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molly’s throwback post

When I think of my childhood, I have a hard time remembering many specific details. However, there are a few memories that remain vivid in my mind. Most of those memories involve my grandparent’s backyard, with the gorgeous flowers and trees and the biggest yard in the neighborhood. We always had the BEST dinners outside. I was lucky enough to live less than 15 minutes from both sets of grandparents for my entire childhood and I never realized what a blessing that really was. I would give anything for my kids to have the same experience.

My parents didn’t have much money. There was never a time that they weren’t scraping by just to make ends meet. Of course our grandparents did what they could to help out. My grandmother used to take my sisters and me to buy school clothes at the beginning of each school year. After she passed away, my grandfather wanted to continue with this tradition but wasn’t sure he could actually take us to pick out our own clothes. And so began the tradition of dinner out with “Gramps” where he gave each of us girls a $100 bill and told us to pick out new clothes for the school year. One hundred dollars was a ton of money back then and it was so exciting to have our very own money to buy our clothes.

The second tradition that I have such fond memories of are the fashion shows in my other grandparent’s backyard. My sisters and I would bring all of our new clothes over to their house and we would have a big family barbecue. The evening would end with the annual fashion show. We modeled our new clothes as everyone took photos. This tradition lasted years and years and years. Today, we spend much of our summer where I grew up and my kids now model their new school clothes in their great-grandma’s backyard.

How grateful I am for amazing grandparents who did all that they knew how to make me feel loved.