David Higgins



I live in too hot and sunny Arizona with Becky and our 3 kids. Becky and I decided a little over five years ago to give this small business thing a shot. After discussing it and going over the pros and cons we decided to start a business and keep it really simple by only releasing one or maybe two Project Life kits per year. I have learned that sometimes plans just have to evolve. It seems like running a business would be enough, but I also find time to be a full-time Anesthesiologist. That strange looking thing by the stethoscope is a nerve simulator.

In my “spare” time am a self proclaimed techie, I always gravitate to the latest and greatest Apple products (Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV). I also love music, movies, shooting, my Matthews bow, doing small projects around the house and drinking Diet Mountain Dew. I also love the mountains and pine country. The best way to get both is by snow skiing. I just need to find a way to create more time.

Costco is one of my favorite places to shop. My motto is, “if you can’t find it at Costco, you don’t need it”. I also love to travel and have met some amazing people in my travels with Becky for her work with Creating Keepsakes and now our own business. Australia and New Zealand have been some of our most memorable trips.