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modern photo solutions podcast: making life sweet

I recently recorded a podcast episode with Steph Clay of Modern Photo Solutions and if you have any interest in memory keeping at all, I hope you’ll have a listen. You don’t have to be subscribing to the podcast or have any special software. Just click HERE and you’ll be able to listen whenever and wherever and however you’d like!

Steph and I dive into how the Project Life® App came do be. Do you know how many months it took from the time we met with the app developer to when the Project Life App launched? Tune in to learn the answer and tune in to learn more of the nitty gritty on how the whole app evolved.

I also touch on how important it is to find what works for you in relation to memory keeping. Don’t just do exactly what I do or what your best friend does. If it doesn’t work for you, you’re just going to get more and more frustrated and probably give up and quit.

Some people really struggle with how many albums to make or what to put in a family album versus a kid album. I go into exclusive detail of my process and share what I include in each type of album. Finding this new groove for my workflow has been exciting and liberating!

As you’ll learn from the podcast, I’m a huge fan of Chatbooks. It’s another great way to document and record your life. Did you know you can make them from your social media feed or even a hashtag on your social media? It’s been so fun making Chatbooks and I go over with Steph all the different ways I use this service to preserve even more memories and history.

Some quick quotes that came out of my mouth during our conversation:

“I would have never in a million, quadrillion years, five years ago, ever guessed that I would be scrapbooking or memory keeping or documenting or preserving my family’s memories in the horizontal position, with my head on my soft pillow, whenever the heck I want to. I still get excited about it.”

“I think it’s super valuable to hear the very different approaches that people take with picture taking, with memory preserving, with story telling, with all these things.”

“If you are trying to preserve your memories and your stories and you are struggling and feeling stressed about it, for crying out loud, please don’t be stressed about it.”

“This isn’t just a craft. It’s not just a hobby. It’s therapy. There’s no question about it. Also, it just makes life sweeter. It just does. It’s so real.”