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good life with kari lynn dundass

Part of cultivating a good life is enjoying the little moments in your day.

Life can have its ups and downs, but remembering your purpose and goals will keep you focused. Not every day will go as you had planned, but that is what makes life fun and interesting!

My family owns a cattle ranch in British Columbia and our life on the ranch is not always predictable. We may wake up one morning to a sick animal, to bulls breaking the fence and getting out with the neighbors, or to see that the weather has changed and we can’t bale the hay we were planning to. This may result in a visit with the veterinarian or neighbors or a chance to catch up on some other tasks that don’t usually get done during haying season. No matter what the day brings, we need to adapt to change and stay positive.

Our business relies heavily on the markets as most businesses do. When we take our calves to the sale, one full year of work is sold within a few minutes. The price may or may not be what we hoped for, but we need to hold our head up and look forward to what the next year will bring.

One aspect of ranching that I love is our family time, and treasuring these moments is extremely important. Our children are able to learn along side us, work along side us, and grow along side us. I can still vividly remember many of my family’s special days at cattle sales, gathering cows on our range, and sitting in a barn waiting for a calf to be born. At the time, these moments seemed extremely small, but they are what we remember forever.

So no matter how short the moment is, just enjoy what you are doing. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment even with its ups and downs. The next time you think you are having a “bad” day, think of one positive thing that has happened that day. As small as it may be, it is worth remembering!

Kari Lynn is a member of our Creative Team using the Project Life® App. She was born and raised in British Columbia where she still lives. Her family now consists of her husband and their two amazing little boys.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    I love how sturdy farm and ranch families are. I live in rural Nebraska, and I admire people who build rich lives despite such unpredictability! Your faith and traditions are so important for our world. I hope you find many nice things worth remembering today!