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international shipping

It’s really happening!

We have pretty big news for our friends to the north and south and east and west — whether you share our continent or you live across the great waters. You have been asking (begging) us to make international shipping available since our shop went live last year. And boy, can I just say… that was quite the process. We thank you for your patience. Thank you for hanging in there with us. Thank you for your loyalty! Even though we knew (and you knew) that shipping internationally is generally so expensive, we still worked hard to at least make this option available.

So… international shipping from our online shop is available! Everything we carry in our shop is now yours to enjoy! We can ship to Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Japan, Qatar, Germany, Finland, South Africa, India, Greenland, Ethiopia, Russia, Chile, Taiwan, Spain, Switzerland… okay, you get the idea. There are over 200 countries on our list! We can ship everywhere!

So, what are the shipping rates?

We are big fans of simplicity and clarity so you know exactly what to expect before you even start shopping. When you shop online with us, you can expect FLAT SHIPPING RATES, no matter how much you spend. No surprises!

  • Canada – USD $50 flat rate
  • Mexico – USD $50 flat rate
  • Everywhere else – USD $100 flat rate

And for our local customers in the continental U.S., just a reminder that your flat rate is $9 for orders under $35. If you spend over $35, your domestic shipping cost is… nothing at all! We’ll cover it.

NOTE: Becky Higgins LLC cannot be responsible for any international custom and duty fees, taxes, or brokerage fees assessed by the carrier. These fees are in addition to, and not included in, the cost of shipping. We are obligated to declare all items as merchandise and will not mark items as “gift.”  We cannot be liable for any delays due to packages held at customs.

How fast is the shipping?

Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days (regardless of where the package is going), but we cannot estimate the actual shipping time since there are so many variables and it is a very big planet! Actual shipping times will vary based on location, but you will receive a tracking number via email once your order ships so you can know more accurately when it will arrive.

In the continental U.S., shipments usually arrive within 5-10 business days after leaving the fulfillment center.

What a way to kick off the week. We’re just as thrilled about this as you are. I’m trying to hold back on how many exclamation points I use in this blog post. Spread the news! Tell your friends! Shoot – there I go again.  ; )

Happy shopping! Get started now. Go crazy.  ; )

Added Note

After reading all of the commentary, I feel inclined to share a few more thoughts / insights.

I’m personally thankful to those of you who shared your positive outlook on this and who have expressed your gratitude. That always goes so far with us, thank you. Many orders have been successfully placed and we’re thrilled to know that you can have the products soon! At the same time, we’re very sorry to hear some of you are disappointed with our new international shipping options and wish it had come as better news to you. 

It really has been our dream to offer shipping of our products throughout the world for so many reasons and it’s been remarkably difficult to make that a reality. I imagine we all (customers and company) knew it would be expensive, but as we’ve crunched numbers that involve much more than location – product weights, retail prices, shipping box sizes, and a myriad of other variables – we had to make some tough decisions on how to best make international shipping a possibility for those that are willing to pay for it.

Most of our products are heavy (paper and plastic are very heavy in nature) and oversized which raises the overall cost significantly. We wanted to keep things as simple as possible which is why we opted for a flat rate. We were never looking to make a profit on shipping – regardless of destination – so we chose rates that would nearly cover the expense of most product orders/weights while losing money on many of those orders.

We knew there would be no “perfect” scenario for what we could offer our international customers, but wanted it to be an option. Please know we hear you and we will continue to try and negotiate better rates and/or refine our pricing structure with time. We sincerely hope to make it a more realistic option for more of our international customers as our company moves forward and grows.


39 Responses

  1. Laraine England says:

    Good news about international shipping but is it really $75? That is an awful lot.

  2. Cara S says:

    I agree, Laraine, I wouldn’t even begin to consider ordering anything that required me to pay $75 postage, particularly as in Aussie dollars that’s virtually $100. Imagine wanting to order an album for $25 and having to pay $100 US for it.

