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good life with melanie mauer

Part of cultivating a good life is making everyday feel like a vacation. 

In conversation last weekend with a group of women I adore, the topic of making life great came up. I love my everyday life. And so I’ve been thinking about what exactly the underpinnings of a sweet everyday life are.

Although I imagine they’re somewhat unique to each of us (albeit with lots of similarities), for me one of the biggest keys is pace. When the day & evening get too full, they lose their savor. I’m steadfastly in favor of slow & sweet. I want to be present. And appreciating. And savoring.

I realized that just like that great “one in, one out” rule that keeps our cupboards and drawers from getting stuffed to the brim, my days are also like a mathematical equation. If life is full, before I add in a role or assignment, I have to take a look at what I’m doing and discard one that I’m less in love with to make room.

And sometimes the answer is “no”…because that “no” means a big YES to making the Halloween costume from scratch with my daughter this past Saturday or walking to give my grandmother a kiss on the cheek every morning now that she’s moved half a mile from me.

Adding and adding and adding leads to overwhelm and schedule clutter. I’ve learned I’m like jam on toast – better when not spread too thin. Have you ever noticed how on too busy days, you don’t take deep breaths? Pay attention next time.

Frankly, I think each day should have time to breathe well.

A Note from Becky

Fun fact: Melanie Mauer is the first professional photographer that took our family pictures. Our firstborn arrived around this time in 2002. We were living in Cleveland, Ohio at the time. Melanie was living (and still lives) in Lexington, Kentucky. I honestly don’t even remember how I heard about her; this was before social media existed. Regardless, I’m forever grateful that she trekked north, and for those pictures that she took of our newly-grown family of three. I’m also forever grateful that our paths crossed and we’ve stayed in touch since. She is such a sweetheart, a phenomenally talented photographer, an inspiration in so many ways. Melanie is grounded in goodness.

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2 Responses

  1. Love #MelanieMauer! Great post!
    Lexington, KY is a beautiful place for a vacation! When life gets crazy, I love taking the long way to where ever we need to go….. and that means taking the country roads surrounded by horse farms. It’s gougeous. Look around at the rolling hills covered with bluegrass, sprinkled with beautiful horses and a gorgeous blue sky backdrop and all your troubles just melt away.

  2. Oh Becky,

    Thanks for sharing sweet Becky – I hope it helps us all be more aware of our pace during these coming holiday weeks!

    I see the love and care you have for the people who come into contact with you and now your products and it reminds me of our joint missions as business owners…

    you’re in business to spread love. your screenplay should spread love. your hair salon should spread love. your agency should spread love. your life should spread love. the key to a successful career is realizing that it’s not separate from the rest of your life, but is rather an extension of your most basic self. and your most basic self is love. -marianne williamson-

    happy tuesday!
    xoxoxoxo to you and your talented team, -melanie-