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laurie’s throwback memory

laurie's throwback memory; BeckyHiggins.com; ProjectLife

One of my favorite memories about my childhood is the neighborhood I grew up in. I was lucky to grow up in a neighborhood full of kids my age. My next door neighbor was a little girl who was my age and we made many memories together growing up. Her name was Erin and we are still good friends today. It’s funny to me to look back and think of the games we came up with using our imagination.

One of our favorite games was to play “Golden Video.” Golden Video was the name of a video store that rented movies in our town. Remember those? (This is where my boys would say I lived in the olden days.) Instead of videos though, we used our books and pretended they were videos that customers could check out. We even made barcodes for each book that we could scan.

I also remember that my friend Erin had a giant chalkboard in her garage and a set of real school textbooks. We spent many hours in that garage playing school. We would take turns being the teacher and the student. It makes me laugh even more now because I don’t think my boys would ever choose to play pretend school.

Another fun game we loved playing was flight attendant. One person would pretend to be a customer and one would pretend to be a flight attendant. The flight attendant would make meals for the customer by filling up muffin pans, cake pans, and cups with water. Then the customer would pretend to indulge in these yummy meals only offered by this special airline. Sounds delicious, right?

Of course we spent many hours just running up and down the street and riding bikes. I remember finding a picture of Erin and I outside playing (of course I couldn’t find it for this blog post). Both Erin and I are barefoot with dirty faces and hair falling out of braids. A few years back, Erin and I were laughing over the picture with our moms. We asked our moms how they could have let us out of the house looking like that. They laughed and said that we would leave the house in the morning clean, with shoes, and combed hair and an hour later this is what we looked like. I love that. I am so thankful for a childhood full of imagination and a mom who was ok with me getting dirty.


2 Responses

  1. Sherry A says:

    I love this Laurie! Thank you for sharing your story about your friend! These days we just don’t let our kids go play outside without knowing exactly where they are and what they are doing. I’m thankful I had a childhood like yours too! In today’s world I’m thankful my daughter had a next-door neighbor friend as well!

  2. Rocio says:

    What great memories Laurie! Such a blessed childhood.
    p.s. my 8 year old loves playing school buy I am always the student and he is the teacher!