  3. Michelle says:

    $75 that’s madness!!!

  4. me says:

    75$?? are you serious??

  5. Vicky says:

    Puerto Rico is included in “Everywhere else”? If yes let me say: “OH MY GOOODDDD!!!!” and faint over here.

  6. Jenn says:

    Those prices are shockingly high. And to not include duty? These products are no more in reach than they when there was no international shipping. I can’t imagine anyone being able to justify making a personal purchase with that enormous extra expense.

  7. Amy C says:

    $30 to ship to Canada is crazy too!

  8. Janice says:

    It still amazes me that people think postage should cost nothing when it costs a small fortune to ship internationally!! For those who have a local Scrapbook Store/online store accessible, which stocks Project Life….you should be supporting these retailers.

    • Yvettedownunder says:

      Janice, we understand shipping to Australia is expensive but this is not a typical cost. We buy from Amazon, Book Depository etc and they manage affordable postage rates. We need products to be wholesale within Australia, to enable more reliable stocking by the small retailers we would prefer to support.

    • Cathy Heffernan says:

      $75 is ridiculous for postage to Australia – as others have pointed out, Book Depository from the UK offers free postage and I’ve bought things on Ebay where postage is generally under $30. Having a flat rate on postage is excessive and prohibitive to your international customers. Agree with the comment from someone saying why bother offering International shipping when you charge that sort of price. Will be good for local online shops – people will support them rather than pay $75 for an item regardless of size or weight.

  9. Joana Morujo says:

    oh my… $75 to Portugal?
    I was going to make an order…. but now I dont want anymore :'(

  10. Jenny says:

    Ignoring the stupidly high shipping (guess we’re only doing group orders!)… What company is being used for shipping? Are we also going to be hit with UPS’s insane brokerage fees?

  11. Margarida Mendes says:

    I was so happy when I got the email but 75$???

    • Joana Morujo says:

      Portuguesa como eu?! We gave to join together to order lolol

    • Margarida Mendes says:

      Sim, o problema é que ainda que conseguíssemos juntar mais 5 ou 6 pessoas o facto dos 75$ não incluírem “international custom and duty fees, taxes, or brokerage fees assessed by the carrier” e tudo o que exceda os 50$ estar sujeito a taxas alfandegárias e nem quero pensar o que a USPS cobrará, faz com que a eventual poupança conseguida por comprar directamente no beckyhiggins.com não compense MESMO!!!! Vou comprar num dos sites espanhóis que entretanto descobri ;)

    • Joana Morujo says:

      Eu tenho comprado na Hey Little Magpie.
      Que sites espanhóis são? :)

  12. Em says:

    Given all your reservations towards international shipping, I knew it would be expensive but expensive is $30 not $75. That amount is just laughable, no one in their right mind will order for that much. I understand your company is small compared to others but personally I think you shouldn’t have proposed anything until you could get decent rates. I’m guessing finding more international wholesalers for us foreigners is the only way we’re gonna get good deals. So sad what should have been a great news turns out sour.

  13. Yvettedownunder says:

    I certainly won’t be ordering anything directly at that price. And until you make ALL products available to ALL retailers in Australia, I will stick with buying digital product and printing at home.

    End the disappointing arrangements with Spotlight Australia, where stores fail to stock the variety and quantity of product and allow our local scrapbook stores to carry the full range.

    The US is not the Centre of the universe.

    • Sue says:

      The US isn’t the center of the world. But you seem to forget she IS a US company. She doesn’t have to ship internationally if she doesn’t want to. However she is giving the option. It’s your choice not to buy from her site. She doesn’t owe you anything.

  14. Melody says:

    Now my friends in Japan can order! If seven of them each pay abt $10 they can share the box. Score!

