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new products + sweepstakes at hobby lobby

Last week we jumped on Periscope and Facebook Live to give you a sneak peek at two new products that are available exclusively at Hobby Lobby stores and today we’re showing you more of the details up close!

Charming Core Kit

The Charming Core Kit has a beautiful soft color palette of lavender, pink, sage, and coral and the artwork is delicate and hand drawn. The watercolor texture, florals, and touches of gold foil make this collection truly unique.




DIY Home Value Kit

We are delighted to have partnered up with Jen Hadfield again to bring you the DIY Home Value Kit! Based off the artwork from her DIY Home line of products, this Value Kit is filled with touches and reminders of home – from cozy colors to coffee mugs and expressions of love.



Win an exclusive album or $500 Project Life® prize pack!


As part of the fun in introducing these new products, we’re also delighted to let you know we’ve placed “winning tickets” inside of these products that will be redeemed for a darling exclusive 12×12 Album. In addition to the album winners, one lucky winner will receive a $500 prize pack filled with Project Life goodies!! Don’t have a Hobby Lobby store near you? No worries – you can enter for a chance to win online! Visit our sweepstakes page for information on how to enter and to see exactly what is up for grabs. **Open to US residents only**



45 Responses

  1. How fun!! Yay!! LOVE that polka dotted album and the two new kits are just SO lovely!!! XO!

  2. Susanne Staal says:

    Love the new charming kit and hope to see it down under soon. Unfortunately we dont have a hobby lobby and the sweepstake is only for the US :-(

  3. Amanda K says:

    Was all excited to enter the contest, but disappointed that it’s only for US residents, not Canadians. Too bad I was at a Hobby Lobby last month (during a business trip) before the new products came out.

  4. Shan Laux says:

    Yay! I just bought the Charming Core kit yesterday! Off to see if I’m a winner! But first I would like to thank you guys for a kit that has some very pretty purples in it!

  5. Cindy McDannold says:

    How awesome. Just started a new friend of mine on the Project Life bandwagon. So exciting to pass the word about documenting our lives and the people that touch it. She is now in MY scrapbook! I have been with you way back in the 365 days. Thank you for all of your beautiful insights, inspirations and the products to work with them.

  6. Becky Garoutte says:

    What awesome collections but especially fond of Charming! This girl loves herself some purple!

  7. Tracy Zayas says:

    I love PL! Your ideas are the best out there. I started doing PL last year and I am
    hooked. I will only do Project Life albums from
    now on. I always look forward to see the new stuff and of course I buy it. Thanks for all your hard work and your fabulous ideas.

  8. Andrea says:

    Sad to see this is only for the US :(

  9. Bev Mascara says:

    Love the Polka dots…Really love them! MUST get this kit! We have a new Hobby Lobby very close to our home so I will be signing up :-)

  10. Bbymks5 says:

    Love both of the new kits!! Love the coffee mugs the best!!

  11. Ursala Peters says:

    I absolutely love project life. Myself and 2 friends of mine have been scrapbooking for years and just started doing PL and we are hooked and in love with this some way of making our memories happen quicker.

  12. Kathy Mitts says:

    Loving the new “Charming” collection and the polka-dot album……..Great combination!

  13. shannon says:

    Love Love it!!

  14. Robin Ridpath says:

    Love the new kits! Love Project Life! Thanks for the chance to win, for those of us not lucky enough to have a Hobby Lobby near by.

  15. Gail Weber says:

    I live incorporating project life into my standard 12 x 12 scrapbook page albums….. I mean who can just take a picture or two, Right?

  16. Linda Byrd says:

    Looks like lots of fun!

  17. Linda Byrd says:

    Sounds like fun!

  18. Flor says:

    Loving the new kits !

  19. Andrea says:

    These look great – thanks for a fun opportunity to win!
    Kari, are the winning tickets wrapped up with the cards or loose in the kit? The last time there was a ticket promotion inside the kit, when I went to purchase one, someone had opened every one. :(

  20. Mary says:

    The album is cute and I love the two new kits. Glad to see more purple (lavendar).

