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photo books vs. prints

Our photo books are now available through the Project Life® App (all the exclamation marks – seriously!) and we are so stoked that you now have this option for getting your scrapbook pages from the Project Life App printed in a bound book. We’ve tested the photo books extensively and for real, you guys are going to flip over the finished product. The quality is phenomenal — from the cover types to the printed pages, we know you’ll flip over all of it!

Before we dive into all the stuff there is to know about the photo books, here’s a quick re-cap on the printing choices with the app.

Option 1: Order prints. Each individual page created in the app is a photographic print. The prints are meant to slip into page protectors, which are then kept in an album. A big advantage of doing it this way is that you can add pages to a scrapbook along the way instead of waiting until the completion of a whole book project. Also, this works well for “hybrid” scrapbooking where you can include everything from printed app pages to physical pocket pages to traditional / creative scrapbook pages all in the same book.

Option 2: Order photo books. A collection of app pages is brought together in one thin photo book. All pages are bound together and pages are printed double-sided. A big advantage of doing it this way is that the books are much thinner / less bulky than albums. There’s also no space (a.k.a. rings) between two facing pages, so it’s a very classy, polished, finished product.

As with scrapbooking in general, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. We are thrilled to offer options and as always, I encourage you to find whichever is the best fit for YOU and for your specific project needs. The point of this blog post is to spell out the price comparisons between the two options when ordering through the app so you don’t have to go through all the math yourself.  ; )

A bit about the photo books

Our photo books come with 2 cover options – Faux Leather (available in 6 colors) or a Custom Photo Cover that will fill the cover and spine area (the back of the book will be white). Here are those 6 color options in the Faux Leather . . .

And the Custom Photo Cover option allows you to add any picture you want . . . or something you’ve scanned (artwork, fabric, a favorite patterned paper, etc.) . . . or something you’ve whipped up digitally . . . or, you get the idea. You’re not limited to just photographs. It’s “custom” after all! Here’s an example of dropping a family picture into the cover. Keep scrolling and you’ll see a white photo book cover that says “the first twenty years”. I literally just wrote that out with a Sharpie on white cardstock, scanned it, and made that the cover. See? Endless possibilities!

The base price of the photo book includes 10 pages (one page = 2 sides so that’s 20 designed pages that you make in the app). In order to maintain the quality of the binding, the maximum number of pages that can be included in our photo books is 30 double-sided pages. This shows the thinnest and thickest photo book examples, to give you an idea. The spine is consistently 1/2″ thick, no matter how many pages you add. More on the page limitation explained in this blog post.

It’s worth noting that this blog post includes more tips & tricks that would be good for you to review before you start your first photo book, so be sure to check that out.

If you’re like me, you appreciate information upfront in order to make a decision on how you should approach a certain project. Our hope is that by sharing a compare / contrast overview of the costs — making a photo book vs. printing the individual pages and putting them in an album — you will feel fully informed and be able to make your decisions accordingly.

I say this a lot in memory keeping: BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. You’ll see the base price for each photo book size and cover type and how much each would be with the maximum number of pages. We’ll then show you what a similar album would look like with printed pages that get slipped into Page Protectors, and all of that put into a D-ring album. All physical products we’re referring to are found in our shop or you can check with your local craft retailer as well.

8×8 Photo Book

Faux Leather Cover: $55.99

Custom Photo Cover: $61.99

Additional Sides (one side of a page): $2/each

TOTAL FOR A FAUX LEATHER BOOK WITH 30 PAGES / 60 SIDES (maximum number) = $135.99

TOTAL FOR A CUSTOM PHOTO COVER BOOK WITH 30 PAGES / 60 SIDES (maximum number) = $141.99

8×8 Album

8×8 Album: $14.99 – $19.99 (depends on the cover material)

Big Pack of 8×8 Page Protectors: $29.99

(120) 8×8 Prints (enough to fill all 60 page protectors): $118.80


(60) 8×8 Prints (same number as photo book max): $59.40

TOTAL with all 60 Page Protectors filled = $163.78 – 168.78


TOTAL with same number of pages/prints as photo book max = $104.38 – $109.38

10×10 Photo Book

Faux Leather Cover: $79.99

Custom Photo Cover: $87.99

Additional Sides (one side of a page): $3/each

TOTAL FOR A FAUX LEATHER BOOK WITH 30 PAGES / 60 SIDES (maximum number) = $199.99

TOTAL FOR A CUSTOM PHOTO COVER BOOK WITH 30 PAGES / 60 SIDES (maximum number) = $207.99

10×10 Album

We have added this size since the original post was written so we wanted to add that pricing here for you. No images are included in this size.

