with the movement happening. You also want to make sure your shutter speed is high and at least 1/500 or more. Here are a few examples I captured with my DSLR:



These few simple tips will help you freeze action and document things as they are happening. Hope you enjoy and happy shooting!


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  1. Laurie Jean Dudley says:

    Didn’t even think of that setting while I was at my niece’s wedding last weekend. Will need to practice with my puppies.