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heidi swapp project life products now in stores and in our shop!


We were thrilled to share the news that Heidi Swapp and I have teamed up to bring you a perfectly fun line of Project Life® products designed with Heidi’s signature style. Today we’re equally excited to show you the entire group of products right here in one place. All of these products are exclusive to Michaels Stores, but we are delighted to announce that most of these products are available in our shop today, as well! Just a few items that haven’t arrived yet will be here very soon. Direct links to the individual products are included below.


Core Kits

Core Kits

Both the Dreamy Edition and Favorite Things Edition Core Kits are filled with gorgeous + graphic designs … and Heidi’s handwriting, of course!

Designer Albums


There are four different Designer Albums in four awesome patterns to choose from – the Black + White Stripe Album, Word Heart Album, Multi Chevron Album, and Geometric Album are all showstoppers.

Value Kits

Value Kits

The four Heidi Swapp Project Life Value Kits are loaded with specialty finishes and embellishments. The Foil Value Kit is stunning with all of the beautiful gold touches. The Overlay Value Kit is filled with cards that have a clearly unique twist! The Glitter Value Kit adds just the perfect touch of sparkle to your pages. The Color Magic Value Kit (coming soon to our shop) gives you a blank canvas to express your creativity using the variety of Color Shine sprays available (sold separately).

Specialty Photo Pocket Pages

Photo Pocket Pages

These aren’t your average Photo Pocket Pages! The Foil Photo Pocket Pages have gold foil designs right on a few of the pockets and the Panoramic Photo Pocket Pages have an additional row of pockets that folds over to allow you more room for photos and Project Life cards. Both of these products are coming soon to our shop!

Ready for a chance to win?


We want to see YOU with the exclusive Heidi Swapp Project Life end cap at your local Michaels store! Here’s how you can enter to win this darling phone case that will remind you to “click*capture*create*share” … just follow the steps below for a chance to WIN:

1. GO to your local Michaels store and take a #selfie right along with all the Heidi Swapp Project Life goodness!!

2. POST it on Instagram and TAG: @beckyhigginsllc, @hkswapp, and @michaelsstores

3. Include the hashtag #hsprojectlifeselfie in your post

25 winners will be randomly selected and will be able to select the type of case they want depending on the model of their phone. Anyone can enter to win as long as you can get yourself in front of the Heidi Swapp Project Life display at any Michaels! We can’t wait to see your smiling faces on Instagram!

The contest runs from August 8th (today) until August 22nd. Winners will be announced on Monday August 25th on Instagram – by Becky and Heidi. 


42 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    omigawsh!!!! i’m gonna have to check out my Michaels store this weekend!

  2. Tricia says:

    Which kit has the cute little camera with the shutter that opens and closes?

  3. Tricia says:

    I found it…interactive cards. Hopefully I’ll find it at Michael’s tonight :)

  4. Theresa Ferran Miami, Fl says:


  5. Kelly M says:


    Will any of these kits or elements will be available in a digital format?



  6. shirley says:

    I need them all. Yes, need!!!! How can anyone decide one over the other! Thanks Becky & Heidi.

  7. Robin Gibson says:

    OMG! I was just there & bought some of this! Thought of snapping a pic, but didn’t, boo! Anyway, SUPER CUTE STUFF,

  8. Jan says:

    Will any of these be available in your digital shop?

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      Hi Jan! Yes, they will be coming to digital in the future, but we do not have a timeline on that just yet. We will be sure to let you all know when that is available! Toni @ Becky Higgins

  9. Caroline M. says:

    I love these! <3

    My Michael's in Bountiful, Utah hardly ever gets any PL stuff in. They have just one sad little area with old kits and some refill pages. That makes ME sad. :-(

  10. katie says:

    Love love love

  11. Karen Schmidt says:

    I guess I should have read this post before I went shopping today… I could have entered already…. Cool idea though.

  12. Danielle Muit says:

    Is Anyone Willing To Shop A Few Products For Me? I Can Make A Payment Through Paypal To You And I Also Pay The Shipping Costs. I Live In The Netherlands And I Would Love To Have Some Products ;-) Daniellemuit@Gmail.com Thanks!!


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  13. robin says:

    Just came back from the Colorado Springs Michaels and the core kits and mini kits were all there – some of the smaller things were gone, or maybe they hadn’t come in yet. I will be heading back soon – I love this collaboration between Project Life and Heidi Swapp!