10×10 Album: $24.99

Big Pack of 10×10 Page Protectors: $29.99

120 – 10×10 Prints (enough to fill all 60 page protectors): $190.80

60 – 12×12 Prints (same number as photo book max): $95.40

TOTAL with all 60 Page Protectors filled = $245.78

TOTAL with same number of pages/prints as photo book max = $150.38

12×12 Photo Book

Faux Leather Cover: $90.99

Custom Photo Cover: $93.99

Additional Sides (one side of a page): $3/each

TOTAL FOR A FAUX LEATHER BOOK WITH 30 PAGES / 60 SIDES (maximum number) = $210.99

TOTAL FOR A CUSTOM PHOTO COVER BOOK WITH 30 PAGES / 60 SIDES (maximum number) = $213.99

12×12 Album

12×12 Album: $19.99 – $34.99 (depends on the cover material)

Big Pack of 12×12 Page Protectors: $29.99

120 – 12×12 Prints (enough to fill all 60 page protectors): $238.80

60 – 12×12 Prints (same number as photo book max): $119.40

TOTAL with all 60 Page Protectors filled = $288.78 – $303.78

TOTAL with same number of pages/prints as photo book max = $169.38 – $184.38

Here are a few things to consider when choosing between photo books + prints:

1. Is storage space an issue? Photo books take up significantly less space than albums so if space is very limited, photo books are a great way to conserve space.

2. Is your project ongoing? When working on a project that you want to add to over time, an Album and Page Protectors usually make more sense since you can easily add more to your album, whenever you want and as often as you want. If you have a “complete project” (vacation album, family yearbook, baby book, etc.), then a photo book is a great way to print all of those memories in one complete book.

3. Do you want to customize the cover? There are so many fun + creative ways to customize the cover of our photo books! See this post for some ideas.

4. Is cost a factor? Overall, the cost of albums + page protectors + prints is slightly less than that of photo books, so if space isn’t an issue, you may prefer the lower price point of that option.

5. Are you gifting? Both are great gift options — the receiver is sure to love seeing all of your memories captured beautifully!

6. Are you creating a “family yearbook” style of project with 2-page layouts for each of 52 (or 53) weeks? We understand that the maximum number of pages allowed in our photo books exceeds the number of pages that you will have for the year which will mean printing your full year in more than one book. The beauty of that is you can spread out the cost during the year and you also won’t have to wait a full year to flip through the pages to enjoy your work! It’s also likely that if you print the first half of your book part way thorough the year, it may be just what you need to keep you excited and motivated to stay on track and finish strong. *wink*

Just as with scrapbooking in general … it always comes down to personal preference. We’re here to offer options and also inform you (with total transparency) on the cost comparison. No matter if you’re using the app to preserve your memories or using the digital product or physical product … it’s ALL scrapbooking. It’s all good.

Are you new or do you need a reminder of how Project Life works and the various options available? This short & sweet video will give you an overview.

Giveaway time!

In honor of the pending launch of our photo books, we will be giving away 3 copies of a book that I put together in the app just for you! You know my recipe pages? I’ve brought 20 of them together in this little custom 8×8 photo book made in the app and printed through the app. It’s not for purchase. It’s just for 3 of you! Want a chance to be one of those 3 people? We will randomly select from those who place a photo book order within the first few days of the launch (which we are hoping is next week). So . . . get your pages ready so once they are launched, you can place your order for your book and be automatically entered for a chance to win!


84 Responses

  1. Alexis says:

    Wow, I’m having a bit of sticker shock. I printed my full year album (2 page layouts) at Blurb last year in 12×12 size for $187 (and I thought that was a lot at the time!). That included the photo wrapped cover, the upgraded paper and the book does lay flat. To do a full year in the photobooks option would cost me $428 since I would have to do 2 books. That is a HUGE difference. I wish I could see one in real life before committing to such a huge investment. I guess I will wait to hear some of the reviews that come through comparing this book to other companies.

    • Melissa says:

      I am feeling the same way. Sticker shock! I’m sure it’s a great product but like you said there are other places for a fraction of the price that print wonderful books.

    • Kimberly says:

      Sticker Shock for sure!!! I think a photo book should cost less than all of the supplies to make an album. Not more……

    • April says:

      Well I guess IF I want a photo book the cost at Shutterfly is more affordable and they have reasonable sales. Her prices don’t even quote shipping so how much extra will that be?

  2. Jennifer Kraus says:

    Congratulations Team Project Life! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Photo Book update to the app. This was no doubt a huge undertaking on your part and it is greatly appreciated! As soon as I checked Instagram and saw that it was ready a short while ago, I submitted my first order for a 10×10 Faux Leather book (our December album; my version of a December Daily, which isn’t “daily”). I anticipate you will be flooded with orders today and wish you all the best! Thank you for your work in making this an option for your customers. Warmest wishes!

  3. Heidi says:

    VERY excited to see this!!!!! Can’t wait to order!!!

  4. Betty says:

    I am so excited that the photo book option is finally available! As recommended, I created 2 folders and added pages to each folder so that I would be ready for today. I just updated the app on my iPhone and my folders are now gone :(

  5. Stacey says:

    That is way too cost-prohibitive for me, even if the quality is far superior (which I’m actually skeptical of anyway). I’ve printed through Blurb and will continue to do so as I’ve always been far happier with their book/page making process than I have been with the app.

  6. Shannon says:

    Also experiencing some sticker shock. Can you give us more information on the materials used in the photo books? Thickness of the paper (is it photo paper?), glossy or matte, etc? It’s hard to compare prices to other online publishers without knowing more details. Perhaps you could compare your materials to Shutterfly and other printers we’re familiar with and/or make some videos of the books. Are you manufacturing the books yourself or are these produced by the same company as other online photo books? Thanks and congrats on the launch.

