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kara’s throwback post

When you deal with tragedy in childhood, you realize quickly that the few memories that stay with you into adulthood, don’t actually fade but rather become more vibrant. Perhaps it’s God’s gift wrapped up in an apology for what you had to go through. While I expected to lose a lot of mental images and scenes of my father, it’s actually been quite the opposite. I remember so vividly the times I had with him before I lost him unexpectedly at 10 years old.

The best memories? Those would be the ones spent outdoors. My father had three daughters, but the closest one to a son would have been me. I was the tomboy to end all tomboys – complete with baseball caps, sports, playing in the mud, and a hatred for bathing. My love for the outdoors and nature came from him and the times we spent up north in the woods are the fondest I have. Fishing, horseback riding, hiking, crawdad catching, squirrel feeding, s’more eating, and everything in between. While I don’t have a specific day in mind, they truly were the best of times and ones that I still carry with me today along with traditions for my own children.

Friends, this is Becky now.

I just wanted to add a note to say that this is actually Kara’s last blog post with us, as a member of our team. Forever a part of our family of course, but she is embarking on new adventures and focusing on running her own business (with photography + design). As sad as we are to see her go, we’re so very thankful that she spent a couple years enriching us, making us prettier (she was our visual manager), and shoot … she still lives around here, so she can’t escape us completely! These friendships are forever, and we are grateful for her influence in our lives — professionally and personally.

[ Super squeezy group hug for Kara ]