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introducing the Southern Weddings Edition

With CHA (Craft & Hobby Association – trade show) beginning on Saturday, we’ve got lots of new products to share with you this week leading up to the big reveal of our full booth this weekend! You’ll want to be sure to stay tuned to our social media accounts for more details and images of all the exciting things we have coming. We’ll be sharing lots of details from the show, so you won’t want to miss it!

To kick things off, we’re delighted to have partnered with Southern Weddings™ to bring you a Project Life® Edition that will help a bride and groom document every detail of their special occasion from dating through the honeymoon and on to planning for future hopes and dreams. The Southern Weddings brand is all about focusing on the details that make a wedding remarkable and Project Life is all about simplifying the process of documenting those details. The Project Life Southern Weddings Edition is filled with journaling prompts and beautiful artwork to help couples record all of the bits and pieces leading up to their wedding, the events and memories of the ceremony and celebrations, and the stories of things to come.

Not only will there be a Core Kit, but we’ve also created an Album, 6×6 Paper Pad, Chipboard Stickers, Photo Overlays, Embossing Folders, 4×4 Cards, and 2 sets of Specialty Cards … one that is specific to Southern brides! Whether you or someone you know is getting married or you are ready to go back and get your love story documented, we are thrilled to offer this beautiful edition designed by a remarkable company that is wildly popular in the wedding industry! Enjoy these sneak peeks. Expected arrival is in February 2015.







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  1. Cerise says:

    Well now I officially want to redo our wedding album! Beautiful kit!

  2. Kelly Fleming says:

    I’m so excited for this!!! My husband and I have actually been married for 9 years and all our photos from the wedding and honeymoon are all over the place. It will be great to get them all in an album and in something beautiful we enjoy looking at!

    • Rozette says:

      Me too! I have been married nine years and scrapbooks for 8. I am waiting until I am “good enough”. However these cards tell me the wait is over. :)

  3. Julia says:

    Any chance these will be available in digital format?

  4. Christine says:

    Love this! I have been putting off doing my wedding album and we celebrate our 24th anniversary this year. Any chance you might also do a tutorial of maybe how to set the album up like you did the baby album?

  5. TK says:

    I love this! My hubby and I will be celebrating our 28th anniversary this summer and I’m going to use this collection to document our story. My parents and my husband’s dad have both passed so it will be extra special to revisit our wedding and the events surrounding it and document them so my sons will know their grandparents a bit better (and see their old folks look young and thin!) I’ll put in some larger inserts for our portraits. This will be fun!

    Saving my $$ for this special collection!!! Can’t wait for closer peaks.

  6. Kristina says:

    LOVE this! It’s so gorgeous! I NEED to do our wedding album with this! We’ve been married 12 years, but using this kit is a must!

  7. Chelsea says:

    I just finished my first Project Life album using the Emily Ley Strawberry Core Kit! I wanted to give my parents a special Christmas gift, since it’s my last Christmas at home before getting married! I loved the whole process so much, I just knew I’d want to do a Project Life book for my fiancé chronicling our dating and engagement season… And now, not only are y’all doing a wedding edition, but one with Southern Weddings?! Swoon! I can’t wait to see everything!

  8. Rhonda says:

    Beautiful!!! Love love these!

  9. Alexandra says:

    I’m getting married this March so this will be perfect for me to document my wedding! Can’t wait to see the product and have something that will make it so easy to document my wedding…. Looks beautiful so far

  10. ValerieWhite says:

    Ooh! I want to do this for my best friends daughter who I getting married in October!

  11. This line is lovely! The colors are so soft and pretty and I love all the fonts used for the titles and text. Can’t wait to see it in person! ~Erika

  12. Jen S says:

    I live close to CHA headquarters – if you need volunteers to help set-up, please let me know!

  13. Nikki says:

    I am getting married in eight months and this is amazing! I’ll need it in my life!

  14. Charlotte Blakeney says:

    SWOON! This is PERFECT for my niece’s Southern wedding in the mountains in North Carolina. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

    I’ve never been to CHA. Are you able to purchase or just view the new things debuting?

    Thank you!


  15. Yvonne Stegeman says:

    Oh this looks so nice! I love it…
    My daughter will be the bride in September this year.
    Will this Edition be avelable in Holland? I would like to make an album for her…
    Thanks a lot..greetings from Yvonne

  16. amanda says:

    This is so pretty. I can’t wait to do my wedding stuff!!

  17. Gorgeous! As our wedding photographer let us down bigtime and we never got our wedding albums (luckily we have the photos), this would be great to create something tangible, even 4 years down the line. Love the album!

  18. Michelle says:

    I am going to get this even before my wedding is planned!!! Love this!

  19. Meagan says:

    Perfect timing, was just about to start planning for my Project Life wedding album :) Will these be available in Michael’s stores?

  20. Love this! This Valentine’s Day will be my 24th wedding anniversary and 30 th anniversary of my hubby asking me to be his girlfriend!!
    I see this kit as an anniversary present and a chance to make my own wedding album Project Life!
    My bridesmaids were also in emerald green dresses with peach and cream flowers so the colors look great for me, too!!

  21. Pamela Anderson says:

    Wow – this is beautiful! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to create a Project Life album for our 2001 wedding – so excited to order this gorgeous collection for that project!!

  22. Robin Sila says:

    My daughter is getting married on August 29th…. so is this perfect or what… we are truly having a traditional southern wedding….. from Mississippi and marrying an Alabama boy!! :) sweet!!

  23. Alisa R. says:

    I’m so excited for this! I just discovered Project Life and thought I would put all my wedding pictures in one, but I was dissappointed there was no wedding kit in the store. Now I see you have this coming out :) Do you know when in February it’ll come out? I’m excited to begin putting everything together!

  24. Lauren says:

    Love it! Have an actor friend getting married this year. He LIVES on instagram and all his friends take photos like crazy. His sister already knows I’m going to have everyone text me the pics they take on the wedding night so I can upload them to one-hour photo processing and have his book ready at the Sunday brunch. This will make my pre-wedding book prep a breeze!

  25. Alex says:

    Just wondering if there is a specific date to watch for the release of the Southern Weddings stuff? I am super excited and I want to make sure I get mine ordered with the new international shipping! I CAN’T WAIT :)

  26. Bronwyn says:

    I was wondering if this is also going to be released for Digital in February. This kit looks so beautiful.

  27. Patricia says:

    Will we be able to coustomize wedding colora

  28. Charlotte says:

    I am anxiously awaiting the release of this album and set. My niece is getting married in 5 weeks. I want to give her this album as her wedding gift. When and where can I get this? I’m dying here waiting for it.

    PLEASE! It’s mid February……come on….make us girls happy.

  29. Bronwyn says:

    Any news when Southern Weddings will be available via the Digital Store. I have started to see some of the products at Spotlight (Australia).

  30. Susan Bernard says:

    Good Afternoon – – – – I am a scrapbooker – and I really need :) this wedding scrapbook for my daughters wedding. She is getting married on August 7th, 2015 and this is perfect. I have tried our local Michaels – with no luck. Can I order directly from you?????
    Thanks so much for any help ………..
    Susan Bernard

    My cell number is 337 352 0218 if you would like to call me instead of emailing……

  31. home page says:

    Hiya, cool web site you have at this time there

  32. Michelle says:

    I fell in love with this set when I gave it to my girlfriend as a wedding gift. I now get to do a beautiful wedding keepsake with my wonderful husband to be. So excited to be able to tell our story , our fairy tale.
    Thank you Becky for designing the most AMAZING wedding keepsake, I have ever seen.

    Yours truly,
    The future Mrs.Paul Phillips

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