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introducing project 52 2016!

Project 52 2016 - beckyhiggins.com

Did you catch Becky’s post on Friday about how she documented 2015 and had her most successful year of keeping up with scrapbooking since … ever?!? She’s a believer in weekly documenting, so last year we introduced Project 52 – a kit that was exclusive to our shop and designed specifically with the idea that it could help you document your entire year on a weekly basis. Well, we heard your pleas for a new collection in 2016, and boy, are we excited about it!! We worked with the talented Amber LaBau to design a collection that would be clean + simple while making a statement. One that includes graphic patterns and hand-drawn elements. A kit that you’ll be excited to use every week for an entire year. Not only that, Amber also designed a full collection of calendars to accompany the kit – 3×4, 4×4, and 4×6 sizes with both Sunday start and Monday start options, as well as a card in each size that has just the month names with no dates attached. And it’s ALL available in both horizontal and vertical orientation – WOOT!!

One big thing that is different in 2016 is that this beautiful collection will not be available as a physical kit – it will only be available in the Project Life® App and in digital format. If you really want to use it in physical albums, we highly recommend purchasing the digital kit and printing from home – we include a full set of 8 1/2 x 11 PDF pages perfect for printing!  A few other things you may notice are that this collection has square corners and no journaling lines or grids included on the cards. You can easily “round” the corners in the app and on digital pages using our templates. Having no lines makes it extra simple for you to space your text in the app or on your computer without having to worry about adjusting any “extra” text options.

Below we’ve included some card previews from this collection along with a few sample pages from our Digital Creative Team. CLICK HERE to see what all of the cards in this collection look like – you can even download and save (and print, if you like) the card design PDF for future reference! To see all of the calendars, click HERE.

Project 52 2016 - beckyhiggins.com

Project 52 2016 - beckyhiggins.com

Page by Kimberly Lund

Project 52 2016 - beckyhiggins.com

Pages by Rachael Sheedy

Project 52 2016 - beckyhiggins.com

Page by Stephanie Vetne

Project 52 2016 - beckyhiggins.com

Pages by Vanessa Laurnoff


43 Responses

  1. Jennie says:

    Love this kit! I’m planning to use the app to document 2016 (as soon as I can get it on Android), so I’m trying to get into that mindset of documenting the little things, so I can quickly play catch-up once it is released! So excited!

  2. Stacey says:

    That’s a bummer about not having a physical kit. :( I know the app is the new product to push, but this still bums me out.

    • Cammie says:

      I was so excited and then saw the “No physical kit” part =(. Maybe if enough people rally for it? =)

  3. Chrystal says:

    I’d love more info on the photobook option (coming soon, I know!)… trying to decide whether to stick to digital or go with the app this year. Thanks!

  4. Dawn says:

    So bummed it’s not available in physical…I wish ALL the kits would be available all 3 ways….I loves this kit for this year but I don’t have a computer at home so no digital for me and no app for adroid…so some of us will have to admire this kit from afar…bummer.

  5. Leanne says:

    You had already converted me on the app side of things, and now I EXTRA can’t wait for 2016 to roll around to use my new cards!

  6. Michelle says:

    Super bummed about not being physical format. The amount of $$ it would cost in ink/paper or having someone print digital cards then the labor of cutting the cards is not cost effective for many. Please reconsider having the physical format. After all, that is how project life started!

  7. Laura says:

    I have the physical forms of the Clementine & Jade editions. These older editions do not have a lot of cards in a horizontal orientation because they’re older editions. I checked out the 3×4 cards in this new release and BOOM just like that problem solved. The color scheme is similar enough to the Jade edition that I don’t have to try to keep finding time to create my own horizontal cards. Thank you so so much!!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Really disappointed it is only for the app. I still shoot mainly with the DSLR, my iPhone just can’t match the quality, even the 6s. I’m still old school with Project Life (5 years now)…I downloaded the app…eh, not my thing. And I am not about to print out cards…I am looking for simple and not more complicated. I was really looking forward to this…oh well, not sure what I might do his year.

    • KathyinMN says:

      You can use those DSLR photos in the app. You can put them in a drop box folder or sync via itunes to your phone. Either way works easily.

  9. rhonda says:

    soooooooo pretty!!!! Great work ladies!

