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how-to: embossing folders

With all of our embossing folders being on sale this week as part of our Becky’s Picks promotion, we wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how they work, what the final output looks like, and an alternative way to use them that doesn’t require any type of machine! The results that come from the embossing folders can add beautiful texture to your albums. You can also use ink on them to make the design stand out even more and you can even use the embossing folders with letterpress inks to give you a lovely colored letterpress effect.

Using embossing folders with a die cut machine

This is definitely the fastest + easiest way to use the embossing folders and will typically yield the best results – images below show the Big Shot machine, but similar die cut machines will also work.

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Open the embossing folder and slip your cardstock between the pieces of hinged plastic. Cardstock shown here is some of our pre-cut 4×6 textured cardstock, but you can use whatever cardstock you have on hand. The embossing folders used in this post are the Project 52 Embossing Folders.

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Close the embossing folder with the cardstock sandwiched inside and then place the embossing folder between the cutting pads.

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Place your platform into the die cut machine. Refer to the manual that came with your machine to know which platforms/plates are required for use with embossing folders.

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Place the cutting pads onto the platform.

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Rotate the handle so the platform rolls/moves through the machine.

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Remove the cardstock from inside the embossing folder and gush over the gorgeous embossed design!

Using embossing folders without a machine

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Sandwich your cardstock inside the embossing folder just like you would if you were using a machine. Use a rolling pin, stamp brayer, or other hard item to rub/roll pressure over the top of the embossing folder. You can tape the bottom of the embossing folder closed so it doesn’t pop open while you’re rolling. This technique takes time and pressure, so plan on getting an arm workout. *wink*

How to use embossing folders | BeckyHiggins.com

Open the embossing folder and look at the stunning pattern you’ve created! It will likely be more subtle than if you use a machine, but it does work. If you don’t see the results you’d hoped for, put the cardstock back inside the embossing folder and try again using more pressure.

Big Shot Giveaway!

One of our lucky readers is going to win a Big Shot machine just like the one pictured … how’s that for awesome? Leave your name and location in the comments for a chance to win! We will announce the winner at the bottom of this post on Friday, April 10th.

Updated: 4.10.15

Congratulations to Jennifer of Norman, Oklahoma! Please email toni@beckyhiggins.com to claim your prize!


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