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new project life exclusives at JOANN

We recently shared the news that many JOANN Stores have expanded their Project Life® section up to 8 feet of space and it’s packed with solution-based products that will help you document your memories in record time! There’s everything you’ll need for your projects – from a wider variety of Core Kits, Value Kits, and Themed Cards to beautiful Albums, Photo Pocket Pages, and more. Not only are there loads of our current product offerings available, but we even designed a few new + exclusive products just for JOANN that we know you’ll love! We’re sharing a closer look at those today – WOOT! I also hopped on Facebook Live a few weeks ago where you can get a really up close and personal look at the products here! But first … take a stroll down the aisle at our local JOANN Store to behold their newly expanded section. *swoon* 

Lullaby – Boy and Lullaby – Girl Value Kits

The Lullaby Boy and Lullaby Girl Value Kits are perfectly designed to document your newborn with traditional touches: a baby blue, green, and yellow color palette for boys, baby pink, green, and yellow for girls, and icons that are just as darling as your little one!

Recipe Cards Value Kit + Album

Looking for a product to help you document your family recipes or favorite meals that you’ve collected from friends or online? Our new Recipe Cards Value Kit is perfectly designed to help you do just that! It has cards for writing down the ingredients and instructions, cards for the details of those “longer” recipes, and the most adorable artwork you can imagine to complement them all. Pair the Value Kit with the matching 6×8 Album (which includes 20 Photo Pocket Pages) and you’ve got the perfect “recipe” for success!

Modern Wedding Core Kit

The Modern Wedding Core Kit was designed to help a bride and groom document every detail of their special day from dating through the honeymoon and onto planning for future hopes and dreams. It is filled with journaling prompts and gorgeous artwork to help couples record all of the bits and pieces leading up to their wedding, the events and memories of the ceremony and celebrations, and the stories of things to come.



9 Responses

  1. Whitney says:

    So cute! Will these sets eventually be available in the app? :)

  2. Leanne Balfour says:

    Looks fantastic! …Except Joann’s has no Canadian locations and won’t ship to Canada, so there are thousands of buyers here drooling that won’t be able to purchase :(

  3. Marie says:

    These kits look super cool ! Unfortunately, no access for me as I do not leave in the US, so no Joann’s in my country…

  4. Christen says:

    Is there a list of Joann Stores that carry them?

  5. Belle says:

    Is the card reference for these new kits going up soon?

  6. Jill says:

    My Jo-Ann’s doesn’t have these and their BH selection is horrible. Hope BH will stock these on her website!

  7. Veronica says:

    So many awesome kits but is there any thought to creating a kit to honor the passing of a loved one – in particular a spouse? (Celebrating their life, time shared together, treasured memories, memorial service, etc.) I have looked for anything of this type for two years with no luck. Am surprised there isn’t anything like this available. :(

  8. Amanda says:

    My local Joann store had 4 feet of PL product space that was mostly filled with hangers but no actual product. There was one core kit, a few mini kits, and zero albums. No stone wrap to be found either. I was so sad! You were the whole reason I went in there.