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national photography month – #gather


Hey there! This marks 4 out of 4 blog posts that we did here throughout the month of May to help inspire you to keep embracing your love of taking fantastic everyday photos!


In case you missed it, May is National Photography Month and we’ve been doing something fun! We’ve invited anyone who wants to participate to join us! Every Saturday this month, we’ve shared a hashtag theme and accompanying inspiration. We invited a handful of some of my favorite everyday documenters to share one picture related to that theme. No rules. No boundaries. No explanation of the respective themes. And those have all been posted here on my blog each Saturday. Today is the last batch for this month’s challenge.

The idea is to take that prompt and then look around you and snap a picture that represents what that word / theme / prompt means to you. We invite you to share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter a picture that you’ve taken – related to that specific prompt. Add the #BeckysChallenge hashtag as well as the prompt hashtag. Didn’t realize we’ve been doing this? No problem. Join in anytime this coming week if you’d like!


The last prompt is GATHER. Anytime this week, post a picture that you’ve taken that makes you think of GATHER. Whatever that means to you. However you interpret that. Every photo in today’s post ties into this theme of GATHER, but each is an entirely different take on the word. Isn’t that so cool? We hope you’re inspired too!


Doing something like this is always a little more fun when there are prizes involved, right? Here’s the reminder: We’re watching for your photos. We’re checking out Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. We’re going to keep our eye on the #BeckysChallenge hashtag. For each of the four prompts we’re sharing this month, we’ll choose a winner for each. It’ll be a difficult choice, of course, but we will choose a photo that “speaks to us” for each of the four respective hashtags … and four people are going to win one of these! Oh yes.


be inspired

Here’s the last round of photo inspiration – all related to GATHER.


Me :: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter



Nicole Ramsay :: Website | Instagram



Katie Jaeger :: Website | Instagram


gather1 jenny

Jenny Meyerson :: Website | Instagram



Gina Zeidler :: Website | Instagram



Cathy Zielske :: Website | Instagram



Ali Edwards :: Website | Facebook



Trisha Harrison :: Blog | Instagram



3 Responses

  1. Kris K says:

    This was a fun challenge! When do we get to see the winners for each category? Look forward to it…

  2. Judy Knipfer says:

    I saw some of your work on Pinterest. I was wondering how did you apply your photos to the wall in the black and white photo wall. I have 25 years of photos that I need to do something with and I thought this would be nice for some of them. Are the photos removable or adhered to the wall for good. Did you apply a finish so they can be touched and not leave prints on them? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!! Judy