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managing all the end-of-school-year STUFF

How did an entire school year just fly by like that? If you’re feeling like so many of us feel with all that STUFF that comes home with your kids, I have a couple bits of past content that are totally worth sharing again, especially as there are so many new customers / readers / newbies to our brand.

Read this post: 10 Tips for End of School Year

This is a blog post I did this time last year, and it’s truly my best advice in one place, in terms of how to approach the end of the year when the flow of stuff coming home on a daily basis hits the pause button. This is the time to assess what you keep, what you scan or photograph, what you get rid of. I walk you through the very first steps of emptying the backpacks to getting your child’s stuff scrapbooked in the simplest way possible. Heaven knows we need more simplicity in our life, right?

Watch this video: Get Organized with Kids’ Stuff

I produced this video on my own a few years ago. I have to mention that because the video quality isn’t particularly up to the video standards we have today, now with Kara on-board (have you seen some of our latest YouTube videos?). But you know what? It’s 30 minutes of solid (and completely free) content. I not only walk you through my own process of getting a handle on all the STUFF, but I break it down in a way that I think can apply to many others. You may not feel the need to do everything I suggest, but that’s not the point. The idea is to inspire you in thinking about how you might approach all the stuff you might be swimming in.

Check out this post: Teacher Gifts

Not really about kids’ stuff or organization, but since the end of the school year is here for many, perhaps a few teacher gift ideas will get your wheels spinning.

Hope this helps!


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  1. Lynn Christopher says:

    Hi Becky’s Team- I love reading the blog but I have a hard time because the text is so small. On my iPad i can’t enlarge your pages like I can for other sites. Is there a way for you to allow enlarging your page with your website? Thanks.