  15. MamaBtoThree says:

    I am not a business person so I can’t imagine what a company has to go through to set up international shipping. I am however a customer. A loyal customer who supports businesses with integrity, excellent customer service and quality products. I shop online with many companies and will continue to do so to get my PL supplies. Thanks to Amazon and my local small retailer I can get most of the products. Epic fail with the International shipping.

  16. MamaBtoThree says:

    Epic fail Becky Higgings.

  17. Kirsty Ross says:

    $75 is totally out of reach… if I ordered off amazon.com it would cost me £29.39 including shipping AND CUSTOMS for the item I want if I was to order from here it would be £59.66 BEFORE shipping. That’s for the same item from America to UK… twice the price all because of shipping? (and that is with Amazon charging $10 more for the actual items).

  18. iSSa says:

    I am so sad with all the negative comments here and in the IG shipping post. Becky and team, you are doing an awesome thing by giving an option for international users. Thank you! ♥

    The fee is truly high but I doubt BH is earning off it. PLUS it’s a flat rate people!! As Melody said above, gather at least 6 of your friends and now shipping will just be $11 for each of you! FLAT RATE!! That means you can order tons and still 11 each. Perspective people. Always see the good.

  19. Rakel says:

    I can totally understand how people are bad about the high shipping fees – but before ya’ll keep complaining about how $$$ it is – you might want to have a look on the USPS site to see with your own eyes just how expensive it can e to ship overseas. I speak from experience. The USPS flatware box (largest) costs just under $55 to ship to Europe from USA. That’s whiteout customs of course. A large flatware box could possible hold 3 core kits and a handful of mini kits. So in reality, a $75 flat fee is a great deal. The bulky boxes that carry 12×12 albums would be pretty darn pricey to ship overseas from The USA. It’s not like Becky is in he business of trying to magic profit of her shipping fees – if anything she will have to pay out of pocket for those larger orders. Please do your homework before making nasty comments! We are all here with the same purpose – to document our journey and cultivate a good life while doing so. Embrace it!

    • Cathy Heffernan says:

      I’ve ordered bulky albums and paper packs from Blitsy (in the US) and never paid more than $20. Also remember – I’m guessing postage us $75 US?? That puts it closer to $100 for us here in Australia.

  20. Amanda says:

    As someone who ships many packages for our business, these prices are very realistic. Thank you Becky, for making it an OPTION, and I’m sorry that Amason and such have made us act like spoiled children who want everything shipped for free.

  21. kate adderley says:

    OMG, l cant believe all the negitive comments on this post, of course you all must know how expensive it would be to post from the US, its not Becky who sets the rates, its the USPS AND SHE WAS ONLY FOLLOWING UP ON EVERY ONE who wanted to know about International shipping, there was no contact stating that you had to pay it, Project Life AND Becky Higgins would have to be one of the best and honest companies in the world these days, always doing whatever she can to please their customers , l have always supported Craft House in NEW ZEALAND for my products and will continue to do so, and l think at 3 days from ordering to receiving my parcel in Australia is Damm good, Dont forget all the hard work Becky did at the Start for Australian and New Zealand customers to even getting the products here for us by using Craft House as our nearest destination to buy our products, other wise you all would be paying the $75 postage or missing out on Project Life, so lets all be a little be grateful and start by cultivating a good life with positive comments,

  22. Jo says:

    The thing that I am most disappointed about is that my preferred retailer in th UK was forced to cease trading and the others that remain – Papermaze and Hey little Magpie- seem to have very little stock. There is Hobbycraft of course, but they don’t stock a very wide variety of products. So, as I don’t have a big group of scrapbooking friends to bulk buy with, does that mean that I am looking at changing brands if I want to continue pocket scrapbooking?