    • April says:

      I agree Shannon, I’m use Shutterfly quite often and no issues with their quality

    • Jaime says:

      I’m new to digital scrapbooking and way behind on scrapbooking to begin with…Are you able to save the layouts you create in project life (digital and app) then print using shutterfly or some other website? Either each page or in a bound book? Thanks!

  7. Jessica Mitchell says:

    This is a terrific blog post. Thanks for crunching the numbers and giving us so many options. You also brought up several really good points that I hadn’t considered previously. Awesome work! Top notch! Congrats!

  8. Carissa says:

    I too was surprised by the price. They look great but unfortunately are WAY too expensive for me. And with the page limit you now have to buy TWO books (double the price) for one year. I love the idea of 10 x 10, and will either wait for albums & page protectors or print at either Blurb or Adoramapix.

  9. Yvonne says:

    I’m a little confused by something. You write “additional side” and then list a price. Does that mean there is an option to add more pages into the photo book? I thought you had a max number of pages. I was so excited for you to have photo books but this price is too expensive for me. It would be helpful if you could compare your books with Shutterfly to actually give a comparison of the quality differences, so I can decide if your photo books are worth the investment.
    Thanks for all you do! Love your company!

  10. Jennifer Younker says:

    Thanks for the side by side information. I’ve been trying to do the math. I normally print out 12×12 books with shutterfly. But because of cost of lay flat pages on Shutterfly, I have picked the cheaper book options and got the normal pages with shutterfly. But every time I look at the books, I really have to try to bend the books to see the inside pages, because I print out big book of 100 pages/200 layouts in each book. So, I’ve been saving up knowing I wanted to do lay flat pages for 2016 year book and that a book was going to cost $300-$400.

    Your book seems to be the highest quality and wroth the price difference, because whats the point of all the hard work of getting a scrapbook done, when in the end it’s a pain to look though it.

    In Shutterfly roughly a 12×12 book with lay flat pages in a nice matt cover is about $130 for only 20 pages. Then anther $2 per additional page. That price is with out any sales. So, one of my new years resolution was to spend the extra money and get really good lay flat books that will last a life time and be a joy to look through. Then use shutterfly’s cheaper books for my little 8×8 project books.

    • Shutterfly runs 50% sales so frequently that it is unrealistic to pay $130 for any of their books.

      I order books pretty regularly and never pay more than $15 for a hardcover 8×8 book with 20 pages. I have ordered 12×12 books and have never paid more than $45.

    • Tammee says:

      I was just working on a book at A butterfly with these pages as full page photos, but it appears their default copying of the edges will ruin the look of the pages (take off the borders around different photos and elements. Has anyone printed PL pages in one of their books? Was the cropping as bad as it looks in their preview?

    • Tammee says:

      That’s supposed to be Shutterfly, thanks autocorrect!

  11. Christy Westerheide says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of money! I’m sure it’s nice but way too much for me!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Even with the sticker price shocker….Another miss for Canada :(

  13. Meag says:

    Beautiful books! I’ve been a long time project lifer and have become as enthusiastic about the people and positivity behind the brand as I have about the awesome products and streamlined process Project Life has brought to my scrapbooking. I have been anxiously waiting for this option and hope to share this comment in a constructive light…I’m a bit shocked by the pricing. I print digital photo books regularly, some lay flat, some certainly nicer than others. Knowing your reputation for quality product I have no doubt these are high quality but seem very high priced. For people like me who buy multiple copies of my annual book for each child it really eliminates my option of printing through the Project Life app. Thank you for the goodness you and your team put out in your work and social media. #thoughtsfromafan

  14. Tiffany Vaughsn says:

    Very happy for this company achievement but unfortunately its way too expensive for me. I will be sticking with Blurb as well. I love their quality and prices.

  15. Heather says:

    I think this is a very exciting step, but I have to admit even though I am a ardent fan of the app, I will still be publishing with Shutterfly. I have no doubt that the quality is better with Project Life, but the cost difference is just too great, especially considering the maximum number of pages is far less than a standard book from Shutterfly….plus I just hang on until they have a 50% off sale. It’s the only way I can afford to do it,

  16. Naureen says:

    I was so excited to see the info on the photobook printing. However, I am really bummed to see the price. I have recently printed a 12 x 12 photobook (not lay-flat version) through Shutterfly, and used a 50% discount code, and printed nearly 50 double sided pages for less than $150. I lost a bit of quality since the pages were not made on the Shutterfly site. I know some might say that you put a price on memories and memory making. I love saving time with using the app, but the cost of the photobook is too cost-prohibitive. This price will force me to divert my printing to Shutterfly, because for this price I can print nearly TWO 12×12 books using their 50% discount codes :-( …sorry. I hope the price becomes competitive soon because it will be super exciting to print books using the app.

    • Tammee says:

      I was just working on a book at Shutterfly with these pages as full page photos, but it appears their default copying of the edges will ruin the look of the pages (take off the borders around different photos and elements. Has anyone printed PL pages in one of their books? Was the cropping as bad as it looks in their preview?

  17. Naureen says:

    correction: you *can’t* put a price on memories and memory making

  18. The beauty of the Project Life app is it’s easy entry point. It appeals to the busiest and most price conscious memory keeper. I love the idea of photo books and have created and purchased my share of books through Shutterfly, Snapfish, Blurb, and Blog2Print. Comparing their prices to yours, your product-while no doubt reflecting high quality, is pretty exorbitant.

