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my visit to persnickety prints

A couple weeks ago, my family trekked north and landed in the beautiful state of Utah for several days. We were there for family. I have a couple brothers and their families who live there, and my parents (who live in Maryland where I was born and raised) were there visiting as well. Family time is the best time.

Before that trip I asked my mom if there was anything specific she wanted to be sure that we do while we have that little bit of time together, particularly because my parents were leaving to serve a two-year mission for our church (they are Atlanta-bound now). One of her requests? She wanted to be involved when I placed a couple Core Kits for the #BHhideandseek thing I do on social media – and she wanted to be there for any sort of “public appearance” I might make.

So I arranged for both to happen. I placed several Hide & Seek Core Kits during our time in Utah (my mom was with me for a couple of those) – and I got in touch with our friends at Persnickety Prints and asked if they wanted to host my little “meet & greet.” Everything came together beautifully and today I’m sharing some pictures from that event. All photos were taken by very talented photographers from both Persnickety Prints and American Crafts.

Oh, and about my mom…years back, she traveled to many places with me when I was on the road now & then to teach at a CKU (Creating Keepsakes University) or scrapbook convention. She is such a huge supporter in all that I do, and this stems back 37 years. BH_PersnicketyPrintsVisit_061614_01

Persnickety Prints is located in Orem, Utah. The meet & greet was from 4 to 6 pm.


They printed these waterproof water bottle labels right there in their print lab.


That’s Chari Pack, founder of Persnickety Prints, greeting us when we arrived (those are my sweet parents, the back of my hubby, and even a sliver of my brother, Kevin, walking in).


Customers were able to take advantage of some sale items during the visit.




American Crafts pulled together some giveaways for the event (thank you AC)!


It’s always fun for me to meet mothers & daughters together.


Oh yes – Art City Donuts in the house. Or rather, in the parking lot right outside Persnickety Prints. It was so fun to have them join us and man alive (!!) – The “Sweet Pig” was to die for.






That’s Mark Seastrand who was kind enough to pop in. He’s with Big Picture Classes these days, but years ago, he was my boss at Creating Keepsakes magazine and we were even business partners for a very short while at one point. He has remained a friend and supporter all these years, and it meant a lot to me that he came to say hi while I was in town. But first – let me take a selfie.







Getting to chat one-on-one with people is such a sweet experience – really.


This funny girl snapped a picture of herself in the parking lot outside Persnickety Prints, sent the image to PP to print, immediately picked it up, autographed it for me, and presented this gift as she waited at the back of the line to say hi. It’s Allison and she’s a personal friend. And she made my day.  : )

I loved that my parents could be there (they genuinely loved visited with so many who came out), two of my brothers, my sister-in-law, a handful of nephews, Allison and her family, and even Lydia – my childhood best friend was there.

Many thanks again to Chari & team for pulling this together! And thank you especially to those who came out to say hi. We may have never met before, but I am so glad we have now. I loved chatting with you and getting glimpses into the way you cultivate good lives – and record those memories with Project Life®. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this time with me!

Note added later: Interested in the perspective of someone who came out? Greta blogged about her experience HERE.

PS – I got my shirt at Charming Charlie.


21 Responses

  1. Krista says:

    Yay Camille (my sis-in-law) made it front and center on the blog! You look cute!

  2. Brandi says:


  3. Monica says:

    So important to love what you do – – and you sure do! God has blessed you in so many ways.

  4. Elise DeMille says:

    It was such a neat opportunity to meet you again in person, Becky! My friends and I are in one of your photos here on this blog post! You are so genuine and sweet! Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to meet with your dedicated fans who adore you and your amazing product!

  5. Kristin says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to meet with your fans and followers. It was a pleasure seeing you again, and this particular time was quite special for me and my grandma-in-law. She originally introduced me to Project Life. A few weeks ago she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and the whole family is struggling to make sense of it all, although we know that ultimately God is in control. She made it a priority to come with me to meet you. It was special to spend that time with her, and she was so excited to meet the person who created a system so genius that will allow her to get a ton of scrapbooking done very quickly before she isn’t able to anymore. She bought several items there that night, and then excitedly called me a week later to tell me all she was buying at Michael’s when it was all on sale. She feels empowered, like she really can get it done. You gave that to her. So thank you for that special memory that I will cherish forever with her. And on a separate note, I just also want to thank you for how well you take care of your customers. I’ve never seen a company that truly cares and invests in their customers as much as you and Project Life do. I commend you and thank you for all you do! God bless!!

  6. Felicia Young says:

    I wish you could come to Northern California, to Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley! That would be so cool! That way my daughter, my mom, and myself could meet you, we all use project life and I have been using it since the beginning. Thank you Becky!

    • Veronica says:

      Felicia, if Becky ever comes to your area PLEASE let me know. I live in the Central Valley (think Merced), so I would totally drive up there for that!

  7. Debi says:

    Hi, Becky! Thanks for posting these pictures (I’m in one of them). This was such a fun experience! And I’m thankful to have had the excuse to go over to Persnickety Prints; they’ll definitely be getting some of my business now. It was great to meet you and your family.

  8. Allison says:

    It’s always a good time when the Higgins are in town!!! We love seeing you guys…and arranging for fantastic head shots as well. Utah loves you…but not more than us!

  9. { l y d i a } says:

    Too bad we weren’t in matching outfits!
    Blue and pink eyeshadow next time?

  10. Lisa Geldmacher says:

    Wow! You’ve excited me again! I’m in one of these pictures!! Meeting you has surely been a huge highlight of my life, after 3 weeks I’m still on cloud 9. :) Thank you for being so “real.” In person you are the same as on your blog, etc. I loved visiting with your dad about Atlanta and quite a few other things. My brother may have the opportunity to work with your parents there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your influence in my life. I appreciate it daily. Please keep being so wonderful.

  11. Chari says:

    GREAT event and so wonderful to have you and the fam over to our neck of the woods! Thanks again!

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