    • Jo, one great option here in the UK is to use the Stampin’ Up! Project Life supplies. They are official PL supplies and there’s a flat rate shipping of £4.95 as they come from Germany and not the US. I guess it does depend which core kits and card you want to use, but it is an official PL option :)
      Personally, I’m a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator (so do give me a shout if you want to order those items!) but I like to use a range of PL items. I have all the SU kits and stamps, but also have some of the “straight” PL kits as well. Like you, I got most of them from a supplier who has now closed down but it looks like some items are becoming more available through Amazon as well?
      Having said that, I really, really want the Cathy Zielske value kit!! I may have to come up with a solution for getting hold of that one when it comes out ;)
      I know that was a bit of a ramble, but hopefully it made sense and gave you another option?

  23. Fernanda says:

    Is it a joke? I’m from Brazil and in other on line stores from america I pay from 9 – 20 dollars for shipping, so this price…. is ridiculous. We know it could be much better. I’m very disappointed, and won’t buy anything from BH store…. a shame.

  24. Katie says:

    Alas, I don’t have 6-10 friends that know of Project Life here in Hong Kong, let alone would be convinced to split the $75 shipping.

    Perhaps it would have been better to have been transparent in price per kg and the detailed location its going to.

    Its just completely unaffordable for a lot of people. As much as I would like to support the small business and Becky, to spend $75 on shipping paper supplies is just something I couldn’t feel right doing. If I had that spare, donating it to charity would be more in line with the brand’s ethos I feel. I wish Becky well, but I won’t be purchasing. For those that can use this option, I’m glad it’s available.

    I look forward to reading an update in prices.

  25. It is lovely that the option has become available, so thanks to Becky and the team for at least making it a possibility. Unfortunately, unless you have a group and can split the postage, the cost is prohibitive for most hobbyists. It would be lovely if more of the products could be made available through the Becky Higgins LLC line on Amazon, though I don’t know what your agreement there is, obviously.
    I was really hoping to be able to order the new Value kit from Cathy Zielske, but there’s no way I can justify the shipping cost, and to put together an order big enough to justify… well let’s just say I’d be bankrupt, let alone broke!!
    Flat rate shipping is lovely, but best used when it is a “reasonable” amount – sometimes you’re best off charging a tiered system – if you can programme it into your online store set up, which isn’t always easy or possible.
    All I can say is that I’m very grateful for the option, but will only be doing this for very very special occasions! For now I will stick with mainly using my Project LifexStampin’ Up! kits, which have a shipping rate to the UK of just £4.95! And supplement them with the occasional bits from Hobbycraft or Amazon.
    If it’s possible, though, can we have more of the “unusual” page layouts available through Amazon or Hobbycraft? Thanks so much!!

  26. Vanessa B. says:

    In all fairness, I don’t know much about international shipping. In the interest of better understanding this issue I went and played with the USPS international shipping calculator. Holy Moly, it is expensive. I don’t know how companies make shipping deals but looking at what it would cost me to ship a 5 lb. small to med size box is over $80US. Crazy town. I am sad to see all of the frustration and anger. I hope that there is eventually a more amenable solution.

  27. Niki says:

    While I am sad at the cost I can understand why it I the way it is! The products we would purchase are heavy and cumbersome to say the least! It will be painful but I’m sure I will still make an online purchase from Canada because of the wider online selection of products. The $50 of product I currently have sitting in my cart will cost me upwards of $100 cnd. But sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do!!! As an aside- ironically only a week ago did it occur to me that I could pruchase more online and was devistated when you only shipped to the states, so HURAY!

  28. Melissa says:

    Re: Vanessa B’s comments, I totally agree. Shipping within the US can be prohibitive. I have often decided against ordering something online because the shipping is so expensive, but shipping internationally is even worse. Big companies can cut deals to bring down the expense, but smaller companies get fewer such deals. I imagine that the packaging materials for international deliveries must be even stronger than normal to survive the shipping process, which increases the shipping fees.

  29. Rachel Pomeroy says:

    thank you Becky and team… x

  30. Louisa says:

    Maybe you could look into finding someone in Australia who could stock all your products, and a company print and post the layouts in Australia Just a thought.

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