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interviewing children

For as long as my own children have been able to speak, I have seen the value of preserving some of the words that come out of their mouths. When we look back at those things they’ve said, we remember. And we smile. And sometimes we laugh.

If you’re not already doing it, I strongly encourage you to do a casual “interview” with each child on a regular basis — not only for the purpose of bonding and learning things you may not have known, but also for the purpose of preserving snippets of their life. Their answers are insights to their world and their story. And they will certainly love looking back at their answers in the coming years. So will their future spouse / children / posterity! Plus — we all know kids can change their mind month-by-month, week-by-week, minute-by-minute. Capture who they are right now!

We’ve whipped up an interview form that you can use with your kids, no matter their age. In fact, I encourage you to use it over and over again! When you take the time to do this, you’ll find that some of their answers may surprise you, and how great would it be to compare their answers from year to year? This download is FREE. So how do you get it? If you’re signed up for our emails, you’ll be seeing this from us in your inbox today. Not getting our emails? No problem. It takes about 8 seconds to sign up right here, and then we’ll email the PDF right over to you.

This video brings to life some of the interview questions. We recently invited the offspring of the BH team members to sit down with me for a little Q&A. While we’re pretty biased about their awesomeness, we think you’ll enjoy it, too! Our hope is that you’re inspired to conduct an interview with your favorite kiddo(s) soon!



12 Responses

  1. Betsy says:

    Adorable! Unfortunately, I do not see where to download the interview PDF.

    • Race Ashby Race Ashby says:

      Are you subscribed to the Becky Higgins emails? If so, you should receive your PDF today. If not, sign up at BeckyHiggins.com/subscribe/ and it will show up in your inbox soon after!

  2. Jenn hagwood says:

    I’m already subscribed but not getting the emails. 🙁 Really want these lists.

    • Race Ashby Race Ashby says:

      Jenn, I double-checked to make sure you’re receiving our emails, and that we definitely sent our interview questions email to you yesterday. Definitely contact us at customerservice@beckyhiggins.com if you can’t spot it in your inbox today. It may also be hiding out in a junk mail folder.

  3. Nicky H says:

    That video is ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Marie says:

    Just love it ! I kept smiling ALL long the video. Thank to all your kids, they are cute ! I just downloaded the pdf (thanks ! thanks ! thanks !) and I’m going to interview my 5-year old daughter. Can’t wait to hear her answers. I would love to interview my son too, but he’s 19 months so his answers would be more like “blah blah” among some “Mama” “Papa”. Oh well, that could be nice too ! Thank you so much for this great idea.

  5. Monica says:

    Ok, so that was just the cutest ever. I’m thinking – – and pretty sure I could pick out the kids and their Moms – – some of them – – and one looked just like you Becky – – one looks like Wendy and one definitely looks like Kari – – hmmmm – – the little boy with teeth missing and hair spiked belongs to Becky – – I’m thinking – – :)

  6. debi says:

    I didn’t get the download could you check please

  7. Kelly Fergie says:

    Thanks for the awesome Download, the questions are all so perfect to document for kid . . .and some adults! I just have one request on behalf of everyone not in the US would you consider making one with mum spelt “our” way?

  8. Tina McNamara says:

    Loved watching this video! So cute! I think this is a great idea! I’m going to print these questions out and give them to my sister & coworkers with young kids. My children are 25 & 26 so they are a bit old, but my oldest is a teacher and she may like this for her 3rd grade class. Thanks!

  9. Mary Ann says:

    I already am a subscriber and have printed the interview, but I would like to print some more and now can’t access the interview. Is there a way to download it if you are already a subscriber?

    Thank you
    Mary Ann

  10. Deidre Donovan says:

    I am already a subscriber and received the email a year ago however my son was only two then, he just turned 3 and I was trying to find it to do it with him but I can’t find the email anywhere in my inbox now . Is there anyway to still receive the download?