    I eagerly awaited the update of the app and was hoping to create a photo book today, but the price point turned me away ASAP. I guess I will be sticking with printing pages or using Shutterfly to print photo books.

    Very disappointed right now.

  19. Vanessa says:

    Assuming you’re using the same print company as your prints, WHCC. As a photographer who has used WHCC in the past, there is no doubt that the quality of these books will gorgeous!! Anyone wondering about such thing, they are stunning. Being a Canadian, the cost is far too much, sadly. Is there any chance Michaels will be carrying more PL products? They get some, but the variety is lacking… as in, they get the same 3 core kits… I’m addicted to PL but being a canaidian is a real struggle to get my “goods”! Amazon is not a viable option either… 200$+ for a kit is ummmm insanity. 😩😩.
    Congrats on the launch!!!

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree about Michaels in Canada. The same three kits. All.the.time. And page protectors…if you’re lucky to find them…buy them all. Who knows when they will bring them in again…lol… And unfortunately, in Alberta anyways, there are virtually no scrap stores left. Just a sad, sad Michaels store.

    • Rhonda says:

      Agreed about Michaels in Canada! We do have a great scrapbooking shop in Manitoba but it has barely any PL either.

  20. Katy B. says:

    I’m copy/pasting this comment from the other blog post I just left it on – just because I really hope it’s something that will be considered! I eat, drink, and breathe this memory keeping stuff (both creating and printing it:)

    “Long time customer and fan here – the quality does look fantastic, though I’m a little bummed by the page limit. I’ve been holding out for the photo book option for my 2015 book only to find out that it won’t hold the entire year. May I make a suggestion? I understand that quality is very important (of course) and your company isn’t going to offer a subpar printing or binding because you want to make sure only a super quality product has your name on it. But perhaps giving the choice for lay-flat pages or regularly binding pages can alleviate those frustrations? I personally don’t care a great deal about lay-flat and don’t pay the extra when I’ve ordered photo books from other companies. From what I’m understanding, the lay-flat feature is what is limiting the book size. Perhaps giving customers the option for regular binding (larger page count) or lay-flat (smaller page count) would be worth considering? :)”

  21. Peggy says:


    I agree that when you see a total for the books that the price seems high. I have no doubt that the quality is superb! The convenience is unmatched.

    When comparing to some of the crafted albums on my shelves the costs are actually less considering albums, page protectors, paper and cardstock, ink, adhesives, photo developing and embellishments. The difference is I purchased these items a little at a time so it didnt seem as much.

    Again I think it comes down to personal preference. A great way to manage the costs would be to save $5 each time you complete a two sided page and by time to publish you are ready!

    Perhaps Becky will also run an occasional sale!

  22. Erica says:

    Holy price point! I was holding out to start printing many of my past years, but I’ll wait for the Shutterfly sales. Why would we pay $2 per additional side? That’s crazy!

  23. Anne says:

    First, congratulations on launching a product you’ve all been working so hard on! I had decided this year I would use the app for my family yearbook and was looking forward to printing multiple photo books for my kids; however my jaw literally dropped when I saw these prices. Unfortunately this option no longer makes sense for me. I understand the importance of quality; however that also needs to be balanced with affordability. Like some of the other comments I too am disappointed. Hoping you offer a more reasonable photo book option someday.

  24. Angie says:

    I’ve chomping the bit to print my app pages into a book and was thrilled when many months ago the photo book was announced to be coming down the line. I love the app and think it’s the greatest thing ever! But I hate to say it – I’m quite bummed today. I’ve been making photobooks for our past years (that are already on the computer) through other companies and for a big thick book, pay around $100-150. I uploaded my app pages to make the book today and realized that I’d be paying the higher end of that range for only HALF a year. That’s double what is typically charged out there in photobook land. I wish something were different – higher price, BUT the whole year in one book or much, much lower price to make up for the fact that a whole year has to be broken up. The lay flat pages look great, but as someone mentioned above, I wish there were the option for lay flat or normal binding. Lay flat is cool, but not tons-of-extra-money cool. I’ll still be an app fan for as long as I can forsee, but hope something will give in order for the book to make more sense to more customers. More choice in the price point would be awesome (like lay flat pages being an extra upgrade and not the only way to do it).

    I do understand that you don’t want to sacrifice quality and want to be able to say you gave your customers the best quality you could find, but what is the use of this great quality if the price point for the options doesn’t lead the customers to use the photobook service anyway and then go elsewhere?

  25. Jennika says:

    I am in shock about the price as well—so expensive. Also the price comparison is based off full prices of items which you can’t compare to if you buy using coupons/deals. I buy all sheet protectors and binders using a 40-50% off coupon at Michaels or Joanns. Also, most of the time when I buy my digital PL stuff I buy when it is on sale as well. I also buy print credits from Persnickety when they are on for $1.25 for 12×12 and use those to print all year. My cost per album is much cheaper then what is explained in this post. I have printed books through Shutterfly and Costco and thought the quality is fine. My books get looked at often, but they are not used daily so I don’t need the most highest of quality to help them uphold the wear and tear.

    I love PL and it has changed my scrapbooking life and I will be forever grateful for it! I love looking through my books I have made! I would love to see some alternative options available for printing books to be more comparable with the other options out there! Thanks for making scrapbooking fun again!

