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good life by rianne alonte

Part of cultivating a good life is to share inspiration and be inspired.

Years ago, an acquaintance once asked me, “Why do you even post your craft projects on social media? I know someone who makes scrapbooks and is content with just keeping her layouts to herself!” I took the comment negatively and stopped posting for a while. Later on, I realized that I shouldn’t stop doing the things I want to do just because of someone’s comment. I created a separate public Instagram account entirely dedicated to my interests. Instead of dwelling on that remark, I focused more on the benefits of having a hobby-themed account. Friends, if you are thinking of setting up one, go for it! It will bring positive effects in your life – like it does in mine, including the following:

I meet people with whom I share the same interests. I am grateful for social media because through it, I am able to connect with people around the world who understand my love for arts and crafts (and collecting supplies – haha!). I love how a simple hashtag can bring like-minded people together! Almost all of the accounts I follow on Instagram are art-related, so scrolling down my feed is an instant pick-me-up. Every day I get loads of inspiration and tips from fellow crafters. Seeing others’ craft workspaces, everyday photos, creative messes, and current projects motivates me to work on my own.

I enjoy helping others. I get elated each time someone asks me how to get started with a hobby, what products they need, where to buy supplies, which workshop to take, etc. I’m not an expert at everything, but it’s good to share what I know and have learned so far.

I see my improvement. One of the best things about documenting hobbies is that I get to see my progress. I learned from my sister that by creating unique hashtags for a certain skill/project, you’ll notice that your latest work is far better than your first. Keep practicing and posting. Even the way you take photos of the projects will improve.

I get the chance to connect with my craft / design idols. Another great thing about technology today is that I get to show some love to my craft/design idols and business owners. When I share my work, I make sure to include their brand hashtags so that they know how we crafters use their awesome products and how they are making their customers happy!  :)

It opens doors to opportunities. Through sharing my work, I got the opportunity to be part of a creative team of a brand that I am passionate about: Project Life. This dream wouldn’t have turned into reality if I was scared to take the first step.

It keeps me inspired to do personal projects everyday. Before 2011, I had always daydreamed about personal projects that I wanted to do but never got around making them. My ideas were just ideas. It was only until I started a blog/Instagram that I developed the habit of “making ideas happen.” These platforms served as reminders to achieve my creative goals (and to use my supplies more often!) ;-).

 “Share what you love and the people who love the same things will find you.” I love this quote by Austin Kleon. Keep in mind that this is not limited to creative hobbies; this applies to any kind of leisure activity. Good things will come from it — self-improvement, friendships and opportunities.

Rianne Alonte is a member of our 2015 Creative Team. You can learn more about her here.

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