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good life – by wayne allgaier

Part of cultivating a good life is being organized and having priorities.

I’m a list guy. One summer evening 23 years ago, when I was at the height of involvement in my profession, community, and church, with a wife and 6 children, I decided I needed to write down a list of priorities in my life to help keep me focused on what was important to me. I think it was my attempt to avoid waking up some day feeling deep regret over having neglected the more important things in life. Here’s the list I came up with, in order of importance (keeping long-term consequences in mind):

  • Relationship with God
  • Relationship with my family
  • Relationships with others
  • Being organized (time, space, stuff) including taking some time for myself
  • Professional excellence
  • Physical fitness
  • Financial security

I have re-evaluated this list many times, but I have never felt the need to change it. I recognize that everyone will have their own individualized list, but for me, this was the guideline that I needed. Although the realities of life have often shifted my focus to the lower priorities, having this written list has helped me keep my ladder leaning on the right wall as I have sought true satisfaction from the way I spend my precious and limited time on this earth.

– Wayne Allgaier


Note from Becky

Wayne is my dad. So yeah, I know him pretty well. And that picture that he chose to feature? That’s my parents’ posterity (their 6 kids and 21 grandchildren at the time) at a family reunion in the summer of 2007. My parents are in the top center of the photo.

I am indebted to both my mother & father for raising me and helping me to build a solid and beautiful foundation in the way I live my life today. I consider that/them among my very greatest blessings. I have huge respect for my dad who continues to be a life-long learner, extremely hard worker, and diligent in doing his best to love and serve through good times – and more difficult times. I am honored to share a piece of my dad’s heart with my readers on this – the first guest post of my new weekly series called Good Life. I hope you’ll check in each Sunday as we hear from someone different each week. Coming up – you’ll hear from some of my personal friends and professional colleagues.


17 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Thank you and your dad for this beautiful reminder of how we should focus on what is most important!

  2. Danielle says:

    Just wanted to say that I love the direction that you are going with the Good Life series. Entering 2014 with goals set to nurture myself and to remember to take time to do some of the things that I love to do… You are giving me things to think about ….. I picked up my first Project Life core kit this month…. (I haven’t scrapbooked in over a year)…..and I’m using it and your series as a way to focus and channel my thoughts, journal, and to get back to doing a hobby that brought me such enjoyment and relaxation. When I realized that I had not enjoyed 2013, and that I had not really done anything that what was important to me, I thought ….What a way to spend a year of your life, when the next one is not promised. A “Good Life” is about priorities and being personally and spiritually satisfied. So, looking forward to following your series and here’s to cultivating a Good Life!

  3. Tks soo much for you and your father to writing a good blessing words for us. Kisses

  4. You have been so blessed with a wonderful family. Your parents have reason to be very proud of how they raised their children. What a beautiful photo and a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing Becky.

    Mary from NH

  5. Ann says:

    Those are words of wisdom that I needed to hear. The past year has been a struggle for me. It is a good reminder that I need to focus on what my priorities are in my life. No matter how bleak I may think my life is, I really need to look at the things that DO make me happy, as it is not as bad as I believe it to be.

  6. Robin Gibson says:

    How touching (& fitting), that your Dad write the first guest post for this series! It is wonderful to hear these words of wisdom from someone whose had such a profound impact on your life. And how true they are! Thank You Wayne & Becky for sharing:) I knew I was going to love this!

  7. Sal says:

    Loved this article- thank you (loved the T’s too)

  8. Rhonda says:

    One o fly favourite talks is by Julie b beck where she talk sall about necessary, essential and good to do things in our lives! S important (even if we forget it sometimes!)

  9. { lydia } says:

    The photo with Jonathan made me smile, the words made me reevaluate, the post made me want to share. Thank you!

  10. Rufina Soelistyo says:

    Thank you Mr. Allgaier for sharing such a wise list of priorities. It is so inspiring and helps me to set my priorities and goal this year. Thank you, Becky for Project Life and for this wonderful blog. Reading it has fast become part of my daily routine.

  11. Monica says:

    This picture is precious! It’s funny to see how you came from a household of brothers and gained so many sisters by marriage :) Beautiful~

  12. Marty says:

    Did I miss the blog post about the new exclusive products at Michaels? Last I heard it was supposed to be up last week?

  13. Love this. That list is spot on. I feel like every few years or months we really should sit down and examine if our lives are truly living up to our own personal lists. I find when life isn’t adding up it’s because I’m prioritizing something or someone that shouldn’t be.

  14. Leslie S. says:

    I love this post! Thanks to your dad for sharing.

  15. Sue M says:

    The picture, the “list” and the revelation that this came from our Dad, was very moving! You must be so very proud of his values!

  16. Sue M says:

    Opps…Your dad!!! You still must be so very proud of him!

  17. Anne Brown says:

    Hi. I’m living in London, wife of a Discipleship Pastor at St Barnabas church North Finchley. I love God like your dad, and have six children. I love scrapbooking, just bought Project Life stuff and am looking forward to starting. Love this idea Becky. Will drop by!