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inspiration from our creative team – september 2015

With September drawing to a close, the fall months (here in the U.S.) and holiday season are swiftly approaching! This is truly my favorite time of the year – perhaps because my birthday is on Christmas – and it’s filled with fun moments, celebrations, togetherness, and memories to be made. It can also be a time that overwhelms those who want to document the everyday because our calendars tend to be more full which can take away from the extra time we want to spend documenting. The answer to the dilemma? Project Life®, of course! Keeping things simple with your Project Life pages can make getting your photos and stories into albums a breeze … even with less “extra” time in your daily schedule.

Our creative team continues to move forward in their documenting – even while some are enjoying extensive travel, some are working full time, some are in school, some are battling chronic illness, and several of our team members have new babies … two more this month, in fact! Regardless of what stage of life you’re in or what roles you’re filling in any given day, you can do this! Find what works for you with your scrapbooking and remember to enjoy the process – not only will you love looking back at your completed pages and albums, but it will remind you of the goodness that fills your life and/or how the struggles you’ve experienced have made you stronger.

The pages + projects you’ll see in this post are from the girls on our team using our physical products. You can also find digital inspiration for September from those on our team using our digital products and the Project Life App to document. No matter which products you choose, the idea behind Project Life is the same – to help you simplify the process of getting your stories into albums! Remember that the 3 core Project Life components and nothing else are really all you need to get started. Album + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket PagesThat’s it. All products used in the pages below include direct links under the images for your convenience so you can see more.

Here’s to being inspired by the many memories ahead or those from years past as you Cultivate a Good Life and Record It.


Pages created by Awbree Caton, featuring the Everyday Edition Core Kit, Moments Like These Card Collection (by Stampin’ Up!), and 3×4 White Cards. Left page is Design A and right page is Design P trimmed down (with another page peeking out from behind).


Pages by Brianna Marshall, featuring the Everyday Edition Core Kit. Both pages are Design A.

*BPetermann September 1

Pages created by Brooke Petermann, featuring the Fine & Dandy Core KitSunshine Edition Core Kit, Happy Edition Core Kit, and Midnight Edition Core Kit. Left page is Design D (trimmed down) and right page is Design 06 (part of Variety Pack 1 by Stampin’ Up!)


Pages created by Donna Meuli, featuring the Everyday Edition Core Kit and Digital Stamp from Happiness Is Collection (by Stampin’ Up!). Left page is Design A and right page is an 8×10 Vertical Page Protector.


Pages created by Els Brigé, featuring the Shine Bright Value Kit and 4×6 White Cards. Left page is Design A and right page is Design G.

*GRobinson Sep2

Pages created by Gabby Robinson, featuring the Baby Boy Edition Specialty Cards. Inserts on the left are 8×10 Horizontal Page Protectors (perfect for holding greeting cards from others) and right page is Design 07 (part of Variety Pack 2 by Stampin’ Up!).

Congratulations to Gabby and her husband as they welcomed their sweet baby boy this past month!


Pages created by Jen Lake, featuring the September Skies Core Kit and Sunshine Edition Core Kit. Left page is Design G and right page is Design A.


Pages created by Julia Reichert, featuring the Midnight Edition Core Kit, Sunshine Edition Core Kit, and Seafoam Edition Core Kit (retired). Both pages are Design A – right page has seams sewn to create 3×4 pockets.


Pages created by Lynley Johnson, featuring the Everyday Edition Core Kit. Both pages are Design A.


Pages created by Mindi Niebuhr, featuring the September Skies Value Kit and Gold 6×8 Album. Left page is 6×8 Design 2 and right page is 6×8 Design 3.


Pages created by Rhonda Steed, featuring the Everyday Edition Core Kit. Left page is Design D and right page is Design H.


Wedding gift mini-album project created by Rianne Alonte, featuring the Southern Weddings Edition (printed from digital files), Trinkets Value Kit, and XOXO Themed cards (retired). All pages are 6×8 Photo Pocket Pages – Design 3. Rianne shares her inspiration for the project:

My friend once told me that she wanted to make a scrapbook about her and her boyfriend (now husband), but she has no time to do it. Five days before the wedding, I had a lightbulb moment– why not help her start it? I used a 6×8 album and packs of Design 3 photo pocket pages. I printed the digital Southern Wedding prompt cards and paired them with the Trinkets and XOXO cards. I left notes on what photos to add in the 4×6 pockets.  All she has to do is print the 4×6 photos and write on the cards. (This couple never posted their photos on social media, by the way, so I wasn’t able to print them.) She can rearrange, change the designs, insert more photo pocket pages for an event if she wishes to. I’m pretty positive that she will like this system and will easily learn how to do it. I’m hoping to have another Project Lifer in my circle!

*THarrisSept1 copy

Page created by Toni Harris, featuring the Baby Boy Value Kit. Page is Design B.

Congratulations to Toni, her husband, and her boys for welcoming another baby boy into their family a few weeks ago!


Pages created by Tully Reynolds, featuring the Midnight Edition Core Kit. Both pages are Design A.


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