  14. Betsy says:

    I just had a horrible experience at my Michaels store this afternoon. The 3 associates who were working in the poorly stocked scrapbook section, know absolutely nothing about customer service!! I called and talked to the manager and she was full of excuses. Right now I am not a happy camper!!

  15. Lehua Canning says:

    Ooooo, what fun it all is. Especially love the speacialty photo pocket pages! On my way to Michaels!

  16. Julie Mippy says:

    This range is magnificent do you ship to Australia!

  17. Lucy says:

    Pretty sure you’re not actually allowed to take photos within the store. Tricia from your Creative Team posted on IG last night that she was yelled at for taking a picture of the display. Maybe you should change it so that people take a picture of their goodies AFTER they buy them.

  18. Irene says:

    Wow. Already out of stock on the first day of so many things. Unfortunately, I am out of town and not likely to get the kits. I am having deju vu all over again with the Project 365 kit. I know it is a limited release, but is there any chance you are going to extend it?

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      Hi Irene! No need to worry! The Heidi Swapp Project Life line is not going anywhere anytime soon! Inventory will continue to be restocked as long as the product continues to sell through. If you see that your local Michaels store is running low on any Project Life product be sure to let them know that you want to see it on the shelves! We will keep inventory nice & healthy in our online shop as well – at BeckyHiggins.com. Hope this helps! Toni @ Becky Higgins

  19. linda says:

    wow…sold out! on the first day :(

  20. Dawn says:

    Are the phone cases for sale?

  21. Gloria Montemayor says:

    I. Bought the stamps today and one of the value kits, hope I can get more, I have to make a 50th wedding anniversary album and I think this kit is going to help me a lot .

  22. Elise Fleming says:

    Are these going to be available in Australia?

  23. Joyce Boylan says:

    OMG! Everything is sold out!!!! I hope there will be a second press – I know they said it was a limited collection but this is ridiculous!

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      Hi Joyce! We are expecting to replenish our stock in our shop later this week!! ~ Toni @ Becky Higgins

  24. LB says:

    was happy to let them open up boxes for me yesterday to get both core kits and all 4 value kits plus a bunch of extras. The albums and pocket pages were not in store yet by me…very excited

  25. Noelle says:

    Went to my Michaels on Thursday and was happily surprised to see the kits there already!

  26. brendarella says:

    OH EM GEEEEEE! I LOVE IT! You girls are maw-valous! Brilliant ideas and I can’t wait to try them. :0)

  27. going today! hoping they still are stocked up!

  28. Wens Vagner says:

    Hi there,
    I absolutely love the new products.
    Is it likely that you will ship this to Spotlight stores in Australia as you have done many other Project Life products ?
    Thx Wens

  29. Ana Cabotaje says:

    Did not find the The Foil Photo Pocket Pages and the Panoramic Photo Pocket Pages…guess will have to go back or wait for them in your shop :)

  30. Karen says:

    Will there be any dividers and coloured cards to match these lovely kits?

  31. Ann Rathbone says:

    Love all the new HS Project Life and have purchased both Core Kits. Wondering if there will be designer paper to go with them.

  32. Ah man it’s all sold out! :( hoping they’ll be more. I knew I shoulda got some when I first read the post! Dang!

  33. Tracey says:

    Something as exciting as this should have me jumping for joy, instead it brings me great sadness. The reason…..I’m from the UK and we getting hold of BH PL is hard (and expensive) enough as it is, as for new releases and collaborations it’s impossible. :-( It also seems that us European’s never really seem to get an explanation as to why we cannot obtain these products. Can someone from the team please enlighten us more…Is it a legal issue?? or a demand/Supply issue etc Please please don’t forget us – we love your stuff just as much .

  34. Tracey says:

    So bummed went to all three Michaels in our area and it’s all sold out!!! I asked them when more would be stocked and they said it’s not even ordered!! So disappointed :((

  35. gina o says:

    I would love to show you the end cap at our Mikes but it is bare! bwahahahahahaha it all sold out already!

    great job you two!


  36. Joye says:

    The Michaels store in my area is also severely lacking in its Project Life display/supply. Went recently with my daughter to get a 6×8 album (which I had seen a few there earlier), and they no longer carried them. Very disappointed because that was the size she needed to make a birthday album for her friend. Had to purchase another brand :( . Tell the Cincinnati area stores to step it up!!

  37. SOPHIE says: