Becky Higgins


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Documenting life runs through my veins, I love to help others, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit. These 3 elements are why I do what I do, and ultimately how Project Life® came about in the first place. I work hard, but my work is not my life. I find great joy in balancing my many roles and responsibilities.

Project Life is my “baby” but there are 3 other actual children that I love even more. Outside of my role as a product designer, teacher, marketer, and CEO I love being a wife and mother and find my greatest joy with my family. On a typical day you will see me wearing lululemon pants for comfort, dishwashing gloves in the kitchen, and my iPhone in my pocket. When I’m not so casual, you’ll likely find me wearing a statement piece of jewelry and lip gloss. I’m still using the same cheap brand that I’ve been using for years, but I do I do spend money on quality makeup otherwise. MAC is my favorite brand – for both makeup and computers.

I am a Maryland native, but Arizona has been our home for a long time now, and I have learned to not step outside of my house without sunglasses on my face. Whether at my desk or in a restaurant booth, my legs are usually “criss cross applesauce”. I am a lifelong list maker, and I do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper. I get such a kick out of picking up a new notebook every few months, usually at Target.

The sky always draws me in and I have loved photographing sunsets since I was a teenager. I’m not sure I could ever articulate just what photographs mean to me, but put one foot in our home and you will be able to tell straight away that I do love pictures. I love old pictures of those who came before me, pictures from my childhood (that black & white photo of me behind the counter serving up ice cream is my first real job in high school), and of course I love pictures that I continue to snap every. single. day.

I am grateful to be working in an industry that helps people do something with their photos. It almost goes without saying that I am passionate about what I do, and I feel tremendously blessed to work alongside talented and hard working people who share this journey with me.