  26. Cinta says:

    I was SO excited when you were finally going to launch photo books…I’ve been waiting for this since the app was launched! However, the page limit is disappointing, and the price is just way too much for me! I’m so disappointed. I’d love for cheaper options to be available. I don’t care about incredible quality, I care about being able to print an entire year in one book that will last for generations. The quality, as long as it is archival, is not as important to me. Darn, I was hoping this launch would get my booty more in gear to finish up some pages and get them printed. But it’s back to Shutterfly I go.
    I DO love your company by the way! Just wanted to give you feedback!

    • Angie says:

      Yes – you said what I was trying to say in a longer post – :) I like quality and all, but has to be weighed against the practicality of cost. For only half a year of app pages it said it would $158 – I pay that much or less for a big huge Shutterfly book that holds the whole year and then some. So I would be paying $300 to print the entire year. Now, I’m sure they are better quality than Shutterfly. But costing TWICE as much better? I hope hope hope more cost reducing options are coming because I think there are more people like us that just want it done and don’t care if it’s the most fabulous work of art. I pay good money for prints that I look at everyday on the wall, I guess I’m just not willing to pay top dollar for those in a book that aren’t looked at quite as often (and quality that no one else would even appreciate but me!).

  27. Sarah says:

    Wooo-eee! They are quite a bit more than I expected. Beautiful and definitely look high quality but not really attainable for me at the price point. Definitely won’t be having y’all print a book for me. I’ll have to unfortunately stick with printing off single pages or photo books with places like shutterfly with their sales and coupons. Bummer. 🙁

  28. craftycat says:

    STICKER SHOCK. I was hoping to print a 10X10 PL album but $208!!! Oh no — that will not work for me.

  29. Laura says:

    I am super excited!! I have printed with blurb and Shutterfly in the past and I have done several years of physical project life (ish in the early years) albums also. I am incredibly excited for the one stop shop nature of printing the books through the app. No more uploading & worrying about margins!!! I see you’re getting tons of both positive and negative feedback. I am so excited and willing to pay a premium to not have to upload and design a book somewhere else. It’s all on my iPhone and iPad which is just amaxing!!! I am getting ready to place my first of many orders!! Thank you so much for your vision ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Beth says:

    Based on response here, I’m curious if you did some kind of survey of customer expectations? Maybe that would have better gauged what people where willing to pay and what they’d expect from the final product. A lot of us out here have printed from a variety of photo book printers and with variety of sizes and features (at least I have) and could have given feedback as to what we find affordable, somewhat affordable, and exorbitant. For those of us that use Project Life as a yearly family yearbook of sorts, I think affordability is a tad more important (versus printing wedding pictures or other special occasion pictures where cost isn’t quite as important). I echo the others – lay flat is nice, but it costs so much more. I’d be interested to find out in a poll of customers/blog readers if lay flat was that super important or not to justify spending more than most of usually do on photo books.

    • Jen says:

      I agree, it’s being advertised as if I will order several books a year you know the yearbook, our spring break trip and other stuff. Not all of us have a wad to drop for all those books. I’m perfectly fine with my free 8×8 Shutterfly album that doesn’t lay flat to showcase my weeklong vacation that I hope to get.

  31. Kari says:

    I am so excited about the photo books. As a professional photographer, I have used White House Custom Color for client and personal photo printing in the past. Their quality and customer service is outstanding. The books I have seen from Shutterfly cannot compare with products from WHCC. I am leaving on an family vacation to Iceland tomorrow and my hope is to create pages for a photo book and order through the app right after I get home! Thrilled the details came out today. Thank you, Becky, and the whole team, for making this possible!!!

  32. Amanda says:

    First of all, thank you for the blog post on the cost comparison, I really do appreciate the transparency you show as a company. For the past 2 years, I have printed my 75+pages (per year) using the app and even though I’m in Canada, it worked out cheaper than getting them from other places I compared to and the quality is fantastic not to mention the convenience. I was mentally preparing myself that it wouldn’t be inexpensive to get a Project Life Photo Book, but I, like many others, was not expecting this price point (I have a friend I can ship to in the US..so that was not going to be a limiting factor). I have also done 8×8 photo books on Shutterfly (using a subset of the same app pages) as an annual gift for family members. I’m not looking for the same level of quality in those gifts as I’d like for my own albums (and to be honest they likely wouldn’t appreciate the lay-flat option, anyway). But I was hoping for the convenience of doing multiple books per year as gifts from the palm of my hand. I had also been saving up some recipe-based app pages thinking that would be my own family recipe photobook,because in my mind, a photo book is a less expensive option than the full scrapbooks I’ve been creating for the past 20 years. I’m disappointed that the flexibility of ordering a photo book doesn’t come with some options for cost flexibility too (i.e. if lay-flat is what drives the cost higher…). I will be thinking all year about whether or not to do 2017 as a photo book or app prints. I am curious to see how others feel about the switch. I do know that my kids read my photo books (8×8) more regularly than my large scrapbooks (12×12), but I prefer the larger format. Thanks again for all that you are doing to update and improve the app and offer more choice, I know its hard to please everyone, all the time :-)

  33. Jen says:

    I was probably one of the few who had almost zero excitement over this “new” feature because my gut told me it was going to be expensive. It is way more expensive than the books I have ordered from Snapfish and Shutterfly. While spending time to do the cost comparison chart clearly shows that doing it traditionally is cheaper there is no comparison to sway me from doing Shutterfly or Snapfish. Most of us who use core kits vs doing it digitally also purchase most of our stuff on sale. We use those sales, % off coupons. Oh well guess the lack of excitement was to help protect me from being overly let down by the cost. Too bad Becky wont open the contest of free recipe books to those outside of ordering the photo books. Not everyone has $$ to drop right after the holidays either.