  10. KathyinMN says:

    I love this kit and bought it, even though I have no plans to do Project 52. I use the app for my brand of scrapbooking, which is more story centric. This kit is super versatile and quite lovely.

  11. Gwen says:

    I love the app, and love that the Project 52 2016 set is more neutral and coordinates well with many other card kits.
    Here in Canada it’s often too expensive to buy the physical kits anyway, because of shipping costs and exchange rates, so digital format is perfect. (Speaking of physical kits: Please add more selection to the Amazon.ca store!)
    I use the app to make full pages and also individual prints with typed journaling – my scrapbooks are always a hybrid of digital and physical. The app is great – highly recommended!

  12. Tammy says:

    How in the world did I miss this. It’s brilliant!!! I’m going to take full advantage of this. Love PL and all the people that make it happen. You ROCK!!!

  13. Sophia says:

    Please reconsider digital only.

    There’s no way I’ll have the time to do this if it is all digital. Plus, this is something I usually do on Sunday, which is a digital-free day for me, and would make it difficult to keep up with this.
    Printing and cutting are prohibitive for me; I would much prefer a physical version.

    The designs look lovely! If this is offered as a physical kit, I will be excited to use them!

  14. ann says:

    Do the weekly cards come in a 4×3 format for the app? I’ve been doing the physical PL for a few years. This year I’m using the 2015 Project 52 but I had to cut the weekly cards to use in the 4×3 slot. Looking at the app and testing it with other kits I have, I can’t seem to put the 4×6 cards in that slot. Please let me know if there’s a way to do this or if the kit has the 4×3 weekly cards and I’m just missing it.


    Also – when will the info for the digital books be released? I’m with a previous commenter. I’m trying to figure out my plan now. Thanks again.

  15. Krystin says:

    Very disappointed this kit is only digital. I echo the sentiments of others who hope you will reconsider that — especially when the app isn’t even available to half the public who uses Androids.

    Besides, one of the joys of scrapbooking (at least for me personally) is that it’s something timeless that allows me to savor memories and be creative without having to connect to the ever-pervasive technology in today’s society. I’m sure some people really enjoy the efficiency of the digital versions – and more power to them. But for me, it’s a break from everything and almost an art form. It’s not a to-do list or a hurry-up-and-get-it-done thing for me. I sincerely don’t want scrapbooking to turn into a digital-only format.

    If that’s the way your company is going, I beg you to reconsider. You’ll alienate a lot of people.

    Very disappointed this kit is only digital. Without question, I would have purchased the physical product.

  16. Lauren says:

    I hate to complain but I am so tired of all the orange and yellow schemes. Any chance we will see a kit featuring purple (even if it’s not a 52 kit)? Thank you!

  17. Katrina says:

    I’m bummed that it won’t be offered in the physical format. I spend so much time staring at screens for work that it’s really nice to have something I like to do away from them. There are other core kits that I love, so I guess I will go with them to save me and my carpal tunnel hands from having cut everything out if I used this kit. I loved using Project 52 this year. I hope you’ll offer it as a physical version again sometime.

  18. Elena Farinas says:

    When will Project 52 2016 be available in the app?

  19. Teresa says:

    Super disappointed that Pl is.going so digital also. All we hear is how everyone is so attached to technology and now this too is only available via app or digital and 1/2 of.us are left out due to no android app .

  20. Robin says:

    Hmmm! I am very sad to see it’s not in physical format. It’s beautiful! I love crafting by hand, just like I like holding my books in my hand. There’s just something about it. Project Life has really helped with the cost of my scrapbooking addiction and has also made documenting our life easier. I was all excited to do Project 52 again in 2016. I really hope you reconsider not offering it in physical format. After reading these posts, it seems to make sense from a business perspective. Guess I’ll look for another core kit to replace it.

  21. Marie says:

    This kit is just beautiful ! So sad you do not offer it in a physical format…The App is not my jam and buying the kit in the digital version to print the cards would be time-consuming and would cost me much more… Maybe you will reconsider this issue according to all the comments I can read here and there…

  22. Cindy McDannold says:

    I have been with Becky Higgins since her first Creative Companion came out. I am a 68 year old woman that lives on a limited income, so having the physical kit is a more “doable” expense for me. I have an android phone so I can’t do the app. Printing and cutting is becoming harder for me. I realize that we are stepping into new formats however I repeat the many replies that we still love the original idea of Project Life. Technology is a wonderful thing but in this fast moving world we need that time of “quiet doing” to calm our hectic minds. Please reconsider offering only digital possibilities. Thank you.

