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Part of cultivating a good life is remembering that no matter what, all will be well.

January just happens to be my birth month which is fortuitous since it’s the traditional time to review what was and make plans for what is to be. I’ve come to very much enjoy taking a deep assessment of the hopes and intentions I have for the coming year. With that being said, I am typically someone who sees the glass as half full. What’s more, I’m usually of the opinion the glass is never in any real danger of being empty because it can always be replenished. You might call it being an optimist or seeing the brighter side of life, but I like to refer to it by paraphrasing a line from the song “Below My Feet” by Mumford and Sons: all will be well.

The past few years though, that never-empty glass developed a pretty sizable crack. Most honest, I spent the end of 2015 and most of 2016 ensnared in a cycle of doubt, fear, and despair. The hits came early, with such relentless frequency, that I exhausted myself adding more water to the glass only to have it pour out again. Eventually I lost sight that it could even be refilled. I forgot that all will be well.

And so, as I begin my next revolution around the sun, I know I need to repair that crack. I have to find my way back to all will be well. I think it begins with doing more of the things that bring me joy and feed my soul: spending time with family and friends, reading, writing, traveling, learning new things, taking photos, and telling my stories. In time, all will be well once again. I just know it.

Dayna Holm is a part of the Creative Team using Physical Product. She resides in Iowa with her husband of 14 years, Jason, and their daughters, Ella (13) and Sophie (11). In addition, they share their small house with four felines: Dante, Max, Gus, and Claire.

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  1. Chris Izer says:

    I am extremely proud of you, Dayna Holm! I look forward to following you on this new journey. Becky Higgins’s people made a great choice bringing you onto their team. You are talented, humorous, intelligent, creative, honest and an overall pretty decent human. Most importantly …. You are and will continue to be an inspiration to others.