  34. Natalie says:

    I agree with most of the previous comments regarding sticker shock. I’m so disappointed. I had downloaded the app sometime last year but never used it. When I heard about the photobook option, I got back on the app and created my first layout last week. The prospect of a whole year in a photobook was so appealing and the app made it seem doable. Now, I realize you can’t get one year of two page layouts in a single book and the price of two books is cost prohibitive. As one of your customers, I want to support your business and I love the PL products, but photobooks are not really an “option” if most customers can’t afford them.

  35. Deanna says:

    I’ve been hoping and anxiously waiting for a photo book option with the app for so long. I’ve been with project life since it was project 52. I’ve done the binders, printed a book with ziblio, moved over the shutterfly, switched from an android to an iPhone strictly because I could not wait for the app that had no tba with android. I’m a huge, huge fan of project life and I’ve absolutely loved how your company has evolved and listened to your customers and tried to offer what we really wanted. That’s always been your goal and we can tell. I am honestly so surprised that I never saw a question posed about how many of us would prefer lay flat pages vs larger capacity books. You so often ask for feedback about what we want.

    I do have a lay flat book. It is gorgeous and amazing. But it’s also pricey. And in this case very limiting page wise. Two factors that aren’t worth it for me with project life.

    It really never ever occurred to me that your books might not acccompdate a 52 week book. Shutterfly added more pages to their books just to accommodate project lifers. That was amazing!

    I recognize that we all have different needs and you’re making some people very happy. I’m sadly disappointed and I hope that someday those of us who would love to order one year in a book directly through the app might have that option somehow.

  36. Chandi says:

    Well I have to agree with many other commenters, and say that I am very bummed at the price. I have been a fan since the very first project 365 kit came out. I love the app, but had been holding out for the book option, and was excited that this might be the year to finally get back on the scrapbooking band wagon. The cost is just too high for me.

  37. Renata says:

    as much as i love project life and all the possibilities and options, this doesn’t work for me.
    i live in the netherlands and i just printed my album at albelli. i am sure there are many shops in other countries where you can print a photo album.
    the costs for me are 69 euro ( 72 dollar) for 116 pages in 8 x 8 inch with a photo on the cover (but of course you can place on the cover what you want or just use a leather or linnen cover). i had 20% discount but there are always lots of discounts on albums. it is a beautiful album, the only difference is that it’s not flat but i don’t think that’s a problem (flat is also an option but of course more expensive). for me the advantages are great. i have a lot more pages ( maximum 120 pages), it’s much cheaper and i love the quality! i use a program like photoshop but i’m sure this is also possible for the app. so for me, i really don’t see the advantages…

    • Annika says:

      Agree, only I use Pixum in the Netherlands. I would love to have the app, but made so that you can use it at any print company…

  38. Stephanie Dunn says:

    I unfortunately have to agree with so many others – even if the quality is better than anyone can imagine, the price is shocking. I do however admire the way you continually ask for feedback; I know it’s a large part of your business success!

  39. price says:

    For the good quality, the price point definitely compares with other companies, for example adoramapix, the price is the same. thank you Becky for such an addition.

  40. Beth says:

    Where it says, “6. Are you creating a “family yearbook” style of project with 2-page layouts for each of 52 (or 53) weeks? We understand that the maximum number of pages allowed in our photo books exceeds the number of pages that you will have for the year which will mean printing your full year in more than one book”–don’t you mean “is less than” instead of “exceeds”? That part is a little confusing. I might try the app/photo book for a vacation where I don’t need that many pages, but I’m old school and “yearbook” means “year.” ;-D So, I’ll print bigger books with Mixbook or Blurb. (Sorry!) Still, congratulations on achieving this big company goal!

  41. E says:

    Like a lot of others, I’m disappointed in the cost. And the fact that the number of pages won’t accommodate a full year. I don’t do weekly spreads, but I do summarize our year and it comes to more pages than will fit in your photo book offerings. I think Project Life (and especially the App) has done so much for scrapbookers and memory keepers who can’t commit to traditional scrap booking – either because of time or finances – and the whole concept that you can just get your memories recorded without worrying about perfection… and your photobook launch seems to completely contradict your very principle. Most people don’t care about a beautiful, top quality, lay flat book… they’re just proud that they managed to actually record their memories and just want to be able to flip through them from time to time. They’re not looking to print out a professional grade wedding album… just SOMETHING to showcase their work. That’s why companies like Shutterfly, Snapfish, Blurb, Mixbook, Smilebooks, etc offer different levels of quality at different price points – there is something for everybody, and as you can see in the comments here, are obviously doing something right and winning the market! Hopefully in the future you will consider this… because the current books, although beautiful I am sure, are going to alienate a lot of users from a financial standpoint.

