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inspiration from our digital creative team – july 2015

With the recent digital release of so many great baby kits from Emily Ley and Stampin’ Up!, it’s no wonder that this month’s digital inspiration is full of babies and fur babies. Babies aren’t all we have today! We have plenty of inspiration from the everyday special moments, summer fun, and even a little winter inspiration for those of you in the southern hemisphere. It’s all awesome and is sure to get you pumped to work on your own Project Life®  layouts.

JGagenApr4Layout by Julie Gagen. Features the Super Cute Value Kit and Digital Template Design A. All supplies are available as in-app purchases in the Project Life App®.

LRossJulyLayout by Lindsay Ross. Features the Moments Like These Edition, Digital Template Design A, and Big Shot Template 7. All supplies are available as in-app purchases in the Project Life App.

AAvisoJune3Layout by Aggie Aviso. Features the It’s A Man’s World Themed Cards, Digital Template Design A, and Digital Template Design P.


Layout by Anna Rose. Features the Hello Baby Boy Edition and Digital Template Design A.

HConnorsJune6cLayout by Holly Connors. Features the Baby Girl Edition, Digital Template Design D, and Big Shot Template 7.

KLundJuly2Layout by Kimberly Lund. Features the Just My Type Value Kit, Digital Template Design C, and Digital Template Design K.

KSill_June4Layout by Kelly Sill. Features the Hello Baby Girl Edition, Big Shot Template 7, and Big Shot Template 8.

RSheedyJune2Layout by Rachael Sheedy. Features the Moments Like These Edition, Big Shot Template 3, and Big Shot Template 7 (modified).

SVetneJuly2Layout by Stephanie Vetne. Features the Just My Type Value Kit and Digital Template Design A.

VLaurnoffJuly1Layout by Vanessa Laurnoff. Features the Baby Boy Edition, Baby Boy Edition Photo Overlays, Baby Boy Edition Stickers, and Digital Template Design A.



6 Responses

  1. Alexis says:

    I can’t wait for the newer baby editions to come to the app!!! Pretty please!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Will Moments like these eventually be released on the PLapp? I can’t remember if previous SU kits were ever made available in the app.

    • Emily says:

      It’s already in the app–just came with the last update so maybe make sure your phone downloaded the latest one. I think there are a handful of SU kits in the app.

  3. Emily says:

    How did Anna make her pictures and cards have square corners? Plus with the cute border? I’m debating if I want to start using the digital products but I would love to be able to have square corners like I generally use in the app.

    • Lindsay says:

      You can make the corners square in the app. When you’re in the screen where you can pick different template designs, up in the upper right hand corner there’s a little box. Click on that and you can change back and forth from rounded to square corners. You can also change the background in the app. On that same screen, there are a bunch of colors running across the top. If you click on one of those colors, it changes the background color. You can change the colors across the top depending on what “kit” you have selected at the time. Does that make sense?

  4. Brianna says:

    How did Holly make the it so the template is on top of the paper? I am brand new to this (just started digital today). I like how it has the printed paper then white around the the photos and cards. How do I do that? Another newbie question, how do I create it so the color in the background layer is white not tan?