    • susan says:

      Cindy, I love that sentiment – “we need that time of quiet doing to calm our hectic minds”.

  23. Melinda says:

    I agree with the many posts hoping for a reconsideration of a physical kit. I still prefer to have a physical kit to play with. I like a break from the screen too :). Thanks for hearing us. Nice work as always!!

  24. Angelica says:

    Becky you mentioned that I can do this on my computer, I thought that the Project Life app is only via iPhone, is this incorrect? I’ve got an iMac, can I get the PL app on my iMac?


    • Jenny B. says:

      I would love for the app to be available for Mac also, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t. It would be so nice to be able to use it on both my iPhone and my MacBook, and have the progress sync for both. That might help me convert to using the app. :) I think what she meant was that you could use the digital kits to build pages in a program like Photoshop, and then get them printed and placed into an album or photo book. That’s what I currently do.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Really bummed out that I can’t get the physical product. Absolutely love this kit and wish to buy; completely respect that the company loves the app, but I will only do physical pages. I understand you can print these cards through the app but I enjoy scrapbooking to get AWAY from my device and like the simplicity of buying a core kit pre-done(printed/cut/organized). I don’t understand not offering the physical version, for this is the concept of Project Life from the start. Also disappointed the first kit you choose to cut from physical format production is the new 52 week year kit. With all said, this is a beautiful kit and jealous of app lovers! Enjoy! (B.H., please reconsider!!!!!!!!). ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  26. Shannon says:

    I have to chime in and say I’m really disappointed this isn’t in a physical format too. I really used the Project 52 last year in my album and I was looking forward to the ease of using the new Project 52 2016 kit this year. I was super excited when I heard about it in your video but then disappointed to find it was only digital.

    Please reconsider!

  27. Jenn says:

    So bummed this isn’t available in a physical format. I’m not sure why you would create a product and only offer it in one format and not others? I hope this isn’t a sign you’re headed all-digital! While I embrace technology, my scrapbooking hobby is a time for me to disconnect from all of that “screen time” and get creative with my hands. Not all of us WANT to move to digital with this hobby.

  28. Nora says:

    Another disappointed PL-er here, also disabled, who can’t handle the costs (physical or spoons-wise) of printing and cutting and pasting onto card-stock and then punching corners. Please, please, please offer this kit like all the others in physical format with round corners so everyone, even those of us with limitations, can be included!

  29. Dany nerdy mom says:

    Please reconsider physical format. What I really love about PL is the idea to document your life woth your personal touch. I understand that the your team work so hard to simplfy the process. But, please reconsider the fact of turing the digital into physical is more time consuming, (printing -cutting-etc..)

    Thank you

  30. NVMom says:

    If you buy the 2016 digital kit here, is it accessible on the app? I’m new to this.

  31. Prim says:

    2016 is a leap year… Please please please can the 2016 digital packs be updated to 366 wherever 365 is mentioned? It would be great (for us anal-retentive types ;)

  32. Chyrisse Arnold says:

    I wasn’t able to read the instructions on how to update the leap year on the app. Can you please tell us again how to do it. TIA

  33. Rowena says:

    Hi, wondered if you could let us know which fonts have been used in this kit or near matches so I can type journalling that coordinates. That would be so helpful, thanks.

  34. Hannah says:

    I wish this were available in the physical format!

  35. Jane D says:

    I LOVE this kit, but I’m so disappointed about it not being available in a physical format.
    Please reconsider!

  36. Dana van den Bosch says:

    Very cool kit. I miss a 366 card for 2016. Maybe it’s possible to change it

  37. Carol says:

    Please, please, please publish this in a physical kit! I do not have any extra time to print, cut, corner round all of these cards myself.

    My hope is that you will keep publishing everything in a physical kit.

  38. Chris H says:

    Hi there,
    Will this be something I can use for the 6×8 pages? I have 6×8 pl albums to fill and I have yet to complete a full year of PL. I’m really determined this year with my Project 52.
    Thanks so much for offering this!

  39. Katie says:

    Really want this physically after starting the year on the app and finding that it’s just not a good workflow for me. Print and cut is not a good option. Please put out a physical version of this awesome kit!