  21. Stephanie says:

    How exciting! Thank you.

  22. Morgyn says:

    Surprise surprise non-US residents miss out again :(

  23. Patty Zuber says:

    LOVE the Charming kit! It may be my all time favorite. Unfortunately, I live a 2 hour drive from a Hobby Lobby, but I told my husband we may need to take a road trip this weekend.

  24. Nicole says:

    Love the new kits! The album is so cute!

  25. Celia England says:

    I am very interested in the new core items that you have. I have been looking at you tube and your blog on this system. I have never tried it and I am willing to give it a try. I am not by a hobby lobby so can you enter me into the sweepstakes,
    Thank you
    have a blessed day

  26. Michelle says:

    I have been waiting for new kits for so long,love it all,great work all the time,thank you for the chance to win!.

  27. I love the Charming Core Kit so much.

    How come it’s not for canadian girsl also? I don’t have any scrapbook store around and would love to win some materiasl to have a beautiful album like the girls in US.

    Just too bad, we cannot participate. Don’t show us your kit if we cannot participale.?.

    Do you sell them in Québec? Have a good day! Carmelle

  28. Ellen says:

    Awesome contest, US only :( sob, sob.

  29. Naomi Armenta says:

    Gosh, amazing opportunity for some lucky people, which I don’t mind saying, I hope one of those is me. I have dreamed of starting with project life someday and this would be an amazing surprise come to do so with an amazing collection.

    Thank you!

  30. Amee says:

    Awesome! Will enjoy using whether I win or buy! :-)

  31. Nicky miller says:

    What a stunning prise for some lucky person to win. Good luck to everyone who has entered.

  32. Ouaw!!!! J’aime beaucoup cette nouvelle collection. Super le project life. J’adore!!!! Bravo pour les nouvelles collections!!! A bientôt

  33. Kate says:

    Will Australia be getting these kits??? Pls don’t forgot us😢

  34. Toos Gilsing says:

    Love iT !!
    My daughter is coming to Amerika.
    So she van bring me THE New collection.
    Me happy !!!

  35. Annika de Nooij says:

    A pity, I live in Europe and can’t compete… :-(
    I hope the kits will come to Europe too.

  36. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Too bad your sweepstakes are not available for Canada, sure would have been nice to get a chance to win $500 Project Life prize package. I live in Newfoundland Canada. Maybe try to add other countries along with United States so we get a chance to enter.

  37. Janay says:

    I love them all!!! i can’t wait to get my hands on them =)

  38. Alison says:

    Shame im here in uk ;( and although whilst in new york went to michaels there wasnt a hobby lobby close enough boo hoo. I do have loads of kits just need to get stuck in and PL. I did the app all 2015 and got a 4×4 albumn filled printed off my phone screen shot so once cut were 4×4. I have 6×8 new york in app ready to print off just need to sought the print store to do it. love your kits Becky and team xx

  39. Monica says:

    I’m ALWAYS amazed at the generosity of your company and how enthusiastic your “employees”/friends are. I brag about the company all the time – – my wish would be to be your Human Resources Director – – LOL

    Thanks for all the fun stuff.

  40. Christine says:

    Only for USA :-(
    There are plently of Scrappers all over the world using PL already – how about including all those who support PL?

    Glad to hear that there are some purples/lilacs in the new sets – look forward to those arriving in the UK.
    They are coming to the UK right?
    There seems to be a serious shortage of this colour palette in general, so please consider more.
    Would LOVE a whole collection of lilac/purple as I’m sure plenty of others would too :-)

  41. jen says:

    Love the new kits. The touch of gold is awesome :-)

  42. Marlena says:

    I visited the Hobby Lobby in Las Vegas and was disappointed that Charming nor DIY kits were not stocked.

  43. Elise says:

    Only voor America ? I’m a fan too but living in The Netherlands :(

  44. Jasmine says:

    I bought both Charming and DIY Home Value Kit! Will there be Card References for these? I saw some of the kits you had for sale aren’t in the Card Reference section :(