    • Alexis says:

      Thank you E for this comment because I totally agree. The App is marketed as making scrapbooking easy and accessible for every person and that it is supposed to get our photos off our phones and into real hands. I assumed that the photobook option would also be marketed more to “every person” but is one of the highest price points on the market. It doesn’t seem to fit the brand very well. The recipe book is a great example. With a custom cover and 10 pages it is worth $62! I would never pay $62 for a cookbook and I certainly wouldn’t print multiple copies for my kids or as gifts, yet that is how the recipe page idea was framed.

  42. Kathy says:

    I, too, was disappointed by the price point. I have never printed photo books, but was considering switching to save space. By my calculations, an 8×8 book would be about $60 for 60 app pages, $15 for 30 page protectors that will hold all 60 prints and about $20 for the album. That adds up to about $95 total, while the photo book would be about $136 at the cheapest. I put together 4 albums each year- one for each kid and one for us to keep. Even if I only had one to print, I am not sure I would pay the extra $41. But, with four to print, I certainly can’t justify the extra $164. I’m thinking I would actually need to use two books for the year, which would make it even worse. I am sure these books are amazing, but I just can’t see it being an option for me.

  43. Jen says:

    Wow. I have no idea who you think is going to pay this price for these books. I suppose some people will like the ease of going directly from the ap to a photo book. If you put in just a tiny bit more work transferring the files though you can find much better prices.

    The logic used to come up with the justification in price is faulty. Who buys kits, page protectors, or albums for full price? Every large craft store offers 40% off coupons daily. I have never paid full price for any of my paper scrapbooking supplies ever.

    It’s nice, I suppose, that you are going for quality but Blurb and Artifact Uprising have great quality and lower prices.

  44. Kathy says:

    Thank you for the price breakdown, it is very well done and quite helpful. Congrats on the update/release … great job, as always! xoxo

  45. Julie otte says:

    I came here specifically to state that the pricing is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve shopped at mpix and Shutterfly for photo books and gotten twice the pages for half the price.

    And then you use the word THIN to describe it? No thanks, I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  46. Jessa says:

    I was holding out hope that this would make book printing easier and a little less costly even given the per page price is so reasonable in my opinion, but the prices are TERRIBLE. Mind blowingly terrible. I could never justify hundreds of dollars per year, and multiple books, just to create one year worth of memories. I don’t think the average person would disagree with me. To put it into perspective, these books are more than one of my car payments, or both depending on the page number. A year would be a months mortgage. Not going to happen, but congrats on trying.

  47. Sarah says:

    Guys…..this is *crazy* expensive. I’ve been holding out to order through the app. I’ve been so pumped about this option. I expected it to be more expensive than other options and was totally willing to pay a premium for the convenience factor. BUT. I printed an almost 200-page Blurb book last year for around $130. The same amount of pages in these books would cost me $855.96. Yes, that’s EIGHT HUNDRED fifty five dollars and ninety six cents.

    I would much rather sacrifice some quality for a more affordable price point. I don’t much care about lay-flat pages or other gorgeous options – as long as it’s archival then that’s fine by me. As another commenter said, one thing I have always loved about this company is the emphasis on present over perfect, on cultivating a good life and recording it but then being DONE without feeling the need to over-obsess about the small stuff. I’ve always loved the way you guys encourage everyone to let go of all their perfectionist impulses when it comes to scrapping and instead focus on just getting it done and then letting go. Because of that, the emphasis here on super-fine-cadillac- quality books feels a little off-brand and is disappointing.

    • Tara Hall says:

      Hi, I am in your same shoes- my book this year has 185 pages. Since I won’t be doing a book through the app I am curious if you were happy with your blurb book. I made a Mixbook for 2015 and liked it a lot but the edges of my app pages did not line up exactly in the book, so it had a grayish border. I started a book in blurb which was super easy to pop my pl app pages in and saw that it had a super wide border. Did you like that in your book? I am disappointed like you so I am trying to find better options for myself. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Alexis says:

      Tara my Blub books look fantastic. Miss Freddy has a great tutorial that I used and she addressed the margin issue you mention. missfreddy.com/personal/how-to-print-a-project-life-book

    • Sarah says:

      I LOVE my Blurb book! Excellent quality, and I also highly recommend the Miss Freddy tutorial – it’s what I used as well to ensure the margins were correct. I’ll be using Blurb again this year.

    • Tara Hall says:

      Thank you! I used the tutorial and just ordered my book on blurb. They have a great promo code going on – today is the last day I think – and I got my book for $135! Can’t wait to see it. I appreciate your feedback!

  48. Rhonda says:

    I was excited to hear this news, but then was rather startled at the prices!! I thought maybe it was just me until I read all the other comments. And since I am in Canada, the prices are much higher yet for me. I’m sorry it won’t work for me to order the photo books. I’ll continue to order occasional 12×12 pages through PL and 4×6 photos through Snapfish and combine them in my album which I bought on sale through PL.

  49. Katie says:

    I love Project Life! It is fun to play with both digital and physical product, and really fulfills a creative outlet for me. Clearly price of these photo books is an issue. I just printed my full 2016 book through blurb with a 40% off coupon and used upgraded paper for a total of $86 (probably about 120 “sides”).

    Becky, we’d love to see:
    1. promo codes, introductory offers etc (2 for 1, or buy 1 get 1 50% off would be perfect considering you need two books to get a whole year printed)
    2. lower price tier options (non flat pages, non premium papers)
    3. get these books into the hands of bloggers so that we can hear from them about amazing quality (videos would help)
    4. unique pricing models. Consider monthly subscription fees for the app with lower price point on albums. Lower entry point pricing with cool add-ons to get the price point up (velvet bag, wooden box, multi-year storage sleeve etc.)

    Just some ideas from a fellow marketer, sure you’ve thought of many of these already …

  50. Patty Radish says:

    Thank you so much for adding the “order prints” function to your app! I just ordered my prints and it was so easy, no more procrastinating while I watch my grandson get bigger every day!

  51. Chrystal says:

    I would love to see some comparisons with other photo books with similar features. I have been printing 12×12 Shutterfly albums with premium lay flat pages for several years, and have been very happy with the quality. It would help to justify the extra cost if I could see your photos books side-by-side with other options on the market.

    I think most of us would pay a slightly higher price for the convenience of printing through the app, but I have to agree with others that I can’t justify twice the price, for less pages.

  52. Jacqueline Kellam says:

    Hmm, this all has me thinking about the cost of physical scrapbooking versus making photo books. When you buy products a little here and a little there all year long, or subscribe to kits (let’s say you shell out about 20-40$ or more per month ), it can really add up without realizing it. One year I subscribed to a kit that cost 35$ a month, totalling $420. And by the end of it, I unfortunately was no further ahead in my memory keeping (I had a few really cute pages, but that was it…). If it costs me half as much (or even the same if I do 52 weeks in two books) but I ACTUALLY have books filled with memories, then I feel like it’s worthwhile expenditure. Plus, it’s super easy with the app. I now scrapbook in the car, on my lunch break at work, relaxing on the couch, or in bed before I turn out the light. How amazing is that!? I still like the “stuff” and will probably succumb to cute products now and again, but getting books onto the shelf seems like a cool accomplishment, and worth the money in the end.

  53. Olivia says:

    As much as it looks lovely the price point is just not competitive w other companies and their coupons so I will continue outside.

  54. Katie says:

    I have to say I completely agree with being totally shocked by these prices. How is $200+ feasible for most people? And how does that pricing fall in line with wanting people to document their memories…when it’s so unattainable? I have been such a fan of Becky and her message and products for so long, but I feel disappointed and as though a HUGE disconnect has happened with her business and customers. So wonderful to hear and see the company has grown and become so successful but it’s not at all a reasonable or accessible option for memory keepers. Tie that in with almost every post and communication being about buying their products (pop up boxes under every post in Facebook) and I feel the personal nature of Becky’s charm (what has drawn people in for years) is falling to the wayside. Like so many other businesses – a loss of connection to customer needs. Disappointing.

    • Pam says:

      I so agree with Katie about the disconnect. That’s EXACTLY how I feel but just couldn’t articulate it. I print all of my photos thru persnickety for prepaid .12 and buy all my scrapping supplies 40-50% off ( and receive the rest as gifts for bday and Xmas.) I love Becky and PL BUT feel the bigger the company has grown, the bigger the disconnect has become. Thx Katie for explaining that.

  55. Pam says:

    I’ve been scrapbooking for 35 years – since before scrapbooking was a thing and I knew about acid- free etc. I’ve followed Becky since CK and I LOVE project life. I LOVE the transparency she has shown but in return , I hope we can be transparent too. Several years ago, I got bogged down ( life in general) and started to question if I should keep scrapping. But proj life ” got me back on the scrapping.” I have never ( could never) pay full price for any of the supplies. Use the coupons for it all. There is zero chance I could pay for one of these books. I had such high hopes. It’s VERY OBVIOUS that I am feeling a bit down because I always thought ” Becky ” gets” us. Working moms. Busy moms. Young moms. Older moms. Single moms. Limited budget moms. Low key. No pressure to have it all done. Now I feel that this is just for people with high income. I will use my very small scrapbooking budget and continue my scrapping. I would love to hear how your books turn out for those of you who do get one. I’m sure they will be fabulous! I wish a study had been done on project life users demographics and the books priced accordingly.

  56. EmmaJ says:

    I love that you did a cost comparison between physical and photbook. I know it’s a perceived difference between buying photos/supplies throughout the year or a one time cost of printing the book. I’m excited for the new photo books. It’s inspiring me to use the app and get this year documented.

  57. Rachel L says:

    Personally I would rather see excellent quality than a lower price. I have heaps of options for cheap photo books but they look cheap. I want to order once and KNOW the quality will be amazing. Sick of wasting time and money with companies that don’t value quality. I’m more than happy to pay more if I know it will be absolutely perfect. Especially for gifts, and sending directly to relatives overseas where I can’t check the quality before giving the gift to them.

    If I want to save money I’ll use one of the many other photo book options out there.

  58. capsaraja says:

    Good info. Lucky me I ran across your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book-marked it for later!

  59. Kristen Johnson says:

    I’m shocked by the prices too and agree that it’s easier to buy a little at a time for albums. Project Life has their big sales in October because that’s their “birth month” so maybe then it’ll be more cost effective to order photo books from them?

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