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good life with nina liuni

Part of cultivating a good life is accepting the things that you can’t change but never giving up hope.

Patrik and I have always been like best friends. A funny couple, if I may say so. I still remember the moment when we decided it was time to try for a baby. We sat on the terrace of an Italian restaurant in the warm sun. It was so exciting and somehow unreal. We made plans for the future and talked about names. I ordered water instead of wine. Many weeks, months, years passed. Nothing happened. At some point we sought medical help. We were told that getting a baby naturally is almost impossible for us.

I can hardly explain the feeling. From one second to the other, I felt small, sick, and endlessly sad. That could not be true. But it was.

After a year filled with doctor visits, medication, surgery, and miscarriage, I felt broken. I could not stand it anymore. I missed the funny couple we once were. There was almost nothing left of it. After another sobering conversation with the doctor, I said to my husband that I want to leave it at that. No more doctors. Just us. Again. He hugged me tightly and agreed. I cried.

Of course we were sad. Maybe it sounds crazy, but in the moment we left the doctor’s office, we felt relief. We had made a decision. We could breathe again. We had accepted that there would only be the two of us. Maybe. When we got home that day, we booked a spontaneous trip and a few weeks later we headed to Holland. We stayed in a charming little hotel, borrowed bicycles, and went for a boat trip in the canals of Giethoorn. It was so nice. But something was wrong. I felt sick again, in a good way, as it turns out. Our baby girl was on the way.

Frida is 3 now. She is such a happy, smart, and beautiful little person. Our greatest joy. Our little miracle.

Nina Liuni is a part of the Creative Team using Digital Project Life®. She currently resides in Germany with her husband Patrik and adorable daughter Frida (3).

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