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kari’s throwback memory

All growing up (and even carrying into my adult life) I’ve had the same conversation repeatedly. It goes something like this:

Q: When’s your birthday?

Me: December 25th

Q: As in Christmas Day?!?

Me: Sure enough!!

Q: Don’t you HATE that?

Me: I don’t know any other birthday, so I’ve always loved it!

I never really thought about my birthday as a “bummer” – even though Christmas Day is filled with family traditions and celebrations beyond “MY” day. And yet every time someone found out my birthday was on Christmas, their first reaction was to assume that I hated it. As I think about why I’ve always loved my birthday rather than having a “poor me” mentality about it falling on a holiday, I believe it comes back to having great parents who always made me feel special … even in the midst of the busiest time of the year.

Christmas morning at my house involved having to stay in our bedrooms until 8 AM (a tradition I carried on with my own kids) and then rushing into the family room to open gifts as a family. My birthday gifts were never under the tree – the morning was all about our family and celebrating Christmas together. After opening gifts we would eat and play and nap and do all of those things that so many love to do on Christmas Day. Later in the day the focus would turn to my birthday – with cake and singing and gifts wrapped in birthday gift wrap (never holiday gift wrap). And my mom always made my favorite dinner … whatever it was that year (pretty sure we had pizza often). All of the same celebratory things that my siblings enjoyed on their birthdays were part of my special day, too, which is a big part of why I always enjoyed my Christmas birthday rather than seeing it as a negative the way people so often assumed.



7 Responses

  1. jen s says:

    Great attitude! It serves you well!

  2. Tammy Clayton says:

    This is another reason why you are amazing. I think they could have named you Pollyanna. It is very fitting to you. Your positive attitude is wonderful!

  3. Pamela says:

    All about amazing parents. Make an already special day, personalized and unique. It’s all about perspective. Being blessed should always be celebrated.

  4. Melissa says:

    So fun! I love celebrating birthdays. I grew up with a brother having a birthday close to Christmas and my mom and assisted right after. The rule was very firm. Birthday presents always wrapped in birthday paper! No combining of presents either. I ended up children on either side of Christmas too. Same rules.

  5. Pam says:

    My niece is Christmas Eve. We have always done for her like your parents did for you. It is separate and we celebrate it. And of course always birthday wrap never Christmas wrap like your parents. I almost think we made more of an effort for hers because t is in such a busy time we didn’t want her to feel less special than if it was any other time of the year.

  6. Monica says:

    And celebrating Jesus birth on your special day! beautiful!

  7. Sherry A says:

    How special you are! Celebrating Christ’s birth on the same day as your own! You have His spirit in you! Your parents obviously do too! Thank you for sharing your gift of you with us!